Can't eat Nutrisystem dinners

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I am finding the taste of the Nutrisystem dinners AWFUL except for the pizzas. Does anyone know if it is possible to just order the Breakfasts/Lunches/Desserts?..

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Your question was: Can't eat Nutrisystem dinners.

So, other than pizza what dinners have you eaten? Keep trying them!!!..

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I only eat the Hamburger, Grilled Chicken breast, Both Pizza's the meat Lasagna, and the Rotini, ......once in a while the sloppy Joe..

Try the hamburger with adding Worchestershire sauce to the boiling water.....and try shreding the chicken adding BBQ sauce and nuking for one minute, then top a Sandwich thin with lettuce and this chicken shred and it's fantastic. NO WAY you can't love it...

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Of course you could order a la carte, but the cost would probably be higher, if you have some dinners on hand, you might want to try a little creative doctoring to see if you can tolerate them a little better..

I'm not impressed with most of the dinners right from the package either, as a matter of fact, I cannot think of one that I can eat without doctoring it up a little, but I find when I doctor them up I can really change the taste and make most of them pretty good and a few are downright great.

You may want to do what I did when I first started, I would type the name of the entree into the search box under advanced search for titles only and search the food talk and tips and recipe threads for recipes, there are some really creative folks on here who really have done wonders with the food and still stayed within plan guidelines..

For example, I was under impressed with the fajitas but I did a search, now I have two recipes I use for them and I love them. The recipes I use are Christina's Mexican Pot Pie and another one I used (sorry, I can't remember the creator) is making them into a really good Mexican style soup, just rehydrate them with 1 cup chicken broth, add 1/2 cup Rotel tomatoes w/ green chiles and heat up in the microwave, it's really hot (spicy) and very good IMHO..

The burger is another one that is really versatile and if rehydrated properly really does taste like a real grilled hamburger, there is a recipe for a fast food style burger that is very good, I make a mock big mac by adding a second patty (morningstar veggie burger, saved protein), using ff thousand island, pickles, onion, ff cheese slice (free food) and serving it on an Arnold's flat bun along with oven roasted carrot "french fries" (just cut up carrots, toss w/ 1 tsp olive oil, season w/ a little bit of salt and roast in a 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes). I also make a Russian Sweet Cabbage Soup (it's somewhere out there on the recipe board thread) out of the burger (yeah, blowing my own horn a little, sorry, it's a recipe I adapted from an old family classic) and that is IMHO to die for...easily as good as the high fat original version..

I've lost 60lbs, kept it off for 2 years, and I will be the first to admit, I have not always been perfect (actually messed up today, but logged everything I ate anyway, I didn't eat on plan, but was pleasantly surprised that my calorie count was still under 1400 even though I thought I really blew it), this program really is do-able and it's the only thing that I tried that took the weight off and really taught me how to adjust my eating habits...I hope you give it a real chance.

We are all here to help...

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Huh. I like most of the dinners as is. No jazzin' them up, just heat-and-eat.

It's the lunches I'm more selective with. (in part because the Red Beans,Rice,and Sausage is just THAT good that I order a lot of it... ).

For what it's worth, my fav dinners are:.

A) BBQ Sauce over Beef, Beans, and Rice..

B) Chicken Pasta Parm.

C) Meat Lasagne.

D) Italian Herb Flatbread Pizza.

E) Rotini&Meatballs..

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I stand corrected, the dinners and lunch you mentioned are good as is and I don't really doctor those up other than a dash of Parmesan on the rotini..

And hot darn boy...check out your weight loss!!! WAY TO GO!!!..

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I've been on the program for 6 weeks now and love every dinner I've tried except the spaghetti. The chili with beans is delish!!!!..

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