Can you have salad and veggies in the same Medifast meal?

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I have just started on Medifast and am on the program for diabetics and I thought I read somewhere that you couldn't have salad and veggies at the same meal, but the.

Meal sample I have lists them both at the evening meal. Which is correct?.


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Thanks Ted, always good news when you can get off meds. I look forward to that too..

What is the 3+l LG+G? Did you order the diabetic meals every time, I noticed I didn't get any pudding or scrambled eggs in my package, how do you get those?..

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Peggy... I modified Medifast to 3MF(diabetic)meals + 1 Lean & Grean plus an extra green. This was my attempt to stay on Medifast while lowering the protein grams which is not good for my Kidney disease. With me it's a balancing act trying to stay in mild ketosis and not get too many grams protein. My calories run lower than the normal plan. Like I said earlier...

There are no puddings available that are on the diabetic plan... You can order individual boxes (7 meals) from MF. This is how I order so I can buy the things I like better. If you download the PDL nutritional information sheets, you can see which products are recommended for diabetics. Scrambled egg are on the list... they just don't come in the kits...

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Hi Peggy,.

I'm on day 5! So far so good! No cheats yet. I ordered the diabetic 2 week plan to start. I was disappointed that there wasn't pudding etc for the diabetic (Just shakes, soup, oatmeal & bars). I looked very carefully at the nutrition values and there isn't a huge difference between the diabetic stuff and regular. (Less than 10 carbs per meal). I ordered more and did not order the "Plan" meal.

The vanilla and strawberry diabetic shakes were not doing it for me. I really like the chocolate, but the others - ick! I did doctor up the vanilla by adding real vanilla to the shake. It helped - I'll finish those shakes. The strawberry - I might return - no idea how to make them better. The only items I think you really need to be careful with is the bars.

I decided to order only bars less than 20 carbs each...

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I like all the shakes and sometimes mix the vanilla with cherry koolade, the chocolate with diet rite cola, and the strawberry also with the koolade and add crushed ice, the colder it is the better it tastes. I don't like the chocolate bars but I do like the peanut butter. I don't like the minestrone soup, I guess I'll look at ordering separately next time, pudding would be nice and the eggs too although I have read some people say they taste awful. I've lost about 10 pounds after a week, mostly water I guess, I go to the doctor Friday and will see what he says about the Medifast plan...

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