Medifast recipe for Ceasar salad????

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One of my favorites is chicken cesaer salad I am wondering how medi-legal homemade dressing is??? I like it so much better than any store brand.

I normally use.

Olive oil.

White wine vinegar.

Lemon juice.

Crushed garlic.

Ground pepper.


Parmesan cheese.

Worcestershire sauce.


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Moira, I don't know where to begin with that one but I am sure someone might. Do you want to homemake it because you like those things better? Because there are some MediLegal Caesar dressings in the store, aren't there? XOXOXO..

Comment #1

I do like homemade better and really don't want the added sugar/high fructose corn syrups added in Funny I've never had a worry about sugar before thats how I gained 20lbs in a year (duh)..

Comment #2

I am with you on the HFCS...I go on and on, but I think it's POISON and why this country is obese in the first place. I read labels and won't touch it. It's in the Medifast bars though. Which kind of bugs me. I would imagine you can use all the things that you posted are in normal Caesar dressing but just use the 2 TBSP. Have you asked Nutrition?..

Comment #3

Yeah, I'd ask Nutrisystem about this. You can probably use your version in small doses, but being the Medi-**** that I am, if it were me, I'd probably take a little of my Lean out of it for the oil and the parmesan.....

Comment #4

Oh yeah the egg...I don't do that anymore at all because it's dangerous...

Comment #5

Yeah, only to myself though. Mostly because I'm afraid of falling off the wagon (which is why I stay away from that EVIL peanut butter stuff). I'm totally supportive of all you Medi-Rebels out there!..

Comment #6

Then you are not really a MediNazi. You are a lovely person working the plan in your own way. Love, your favorite MediRebel...

Comment #7

Being a bit medi- obsessive I entered the ingredients into the private foods and this is how it came out for a whole batch and I wont eat that in one sitting it's over 2 cups for gods sake.

Calories 287.

Calories from Fat 162.

Total Fat 18 g.

Saturated Fat 8 g.

Cholesterol 447 mg.

Sodium 711 mg.

Total Carbohydrate 9 g.

Dietary Fiber 0 g.

Sugars 2 g.

Protein 22 g.

Bettina you'd be able to smell my breath from LA, I could just imagine riding the bus to go to work, you'd hear all this sniff sniff sniffing, people wondering what is that smell and I'd be sitting in my garlic cloud thinking medi naughty thoughts picturing pink Bettys and Jim in his speedo wondering just what kind of toys the fabulous Miss B (Bettina) has in her toy box, and then before you know it instead of going to the Dental school to work theyd be hauling me to the psych ward...

BTW Bettina do you have a picture posted anywhere, Id love to put a face with the person Ive grown to love..

Comment #8

MOIRA OMGTHAT'S THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE READ ALL DAY. ROFLMAATO...Toys, Bettys, Speedos...It's a lotta fun, huh? Jim starts it.

I TRIED to scan a pic to show Petlady1 and my scanner is acting up. I am really blonde on the technology issue. But tomorrow I will have my assistant take a pic to Kinko's and scan it and I will see if I can figure out how to get it onto this site. Ugh. BLONDES DON'T DO PIC UPLOADING......

Comment #9

By the way, Stinky, how did you figure in that recipe? I wanna make it...

Comment #10

My hubby used to work as a personal assistant/chef to a dear sweet woman who had the original recipe and all I can say is fresh garlic cant beat it!! When I get up the next day I dont have morning breath my mouth still tastes like I just ate the salad, and since Id be eating it every day or close to it I imagine Id start to smell a bit from all that healthy garlic seating out my pores, not to mention the possible gas (although I havent had a problem in that department since staring MF) sorry I know TMI..

Comment #11

I don't care about the breath and gas. Not TMI...Nothing grosses me out. Maybe you figured that by now But gimme the recipeplease sweetness. I want homemade dressing too...

Comment #12

Ok I'll share but I want to see that photo soon!!.

2 cups olive oil.

-cup white wine vinegar.

-1/2 cup lemon juice.

2-4 cloves crushed garlic.

1 tsp Dijon mustard.

Ground pepper (about 5 turns of my pepper mill) hows that for a measurment.

2 coddled egg (I usually let it get almost hard boiled because of salmonella).

Parmesan cheese.

Worcestershire sauce.


I start by finely chopping garlic and Parmesan cheese in my food processor (I bet the magic bullet will be great for this).

I put the egg, cheese, garlic, Dijon and oil in a bowl, then slowly wisk in the white wine vinegar it will thicken a bit, then add the lemon juice slowly (my DH swears if you add it to fast it will separate) and a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce and tabasco.

The pepper lemon and Worcestershire sauce, tabasco and garlic amounts can be vary according to taste (I personally use a bit more lemon and garlic).

And of course if you like anchovy you can and some chopped or use a bit (1-2tsp) of anchovy paste..

Comment #13

If I get the pic into my computer, you Missy will tell me how to get it to YOU, okay?.

Thanks for the recipe. I am going to make that tomorrow. I don't have a lot of salads lately cause I got on the cauliflower bandwagon but tired of it now..



Comment #14

Yes I will you can attach the picture file to a post by scrolling down on reply or post page to additional options click on manage attachments this will open a new window.

Click on browse butto to find your picture file click upload and submit jsut make sure you file is the right size.

.bmp 19.5 KB 620x 280.

.doc 19.5 KB - -.

.gif 19.5 KB 620x 280.

.jpe 19.5 KB 620 x280.

.jpeg 19.5 KB 620x 280.

.jpg 97.7 KB - -.

.pdf 1.43 MB - -.

.png 19.5 KB 620 x280.

If that doesn't work email me the picture and I'll post it for you!..

Comment #15

Oops I was going through the steps and acidentally attched the pic of Necia and I from homecoming.

Enjoy your salad this dressing keeps in the fridge for several weeks no problem..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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