Medifast recipe for Cauliflower rice??

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OK, I was reading about low carb rice substitute and found out that cauliflower chopped and steamed is supposed to be a good rice substitute. Anyone tried this? Any suggestions? I love rice and probably miss it the most out of everything...

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Hi O2Bthin:.

I have made cauliflower into mashed potatoes. I suppose it could pass for rice as well..

Here's what I've done:.

I oversteam the cauliflower until it is soft. You do not want crisp cauliflower nor do you want mushy cauliflower either. I steam it about 9-10 minutes. Once really steamed I put it in a bowl, add some Aunt Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt (so good on veggies) and some Molly McButter (Nutrition Support said it's legal). Then I take a fork and mash it..

It will not get to the smooth, non-lumpy state of real mashed potatoes when you use a fork, but it's a great substitute. I have never tried using an electric mixer on the cauliflower because I think it might turn it to a mushy, yucky mess from such a vigorus beating..

I take ground turkey, chop it up and cook it in a non-stick fry pan sprayed with PAM. After draining off the fat/moisture I add a couple tablespoons of salsa to the meat. Then I take this mixture and spoon it over my cauliflower mashed potatoes. It satisfies my craving for a casserole, and my taste buds just love it..

To make cauliflower rice, I don't think I would mash it as much. Leave a few lumps that could pass for grains of rice..

Give it a try....good luck..

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I love turning cauliflower into fake mashed potatoes. I actually steam the cauliflower til it is soft, throw some Molly McButter and nutmeg in with it and pulse/process it in my food processor. It's pretty close to mashed potatoes. Also, you can use Molly McCheese (love this product) and then have "cheesy" mashed fake taters. Oh yeah, I guess that if we are allowed a tiny bit of half and half for our coffee, maybe you could throw that in too to make it creamier...

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Your post gave me some new ideas for my cauliflower mashed tators. Thank you.

That's a good idea to put the soft cauliflower in a food processor. I will try. Also, never heard of Molly McCheese. Must get it. [b]Is it in a shaker jar like Molly McButter? And would I find it in the spice section at the grocery?[b]..

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Molly McCheese is the best thing ever. I had to get it at because I could not find it in any stores. Other might be able to suggest where to get it. It's great in the soups, the chili, on veggies, etc. Love it...

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Thanks BETTINAV for the web address so I can purchase Molly McCheese. I have lots of soup and want to put some cheese in it and on veggies too, but I'm too stingy and don't want to subtract it from my Lean. So, I will order it online and hope I will enjoy it as much as you do...

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I think you will like the Molly McCheese. I can tolerate and enjoy just about all of the Medifast products but the little helpers make a lot of difference. The Cream of Broccoli is a tough one for me but the Molly McCheese makes it Cheesy Cream of Broccoli and so much better. Also if you use eggs or eggbeaters as your "lean" you can sprinkle it there. I make "fake" mashed potatoes out of cauliflower and sprinkle the MMC on it too. SO many uses and we don't have to miss our cheese...

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Oh duh. Blonde moment That thread was about the cauliflower so pardon my repeating it. Enjoy!..

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I've tried this in order to make kusa (Lebanese stuffed squash) and I was not impressed. I'd rather just not eat kusa until maintenence than eat kusa made with cauliflower. And I like cauliflower...

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