Cauliflower Pizza Medifast recipe?

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I saw a reference to this once and now can't find the recipe. If you have it...and it is good!...please share..

Many thanks..


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Your question was: Cauliflower Pizza Medifast recipe?.

Is this the one you were thinking of?..

Comment #1

Yes, thank you. I really want to try this...miss pizza!.


Comment #2

Thanks for the recipe! Also copied the ones for breadsticks and lasagna, and looking forward to trying them all!..

Comment #3

I've tried the cauliflour pizza and love it! I also satisfy my pizza craving with Morningstar Farms tomato basil pizza burgers. They're really delicious, and a lot less labor intensive than the cauliflour pizza. They are on the meatless options list, and two of them equals your lean portion...

Comment #4


I've seen this recipe pop up several times and was VERY skeptical, but I decided to finally give it a whirl. WOW! That was one of the BEST L&G meals I've had. It was so good that it's one of those meals I would make even if I wasn't trying to lose weight. If you have not tried it, do yourself a favor and make it this weekend - you will not be sorry!.

FWIW, I did not use any toppings other than a little sauce and a little cheese. I split it and had half last night with a salad and had the other half today for lunch (reheated in toaster over) and plan to have a salad or veggie plate for dinner. It reheated very well for me - I actually had coworkers coming the kitchen wanting to know what smelled so good!..

Comment #5

I tried it last night...enjoyed it. I made half the recipe and topped it with more cheese and a couple of slices of tomatoes. It did satisfy the pizza urge!.


Comment #6

I have made both the pizza and lasagna and both are delish. DH does not like cauliflower and loves these. Yum, Yum...

Comment #7

Tried this for the first time the other night. Delicious! Having it again tonight for dinner...

Comment #8

Click the blue underlined link in the second post on the first page to see the recipe. The recipe is in another thread on the board so I did not copy it into this thread...

Comment #9

LOVED this. DH tried a taste of it and was even surprised how good it tasted!..

Comment #10

Had this last night and it was amazingly like a pizza crust, a little soft in the middle, so I guess i'll make the crust size smaller. I also didn't use PAM, but a smidge of olive oil to grease the pan and that helped crispen the bottom of the crust...

Comment #11

It is really really good. I love Jamie! She is THE BEST when it comes to new great recipes!..

Comment #12

Is this the one you were thinking of?..

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