Can't feel hungry eating Nutrisystem?

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Ok, I tried doing a search for the terms, 'not hungry' and browsing through many posts, and I'm sure this has already been brought up and from what I can see it is not a common problem, but I am having trouble finishing all of the food..

This is still my first week on Nutrisystem and I don't think I've felt hunger since starting it! Not really complaining about that, but it is to the point where I have to stop mid meals and eat my vegetables an hour later or fruit later because I get almost sickenly full.

Is this just my body adjusting to all of the small meals? I have to say I didn't always eat overmuch the majority of the time (just bad at times) before this. I'm not used to all of these small meals anymore (I did slim fast for years years ago and I don't remember this problem).

Should I listen to my body and stop eating when it tells me it is full? Right now I am just forcing down the vegetables and fruits and calcium..

Any suggestions from people that have this problem? I bought some grape fruit juice and a couple times now I drank a cup of that instead of eating a piece of fruit. Can I get unsalted V8 juice or something when I am not hungry for vegetables???.

Thanks for any help!..

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Your question was: Can't feel hungry eating Nutrisystem?.

I was having a lot of trouble too, trying to force myself to eat. Then I just started eating what I could which was about half, and it seemed to work for me. Now just gotta get myself back on track and sticking to the Nutrisystem meals......

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It is important to eat everything on the plan! You can subsitute juice and V8...

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Thanks everyone for your help. I think I am going to get some juices for fruits and veg. that I can drink sometimes when I have trouble..

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If you don't eat all of the food on the plan you are depriving your body of essential nutrients, and yes, calories. The Nutrisystem plan is designed to provide a level of calories and nutrition that is safe for weight loss.

If you are having trouble eating everything, it's fine to break up the meals and eat the different elements over time, if that is helpful. You can also try choosing less filling add-ins from the lists in your planners or online. (There are also loads of tips on these boards.) Like Goldieann wrote, you can substitute juice or V-8 as occasionally for whole fruit or vegetables, respectively. It's best not to use them all the time, though, because the whole fruits and vegetables provide fiber, etc...

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I agree that it is important to eat all the foods...including the fat..

There are many choices which are less filling. Aside from the juices, prunes, raisins, string cheese or a glass of fat free milk for your dairy/protein..

Spread the foods out. I have my breakfast entre, then a couple hours later my protein and fruit. Couple hourse later lunch....another couple hours afternoon snack...2 or 3 more hours, dinner...then a couple more hours, dessert.

Your body is playing tricks on you because we have been programmed to think that we need to starve and deprive ourselves in order to lose weight. The opposite is actually the case. Lots of healthy foods, eaten every couple of hours is the healthiest way to lose weight...and keep it off!..

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Yes, you must eat all your foods that are on your planner. It's very important, both for your health and to keep your metabolism burning in order to get rid of the fat. As noted before there are ways to manage this, including breaking your meals up into mini meals and using less filling food choices..

Here is a link to a thread that covers lots of issues (including feeling full during your meals) that new commers to NutriSystem have:

Please take to time to read through this thread. It has lots of great advice and information..

Another great resource for newcomers to Nutrisystem is PamSB's My Page. She has also gathered lots of information that is really helpful as you get started with this program. Here is a link for it..

Don't let your body trick you into thinking you don't need the calories and nutrients that Nutrisystem tells you to eat. You do...

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