Medifast recipe for Chai Spice Cookies?

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I think this wonderful chai cookie tastes like a spice cookie..

Chai Spice Cookies.

1-chai latte.

1-maple or apple oatmeal.

1/2 tsp. baking powder.

2 pkts. Splenda.

1/2 tsp Apple Pie Spice (or pumpkin pie spice).

1/2 tsp Cinnamon.

1/2 tsp Vanilla extract.

1/2 tsp maple extract.

1/2 tsp imitation butter extract (works well in the cookie recipe!).

1/4 tsp peanut butter extract from R.

( Don't have to have the PB extract to make these)..

2 TBSP SF Caramel or Praline syrup.

Very scant 1/4 c water.

Mix dry ingredients well. In a measuring cup mix the extracts and syrup..

Pour into a "well" into the dry ingredients and start mixing..

Then add a little water at a time until dough is thick, but yet mixed..

Should not be crumbly..

Then chill the dough for an hour and make into 8 small balls and flatten on Pam sprayed cookie sheet..

Bake for 6-8 min at 350 and remove from sheet and cool on rack..

A Perfect spiced cookie! The texture is dense, yet these raised up like a real cookie..

Hope someone likes these, too!..

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Forgot to add that these make into 2 Medifast meals of 4 cookies each meal...

Comment #1

Last night, I chilled the dough for 30 min and they were just as good..

Also, after they cool, I bag them and refrigerate them..

Cold or room temp, they are pretty darn good..

And they are so portable, I just love it!.

Take a picture, OB! You're the best!..

Comment #2

BT - So how are you liking PB flavor from King Arthur? I haven't ordered it yet, but it's on my list for when I place my next KA order... Good PB flavoring is hard to come by so I have my fingers crossed that it'll be great (I'm not brave enough to actually add the 1TB of PB to my recipes yet)... Is it a winner?.

(And your cookies sound awesome! Will definitely try.)..

Comment #3

Farrell, I didn't get the PB flavoring from King Arthur got it from and I think it's really good. I would love to know too how the King Arthur ones are. I hated the pumpkin from Spicebarn I think that's the hardest one to get right...

Comment #4

Thanks! I'll try it from Spicebarn. Want it for my chocolate shakes/puddings and the Da Vinci syrup is just not cutting it...

Comment #5

Thank you for these great recipes and ideas. I love PB and miss it too. As many others, I am afraid to start 'using' the real deal...

Comment #6

Kristi, I love EllenKay's cookie recipe, but knew there had to be an alternative to adding the real deal PB in there and still get the same results..

The PB from King Author is very good, and I'm going to order the one from spicebarn so I can try it out, too!.

Can't have too many spices and flavorings in the kitchen!..

Comment #7

Bettina or anyone else?.

Have ya'll tried these yet?..

Comment #8

Oh my Gosh, between blogs and boards and Sunday work, did I forget to say THANK YOU and tell you that I made the cookies last night and they were fabulous. The one thing I like that I added were the splenda flavor packets. I used 2 vanilla. I think that they are a real help baking with the Medifast occasional bitterness, etc. Yum...

Comment #9

I tried the cookies today, I really liked them. Not hard to make and they are great to have on hand here at work so that when others are sitting around snacking, I can to. Also a great way to get rid of the chai latte mixes...

Comment #10

Bettina, I finally found those Splenda flavorings and they are wonderful!!!.

So glad you like the cookie recipe, too!.

You, too, Pamela!..

Comment #11

I made these to day and like them!.

The 2nd batch I added powdered Chinese 5 Spice mix (contains star anise and other goodies) instead of the cinnamon and other spice. Very tasty....

No, I didn't eat them all at once lol.

I don't have the PB extract in the house so used vanilla..

Watkins their vanilla extract is famousalso carries PB flavor. Anyone tried it?.

Gwen in l.a...

Comment #12


Hi there, I've been "away" for a couple weeks now but am back and looking through all these new recipes has me positively salivating!.

Am going to try these cookies for sure, but have a couple of questions.... splenda flavors? What and where are those? Sounds real interesting! I found the splenda coffee creamer things online awhile back, but wasn't aware of flavors. Also, awhile back someone had posted about these intense flavorings from Loran, where you just need to add a couple of drops, as an alternative to extracts. I went there and ordered quite a few, peanut butter being one of them...just wondering about how much to add to the cookies? Has anyone tried these flavorings before?.

Well it's good to be back and thanks to all you great cooks out there!!..

Comment #13

Farmcat the new splenda packets come in Mocha, French Vanilla and Hazelnut. I like to use them in baking because unlike with regular splenda they don't have that bitterness and they seem to also cut aftertaste out of the Medifast stuff when you add to cookies and muffins, etc. I never found them in my grocery store ordered them off

Comment #14

I found the Splenda flavor packets in the regular grocery store, but they are not by the regular Splenda (go figure). In my store, they are over by the coffee and coffeemate products. I use the french vanilla in my baking and the hazelnut in the shakes and puddings (tastes like a shot of Frangelico). I haven't tried the Swiss Mocha yet.....

Comment #15

Yes, that's where I found them too!.

Farmcat, the Lorann drops are the ones King Author carry and the same one I use for this recipe. I use a 1/4 tsp.

Hope this helps and happy baking!.

I love the cookies more than the muffins, probably because it's the holday season and all!..

Comment #16

Thanks Gwen! I haven't used Watkins in years, but I bet it's good..

The Chinese 5 spice mix with star anise sounds like something I'd like to try!..

Comment #17

What is the receipe? I missed the first part of this thread... could you please write it up again? you guys sound like you are having such a good time with these cookies... please share..... (hee hee)..

Comment #18

It's on the first page of this thread, purposedriven...

Comment #19

OH! I had forgotten about these! They are good!! Thanks for the reminder...

Comment #20

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