Can you exchange Nutrisystem meals?

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I just received my order and all my chocolate desserts are completely melted and flattened out. I called to see if cs could suggest or assist me in this matter. They said to stick them in the freezer. I did that and all that happened was they froze/stuck to the paper and made for messy and difficulty in opening them..

I'm royally upset over this. Can anyone offer help? They told me I couldn't return or exchange them. That was the chance I take in ordering such an item at this time of the year with the climate.

Has anyone else experienced this? What a pain!..

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Your question was: Can you exchange Nutrisystem meals?.

How do they ship that icecream then? I realize they can't do anything about the heat however, I think I found the rudeness more disturbing from the Nutrisystem rep more than anything...

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The ice cream comes either from Schwan's or in a cooler with dry ice. They won't ship chocolate bars that way...

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Good Afternoon enufamybutt,.

Nutrisystem will be happy to replace or exchange any items your have received that are not in the condition you expect, or that you do not want, within 30 days of receipt. Please call 1-800-585-5483, opt. 2, and ask to speak with a supervisor..

Have a nice day,..

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It happened to me too I live in SC. But I placed them in the fridge and had no problems with paper sticking to them>>>>>>>>>NOW - I am not a fan of any of the chocolate from Nutrisystem - I would love to send that stuff back...

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Either put the chocolate in the fridge or in a air conditioned room and it will harden back and taste great (might look odd but will taste good)..

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....but, I'm still getting a NO on exchange/return. I have been told twice it's my fault for ordering them in this heat! oh well....Less than happy with customer service. Live and learn...

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Call again and ask for a supervisor. They should replace these items for you...

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Thank you everyone for your support and suggestions. I'll attempt to call again tomorrow and get someone else.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!..

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Wow! I am shocked at the reaction of Customer Service. They sent replacements right out for me. Definitely get a supervisor on the phone when you call tomorrow...

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