Can you eat beans on phase 1 of the Medifast Diet?

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First question I got is Can you eat beans on phase 1 of the Medifast Diet? Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. Ok I hope I word this right- I am probably overthinking but there are a couple things I hope I can get cleared up about this plan. first off I realize it works and it works for a reason. but myself as well as many other people I know have lost 2-5 pounds a week just sticking to a life plan of under 1400 calories a day and eating 5 xs day. I started this diet for convenience reasons and not having to plan out my meals but I guess the question I am getting at is why in the world would a day here and there off plan but under 1400 calories affect any kind of weight loss? would we gain weight on a day like that or just not lose? I know it might take you out of the fat burning state and take a couple days to get back in but how much more is being in that state doing for us?? would we gain weight on a day like that or just not lose? again I hope this does not come off as negative- I really like this diet just confused..

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Ye, however you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

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I don't think it's negative at all. I see it as a legitimate question.

From lurking on dieting forums and here on the medifast boards I think for some folks a day of cheating or a cheat meal would start a backslide in to unhealthy behavior. I think it's the same as why an alcoholic doesn't have just one shot or a drug addict doesn't have just one line (recovering addict clean since 7/7/02 YAY ME).

I don't have these food issues though so I don't want to speak too much on it but from what I have read it seems to be the common theme whenever "cheating" is brought up or even hinted at.

Personally I don't cheat because I prefer trying to figure out ways to make the foods I'm craving in a healthy way. My lean and greens are changing the whole families attitude towards "Mom's fake meat and cauliflower"..

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OK, now please don't hate me because I'm part of the "mean" group here. I totally understand your question and don't think it's a dumb one. I don't really know the exact answer to your question and it would probably be best asked of Medifast rather than here if you want the plain, simple answer..

Now, the rest of this pertains simply to me and me alone........

I am on Medifast because food was and is MY issue. I used food to feed every emotion there is. This plan is teaching me how to handle all of those emotions by actually feeling them and not trying to mask them with something else. After 4 months I have come to realize that food is NOT anything special. It is fuel for my body. Does that mean that I don't ever want something I shouldn't have? No.

Do I eat my favorite Medifast foods? Absolutely. But the vast majority of the time I simply go grab something when my timer tells me it's time to eat. I hope and pray that by the time I reach T&M that my "head hunger" will be under control the vast majority of the time. I am not dumb enough to think that food will never be an issue for me again, I just hope that I will have learned the lessons this program is teaching well enough to control the situations that arise. I hope that if I ever eat real chocolate or cookies or something else that is not-so-good-for-me it is because I just would like to have a taste of it, not because I feel I need to have it.

I don't ever want food to be in control again. And food never is truly in control....we simply give it the power that we should have..

My thoughts on "cheating"......I realize that not everyone has the food issues I have. I just don't think that I would spend the money on this plan if I wasn't going to follow it. If you are going to plan cheats why not simply do one of the other plans out there and incorporate what you want to eat to fit the limits of that plan. I know, for me, tweaking diets to be what I wanted them to be got me to this point. Everyone here must have some sort of control issue (on many different levels, I know) or else they wouldn't need any help controlling what they do and don't eat..

This plan is what it is. Take it or leave it. It is a great program and if used correctly can help to overcome the food issues one might have. I think what I really want to say is....and this is NOT directed at you or anyone specifically.....either do the diet or don't, but don't complain that it's not working if you don't do it as written..

I hope this is taken in the spirit in which it is written. Not putting anyone else down or criticizing, just voicing my own personal thoughts..

Good luck to everyone on this program, whether you are a "good" or a "bad" guy. I must say, I love the honesty I get from the "bad" ones...

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Just a few more words about how the plan operates..

The Medifast plan operates on the principle of inducing ketosiswhere your body depletes the glycogen stores that your body has saved up for times of low blood sugar, and switches to a mode of burning fat instead. I don't know the exact ratio, but each bit of glycogen that your body is storing requires a certain amount of water to hang onto it. That's why you lose so much in the first few daysit really is mostly water weight..

When you exceed your carb limit of 100 g/day (this is a threshold of safetyI wouldn't want to try and figure out just what the REAL limit is for me on any given day) it's like your body says "OOH! I can have SUGAR again!" and starts saving it up for the winter in the form of glycogen. Glucose is, after all, your body's preferred form of energy. Along with the glycogen it stores, it hangs onto water and stops burning fat as the default way to meet your energy needs..

That's why you don't want to eat the cookieit mucks around with your metabolism and the way that your body is using calories. Certainly there are ways to lose weight.


Being in ketosis, but the best results on Medifast will come from staying in that fat-burning state consistently...

