Medifast recipe for Cappuccino Cookies?

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Did I mention how much I hate the cappuccino? Well last week I got my PB2 and a shipment of SF Syrup, including PB syrup. I took the vanilla shake recipe and substituted cappucino, added a TLB of PB2, 1TLB of syrup, 1/4C-1TLB H2o, 1/4 tsp of baking powder. Bake 15" at 350. These are the best PB Cookies. I have already used up my box of cappuccino from my first order from January. May I jsut say again that the PB2 is well worth the money if you have a PB thing.

I'll be excited to try the sugar free version...

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I love the PB2 and I need to use up some cappuccino packets.Thanks!..

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I stumbled on a better way to make the cappuccino.....our hot water tap was out at work so out of necessity since I had nothing else to eat, I used the cold water tap and make cold cappucinno and it was great....better than hot, I will never heat it again...

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Oboy something to do with the Capuccino - I thought I was the only one who hated it. Me too what is PB2?? I was a die-hard Peter Pan PB fan. Lived on it sometimes LOL..

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I haven't tried the capuccino hot, only iced. Throw it in the blender as directed with a few ice cubes and whip it up. YUM Keeps me from missing my Star Bucks trip too much...

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Ooooh, thanks you guys. I'm going to try doing the cappucinno like a shake..

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O. k. I ordered mine a couple weeks ago but I know that it takes awhile. I think they have been bomb bard-ed with orders. Here is the web address:.


I can't give my opinion but from listening to everyone on the board, this stuff must be the new "gold"! Lower in calories and carbs! Do a search for PB2...

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Hey Pam!.

Thanks for the website for PB2. I think I have gone a bit over my budget for food this month, but I definitely want to try that. I love peanut butter, just don't eat much because of all the fat.

Do you know what the number of grams of fat are for PB2? Also, how much is the shipping?..

Comment #7

I got my order for PB2 yesterday. So totally YUMMY! Yes, I consider it GOLD!.

Can add it dry right to many of the recipes posted here and not have to deal with sticky regular PB and all the fat in it. PB2 is wonderful! (No, I don't own stock in the company!) Just raving about this great discovery. My thanks to whoever first posted about it.

Vettobe - to answer you questions. Nutritioin Label shows 2.8 gms of fat in 1 serving.

Serving Size is 2 Tablespoons. 3.7 gms of carb per serving. You get 16 servings in a jar..

Shipping to my area, Maryland was $4.15 for the 4 jars. Worth every penny!..

Comment #8

I really like the PB2 also,,well worth the wait and the money..

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This recipe makes the cookie taste like molasses. This is a nice difference. I only wish I could prevent the cookie from collapsing after baking...

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