Can you REALLY lose weight on Medifast if you take insulin?

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I don't mean to sound skeptical, I'm really hoping to hear people say "yes you can!" I started on insulin (Levemir) and promptly gain 18 pounds in one month (40 units each evening). So I quit taking it (didn't tell my dr., of course) but the weight still didn't come off. After having consistent BS readings in the high 400's I decided to go back to the dr., who put me on Humulin R (sliding scale). Along with a very low carb diet (10 or less per day), I have been able to significantly decrease my insulin (I tried all the oral drugs plus Byetta and can't take any of them due to really bad side effects). So, while my insulin is doing well, I haven't lost ONE pound on <10 carbs per day and about 1200-1300 calories. I haven't started Medifast yet because I don't want to pay all that money and be disappointede AGAIN. Is there hope? And will the extra carbs make my BS rise again? I really appreciate any advice you can give me...

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Hi Doxie!.

Yes, Laura is right - we're on the same team :-) I'm also diabetic and have been since I was 20 (now I'm 56.) I asked my doctor FIRST before I even ordered the food. He checked it out with our HMO's nutritionist and gave me the okay, with one caveat: Be SURE to drink plenty of water! Even more than just 64 ounces (8 glasses) per day. That way your body will flush out all the toxins/burned up FAT you will be losing! I'm on NPH insulin, and when I started, I was taking 50 units twice a day, PLUS Humalog as needed, along with Metformin. On the first day of the program, we cut my dose in 1/2 - 25 and 25, morning and evening. I still ended up having an insulin reaction. You will need to keep close track of your B/S so you don't end up with too many lows, especially if you live alone like I do.

There is a diabetic plan on MF, so you should ask your doctor. I think that one is 4 Medifast meals plus 2 regular meals, but I'm not sure. The regular 5+1 provides approximately 80 grams of carb per day, depending on what you choose to eat. That's the one I'm doing. If you go below 80 grams, our health coach said it would slow or stop your weight loss. So I try to keep it above 80 grams now, and as you know, that is really not a lot! I don't see how you could eat less than 10 grams, since vegetables also have carbs.

Good luck to you; the plan is definitely diabetic friendly. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have more questions!..

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Have been on Insulin for 21 years and have lost 79lbs in 3 months and have dropped one insulin and Doctor says when I go back in July I may be off insulin for good..

This does work!!..

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Hi Jackie, Laura, and Dave....

Thank you SO much for sharing your success stories with me. I'm excited about something food-related for the first time in a LONG time. I'm really frightened about upping my carbs (and therefore probably my insulin) but I ordered the food today and I can't wait to start!..

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Hi Doxie I am on an insulin pump - Humalog and it has taken me a year to lose 40 lbs. I also have a thyroid deficiency due to a past thyroid cancer. Losses have been slow, but they have come!! If I can lose weight on this program, probably anyone can!.

I am excited for you and your new journey!!! Best of luck!..

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Yes, Medifast works well for insulin dependent diabetics. I have been using Medifast 5/1 plan for 7 weeks and have lost 29 lbs. I take lantus once a day. Before MF, I was at about 28 units (sliding scale depending on morning sugars) and within two weeks on Medifast I was down to 8 units and now down to 4. If I miss my shot, I wake up well below 110 and my A1AC is 6.2. I imagine I will be off insulin soon..


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Thank you so much to everyone who responded...I appreciate your support. I started Medifast today! I am so excited and really looking forward to FINALLY getting some off this weight off!.


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I am on day 3 of Medifast. I am on Insulin, Januvia and Metformin. Wow, weightloss is tough on Insulin (once a day, 23 dose Latus). But I went from 280 to 264 on normal diet/exercise, but it wasn't coming off fast enough. Switched to Medifast so I am hoping for weight loss AND a decrease in Insulin and the others..

Medifast should have a glucose reading log along with the weight log..

I can't figure out how to make my weight chart appear in my signature!!!!..

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It's ok to sound skeptical. That's what we are here for, to put your mind at ease. YES, YOU really can lose weight on Medifast, EVEN on insulin. So relax and Enjoy losing all the weight you want on Medifast with your Doctors approval of course and following the Medifast guidelines for Diabetics! Best of Luck to you..


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Good news for Type 2! I continue to drop weight (albeit the first week). Now down to 254.4, although it hasn't posted on my bar below. 9 lbs in 4 days, not bad! Unsustainable, of course, but a great start for someone on Insulin, Metformin and Januvia...

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I just wanted to let other diabetics know you can get better with this prgram. I have been on a year lost 130lbs and last week the doctor took me off my diabetic meds. He was amazed with my blood work I feel wonderful. I still have weight to lose but my body seems to love MF. Good luck to all of you!!!.


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HI yes you absolutely can lose weight while taking insulin with MF. I started 1/21/09 was taking 75 units 30/70 in AM and 75 units at night. Well now I am taking 45 Units at night and I am down 91 lbs. I did see the doctor first and he is very pleased now. My Blood Pressure and other conditions are getting much better, My Goal is to get off all the meds! I am tired of spending money the on the pharmacy that I could spend on something else.

Be sure to eat every Medifast meal it is very important; there is a balance between carbs etc. that must be maintained.

Also, check that BS often...........I crashed below 50 one day. Not a good experience...

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