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Oh, and quickly: There have been times that I've gone off plan "just for a day or two" and then quickly got back on to get back into ketosis. YES, I have definitely gained significant weight during those times. Think about how much weight people lose during their first week on plansometimes as much as 5-10 pounds. In going off plan and out of ketosis for a day or two, you can GAIN that much right back. And then it takes time for it to go away again. It really is a rollercoaster that I don't enjoy putting my body on, because I have more fun watching the number go DOWN every day...

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I've been doing a modified 5 & 1 plan with higher calories & fat for just under 2 months (since 1/31/11) where I have 2 Medifast meals, 3 non-MF mini-meals, and a L&G meal. I am diligent about always staying below 100 carbs but am more flexible on the other numbers. (I find that when I go over 100 carbs I tend to be hungrier the next day and I like to avoid that.).

The non-MF mini-meals I choose always have similar carb & protein content to a Medifast meal. However, there is nothing quite like MF, so they are usually higher in calories and fat and have slightly less fiber. I've lost 19 lbs in the almost 2 months on the modified plan (1/31/11 - 3/25/11)..

On the modified plan I average:.

1300 cals / 95 carbs / 45 g fat / 19 g fiber / 112 g protein..

When I was more strictly on 5 & 1 my average intake was:.

1026 cals / 94 carbs / 32 g fat / 29 g fiber / 103 g protein..

I lost 21.6 lbs in a similar period (10/30/10 - 12/24/10) while on the 5 &1 plan..

Overall I've done pretty well on this modified plan. I am losing less hair, am able to poop on a semi-regular basis, and am spending less money on food. What's the trade-off? It has slowed down my weight loss, which you can see from my ticker..

It looks like you are pretty new to the 5 & 1 plan at this point. I did not modify my plan until I'd been on 5 & 1 for five months and was feeling pretty broke, constipated, and desperate. So I'd recommend sticking with 5 & 1 to the extent possible for now, then re-evaluate when you have a high level of comfort with the plan. You may find that you're losing so quickly that it's not worth it to change anything up. Or you may want to change some things..

Like many people on here, food is a big issue for me. Modifying the plan has been a bit dicey at times and keeping the strict below-100-carbs rule has probably been the only thing that has kept me from backsliding and falling off the wagon completely. So if food is an issue for you I'd proceed with caution when it comes to any changes in the plan..

Either way, I'd say log your food and weight regularly so if you do change something, you can evaluate realistically how much it is affecting you. Good luck!..

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Kerrigan is completely correct. The ratio of glycogen to water is 1:3. So it is 3 times as heavy as fat..

You can definitely still lose weight on a low calorie diet. I mean the whole point of dieting is literally calories in versus calories out. If you take in less calories and put the same calories out you will lose weight. There are two reasons Medifast is great and why staying in fat burning is key: the speed of the weight loss is amazingly fast and also the fact that you are burning up fat and not muscle. Medifast is designed to harness your metabolism in the most efficient and safest way possible and that is why it is so strict. Any changes could make the diet unsafe (not enough protein so you break down your muscle) and definitely less efficient..

For me, one of my main motivations to stay on plan and be strict is money. Medifast is expensive and I cannot afford for my weight loss to take longer than necessary, but this is not the case for everyone. So if you decide that consuming more calories and getting out of ketosis is what you want to do (or are curious about), understand that the weight loss will slow down a lot and that you will initially gain weight from the glycogen storage..

Hope this helps!..

Comment #7

Medifast does the thinking for me while providing me with a safe and effective way to lose 2-5 lbs/week. Many of us CAN'T lose on limiting our calories to 1400, and we don't want the bother of counting calories either at this point in our lives. So, we do a Dr. Recommended program that has done all the heavy lifting for us, and is easy to incorporate into our busy lifestyle. I couldn't prepare 3 "healthy" meals that had the appropriate amount of calories, carbs, fat, and protein day in and day out and not get burnt out..

I lose less than 1 pound/week on weight-watcher type diets. I'm here because Medifast works. But it is a choice I made, to choose Medifast as a tool to finally becoming fit and healthy...

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There were some great responses to the OP. One thing I want to add is by being in ketosis we can eat very few calories for the day and not be hungry. When I was on JC and WW I was eating anywhere from 1200-1800 calories and I was STARVING the entire time. Now I eat around 900-1,000 and rarely am I ever hungry..

Yes, if you cheat but keep yourself at low calories you can lose weight, but why do that and then be ravenous because you've kicked yourself out of ketosis? You can also keep yourself at or under 100 carbs per day but cheat by adding more protein in and still lose weight, but your weight loss will slow down..

MF works miracles if a person actually follows plan..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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