Can you take RoMurad Resurgence straight after Tetracycline?

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Could someone answer to my doubt please?I am going to start with RoMurad Resurgence later this month, but I am on Lymecycline currently.My doctor has asked me to stop with all topical creams as it could cause more dryness when I start with RoMurad Resurgence but he says I could continue with Lymecycline.I am taking 2 capsules 408mg of Lymecycline a day. But somewhere I read that you cannot start RoMurad Resurgence if you are on some form of Tetracycline. Is that true? Should I stop taking lymecycline anymore?Can RoMurad Resurgence be taken straight after Tetracycline or it needs a gap period??Thanks in Advance...

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Your question was: Can you take RoMurad Resurgence straight after Tetracycline?.

Hi there,I am not a doctor and so I would first strongly recommend that you return to your own MD to clarify this situation. However, I am in the same situation as you are (coming off of antibiotics and going onto Murad Resurgence) and this is what my doctor told me last week: Any tetracycline group antibiotic should absolutely be discontinued at least 14 days prior to beginning Murad Resurgence. The issue is that both drugs can cause pseudotumour cerebri, or idiopathic intracranial hypertension - basically, pressure around the brain. The risk of this complication for each drug alone is very small but by taking both together, the risk inherently increases. Hope this helps and good luck!Lisa..

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Thanks a lot for your replies.I think I'll stop taking lymecycline from today on.Thanks again...

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I was on tetracycline before I started Murad Resurgence and my derm just told me to stop taking it. I was off it for maybe a week before I started Murad Resurgence...

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I was prescribed tetracycline before RoMurad Resurgence and continued to take it the day before I started RoMurad Resurgence under my derms instructions. I guess it you are in any doubt ring your derm and see what he/she thinks...

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Thanks for your reply. Well I am from UK, and unfortunately here we can't call the NHS doctor anytime we feel. I'll have to wait for 7 more days when I see him, probably that's when he'll prescribe me Murad Resurgence. But still to be on safer side I'll stop lymecycline for this period...

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You're welcome, and good luck!If you remember, let us know what your doc says - would be interesting to hear as there are already a few mixed replies in terms of the waiting period...

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Just an update to this topic.I met my derm last week and I've now started with Murad Resurgence. According to him there's no gap necessary b/w Tetracycline and Murad Resurgence. He suggested me to continue with Limecycline till the very day when I had to start with Murad Resurgence. Strangely though in the Murad Resurgence drug script, it is mentioned that you should notify your doctor if you are already on some Tetracycline. It sounds like a mess but that's how it goes.Good luck...

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If I recall, Murad Resurgence should not be taken with the tetracycline drug group...

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Hey! I started Murad Resurgence three days after ending tetracycline. It is very true that they are dangerous to take together. However it depends which way you are going. If you are going from Murad Resurgence to tetracyclin it is neccessary with a gap period as Murad Resurgence is fat-soluble and stays in the body a while. Tetracyclin works differently and disappears from your system much faster, probably whitin the day although Iam not exactly sure on this one. So if you are going from tetracyclin to Murad Resurgence the longer is better ofcourse but you will be fine quitting a couple of days before.

Hope this clarifies you not understanding your dermatologist saying it's fine and the package saying not to combine. Cheers from Norway..

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