Medifast recipe for Chai: Need Help?

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I love chai. An iced chai latte is my most favorite drink. However, the Medifast chai (iced) is leaving a nasty taste in my mouth. I really want to be able to drink this seeing as how I love chai so much. Any suggestions on how to make it better?..

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I gave up on doctoring the chai - nothing was working. Then I got the idea to make it mixed with the hot cocoa. This make 2 Medifast meals, so I save some for later. I drink it hot, don't know if iced would work. But, at least the taste is better than the chai alone...

Comment #1

I love the Chai. I mix mine with water, SF Vanilla, 2 packs of Splenda, and.

Lots of ice. Taste like a Starbuck's to me. I also pulled from the board.

A suggestion of making it with Constant Comment tea as the base instead.

Of the water, it's very tasty. The tea actually has even more spices.

I haven't tried the Chai hot, didn't think I could go there yet...

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I use mine as creamer in my coffee...I split it in twoThis gives me two refills for my travel cup!..

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I mix mine with my morning coffee. I also do this with the hot cocoa and cappacino. I put the mix in my cup first, add a little coffee, stir it into a thick paste and then continue adding the coffee, stirring until it is mixed well. I add two sweeteners and a little creamer, and Voila! a yummy coffee drink...

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I haven't tried it iced again since I've been drinking it at work but I've been drinking it hot. I've found that if you use closer to 2 cups of water, it's a lot better. I'm going to try that this evening for an iced chai and see if it works better. I think maybe with only 1 cup of water there's just not enough water for the mix to blend into and then it's gross...

Comment #5

I tried to blend it in the blender with ice... It did taste like it could use more water, but then after there was a "metallic" taste in my mouth... I will try it again, but if I can't get rid of the metallic taste, I won't order any more...

Comment #6

I tried it in the blender with 2 cups of water and it was still a no go - gross aftertaste!.

It's good hot though. I think my next experiment will be to prepare it hot and then put it in the blender with ice.

I have Trader Joe's chai that I used to drink a lot and that one you had to mix the mix with a small amount of hot water and then add your cold milk or water to it over ice. that's another possibility...

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I don't know how Chai is supposed to taste so I made it with 6 oz of cold water, added 1 ounce of white chocolate SF syrup; blended and then added 6 cubes of ice and gave it a whirl. Tasted pretty good too!..

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