Can you have green tea on the Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is Can you have green tea on the Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another quick question... Is anyone else extra cold?? just trying to figure out what is up with me being totally freezing for the last few days. I am starting week three today and wondering if this diet may have something to do with it..

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You betcha! but you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you call the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Any time in my life that I've lost any significant amounts of weight I FREEZE!..

Comment #2

I've heard that this can be attriuted to ketosis and the lower body fat. I have it too, I just put on a sweater and be happy that I'm losing rather than gaining and getting hot...

Comment #3

Yep, I found myself freezing today more than...the last few weeks haha...

Comment #4

Yep, I have been frozen throughout this entire weightloss process. You're not alone...

Comment #5

I used to feel frozen all the time for my first 8 or so weeks on Medifast, but that feeling has (sadly) gone away. And now I'm back to complaining about being hot all the time.....

Comment #6

Today is my fifth day and I am freezing too!..

Comment #7

It comes and goes. This morning I was hot in an office I was interviewing at, but that could be due to nerves and that most people like temps around 75. My threshold is still 73 and prefer it if it is 70. That said, however, I do need a spaceheater in my office and bathroom as it gets around 68 down here (I have a very narrow threshold69-72 is where I'm happiest) and I've started wearing a sweater under my jacket for when I go to movies or something I can take off my jacket but still have the sweater to keep my arms warmer..

This is much better than 60 pounds ago when I was using a fan when everyone else (even the men) were wanting to turn the heat up...

Comment #8

I am always freezing since I started medifast - I live with my heater on 365 days a year at my desk - and when it is 100 I can't wait to get outside :-)..

Comment #9

I have been freezing since I have started Medifast (Jan. '11). And with the cold weather I am really cold. Even went to sit in a hot tub at lunch break at work! Quite a change from the hot flashes I have been having the last year! I think it is a good sign as I am dropping weight. I drink alot of hot tea and dress warm! glad to hear I am not alone and there are some reasons for this temperature change. Susan..

Comment #10

You know, Susan, I think you might be onto something with the hormonal thing. I know that mine are changing. (so far, for the better)..

Comment #11

Hello All,.

In 2008 I lost 115 lbs on Medifast, and I want you to know I was always cold. Because of some health conditions and medications, I have gained back about 85lbs, but this week I am beginning again to take it off..

I have to say that one really uncomfortable thing about being overweight again, is that I am hot all the time... I finally decided that losing all that weight was like taking off an old coat, that I had gotten used to wearing. I realized that when I was cold, so were other people of normal weight. I am looking forward to being cold again!.


Comment #12

You're definitely not alone. Freezing all the time. Can't wait to be truly warm again. I'm going to FL this week and can't wait to feel "hot". This winter I've taken so many hot showers and soaks in the tub just to get warm!..

Comment #13

I'm freezing everyday it seems..I can't wait for spring to help out with this!..

Comment #14

I started Medifast the November before last. I spent much of December and January wearing a hat, gloves, and many heavy layers of clothing in the house. I'm still a lot colder than I use to be when I was heavy, but it certainly is nothing like it was in the beginning of MF. Hang in there!..

Comment #15

That's really interesting, and sounds more plausible than the "less insulation" theory, since so many people notice the coldness pretty early on..

I used to be so hot natured, and was always warm. My DH is the type who's always cold, and it was a constant battle with the thermostat. Now I'm always freezing, especially my hands, and he's enjoying keeping the apartment warmer than usual. I just got some USB-powered warming fingerless gloves, hope they help...

Comment #16

Oh,PULEEZE...! I'm 268 and a man and I am always cold. This is the first winter in 30 years that I have worn a winter coat and gloves. My DW (the ice princess) thinks it's hysterical! I'm colder than she is and she is half my size.... you are definitely not alone..


Comment #17

I have Raynaud's so my hands and feet are always freezing and I'm always colder than everyone else around. I definitely noticed that my core was much colder on MF. I realized that I drink TONS of water a day and when I was drinking cold water, I basically had a little freezer in my stomach. I started drinking my water room temperature and I have noticed a big difference in how cold I get during the day. It's also much easier for me to drink a lot of water..

I would give it a try if you are drinking cold water - it helped me!..

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