Can you buy Herbalean at the Vitamin Shoppe?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Can you buy Herbalean at the Vitamin Shoppe?.

My main question is: Does anyone know if they are still out of stock on the cheesy homestyle potatoes? Are they still substituting with the whipped sweet potatoes?..

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Your question was: Can you buy Herbalean at the Vitamin Shoppe?.

My order that arrived last Wed. had my cheesy homestyle potatoes. In fact, I had ZERO substitutions! I did a little happy dance as I put it all away..

Comment #1

I ordered 6 and got 6, no subs here either...

Comment #2

I got all of my 8 cheesy potatoes in my order last week...

Comment #3

I got my order yesterday and received all 9 that I had ordered..


Comment #4

Zero subs on my last order and 14 potatoes. Better get some before I eat them all...

Comment #5

I am new here and though I would jump in and see what happens. I do the Silver program and am very senitive to sugar. I placed a order for pancakes and they sent me cereal. I think it was probley one of their highest sugar content cereals. Does any one know if they have any sugar free items and if not why dont they? What do the dibetics do about the high sugar food...

Comment #6

The diabetic plan has a few less surgery deserts, but overall what is left still has alot of sugar...I don't order any sweet deserts, just the chips...and as far as the entrees, I look at the content of all of them and order the lowest carb and sugary ones.....I never order cereals, way too much sugar in them......

Comment #7

They are? The sweet potatoes are discontinued so what you wrote surprises me..

My order that shipped on Dec. 31st and arrived first week in January had all my cheesy homestyle potatoes (8 I think I ordered)...

Comment #8

My order that arrived last Wed. had my cheesy homestyle potatoes. In fact, I had ZERO substitutions! I did a little happy dance as I put it all away..

Comment #9

When I was new I felt funny starting a new thread too. But you should or someone might not see your question and give you an answer!.

Welcome to NS!..

Comment #10

I was told the cheesy potatoes had been discontinued. I hope it isn't so. They are not on my edit list anymore...

Comment #11

I don't know about them being discontinued, but I just ordered some. They were there under when I went to edit my lunchs on autodelivery...

Comment #12

DH and I both ordered and received 4 cheesy potatoes each in our latest shipments (mine came Fri and DH's came Mon) so I don't know about any shortages on them. I haven't heard of them being discontinued either. We don't like too many of the lunches as it is, I'd really hate to see these go!!!..

Comment #13

They are still listed on mine. And my ala carte as well...

Comment #14

I haven't tried these yet. sounds good! I will order these next time!..

Comment #15

I just talked to a counselor and the cheesy homestyle potatoes have been discontinued on the silver plan only, as well as the chili with beans...he didn't know why!..

Comment #16

The sweet potatoes were the ones discontinued for everyone. They are being subbed with the cheesy potatoes, so those haven't been discontinued...

Comment #17

Don't scare me like that I love the Cheese Potatoes! I can't stand Sweet Potatoes. I have like 8 ordered in my new order to arrive next week. I hope I get them all...

Comment #18

I didnt get any subs in my order and I got all the potatoes that I ordered also. although I have not tried them yet. Are they good?.


Comment #19

I think they're really good.

Potato's & 2 FF hot dogs are a great lunch. I used or order around 15-20...

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