Can you instant hot water for Medifast?

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I installed an instant hot water spigot by the sink this year. I've been loving it for cooking oatmeal, hot chocolate, tea, etc. It's perfect. The water comes out a near boiling temperature (208 degrees Fahrenheit)..

I am new to Medifast, and was reading all of the directions.I'd really like to use my instant hot water for most of them. Does anyone have any experience with that? Will it work ok?..

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Really? That long? When I do oatmeal (instant) it is obviously instantly done. But, even if I use regular rolled oats not instant oatmeal it is usually fine in about 5 mins...

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Well, all the Medifast foods benefit from a nice long soak, to soften everything up and blend the flavors. Even the shakes - some people actually will make things the night before to soak, but I never found that was necessary for my tastes...

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You do NOT have to soak things... however you might find the texture benefits greatly from soaking... sometimes the taste even improves!..

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Thanks everyone. I just had my first chili, and, it did require some sitting. (The chilli toward the end of the 15 mins was much better than the chili in the beginning!)..

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Well, some of the soups really DO need to be soaked, LOL! Unless you want little "meat rocks" that you can't even chew....but I guess you could swallow them whole..

However, the "chunky style" soups were the only things out of the whole of the plan selections that I ever found truly NEEDED soaking..

I use more water in my oatmeal (like it kind of soupy) but can eat it ASAP. I also eat the pudding ASAP rather than waiting for it to "set," so go figure..

The instant hot water is GREAT! I get it off the water cooler at work.

Good point about really needing to mix the cocoa with cool water before hot. I actually just use cold water for that, use my mini-whisk, and then nuke it..


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I have a Keurig coffee maker and love it because 1: You make coffee and tea one cup at the time 2: It keeps water hot all the time so for Medifast food don't insert a K-cup ( that contains your coffee or tea), just select the amount of hot water you want and dispense it in the bowl with your soup mix etc. It's great...

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I use the instant hot to make cappuccino. I make it in a tall glass and add more that 8 oz of water and it tastes just fine...

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It's the only way I ever made my hot foods on 5&1. We have one at my office on the coffeemaker and it gives instant boiling water. I would just soak the soup or oatmeal in the boiling water for 15-20 minutes and it came out fine..

For the hot cocoa, I would mix the powder into a paste with some cool water first, then add the boiling water so the protein did not clump up...

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