Medifast recipe for Capella Drops?

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I just saw these advertised when I was on the "My Plan" page. Does anyone use them? Are they any good? If you use and in what?????.


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They are very good. I like the new york cheesecake in every shake. (vanilla, choc, and strawberry) I haven't tried it in the orange though...

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I bought some awhile ago and have used them a few times, but I like the DaVinci SF Syrups better - I use them in my shakes and puddings. Guess now I'll get them out. I'm not much of a hot drink user, but they have some good flavors and are easy to carry if you work out of the home or travel. I see you are new - the creativity of the Medifast users is limitless - the food can be simple or if you are so inclined or revved up to be Verrrrry interesting..

"Dog Lover" Dogs have owners = Cats have servants! I heard this yesterday lol I have a cat...

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I have Capella Drops and DaVinci syrups. I use both depending on what I feel like having...

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I just got my first order. I really like the butterfinger ones. Also, I like the cheesecake and eggnog flavors...

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I split orders with my mom and I always try her flavors before bringing them to her. She got butterfinger last time we ordered and I had it in vanilla pudding - it was sooooo goood!!!.

I have the NY Cheesecake flavor but it seems to be kind of bland. I got the eggnog flavor in my first order. I thought it was going to be plain eggnog so I was a little disappointed to find that the alcohol flavor is in it too... but I still use it. Probably won't buy it again though. I'll get the creme broulee instead. My mom got that one last time and it was also really, really good...

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I like them, although they are hit or miss whether or not the flavor actually tastes like what it says. I prefer them over the syrups because they don't add any sweetness. And the company you order them from is wonderful...

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