Can you buy 600 polaroid film in you're average Vitamin Shoppes?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Can you buy 600 polaroid film in you're average Vitamin Shoppes?.

My 2nd question is: I am 1 week into nsI do not like sweets. All of the breakfast is sweet except for the dry cereals and eggs. Can I eat just plain oatmeal a few times a week because the cereal and eggs will get old really fast. Thanks..

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Your question was: Can you buy 600 polaroid film in you're average Vitamin Shoppes?.

Try this site for doing NS on your own. It has some good breakfast recipes..


Comment #1

Try this site for supermarket items as exchanges for NutriSystem foods:.



Graylady (Lynn), a very successful NutriSystem member, has taken the time and energy to collect tons of information about how to make the foods taste the way YOU like them:.

Link to Graylady's Recipe Collection.


Try my "Breakfast Parfait":.

3/4 cup frozen blueberries.

8 oz. vanilla yogurt.

1 pkg. any NutriSystem cereal.

Alternate layers and prepare as a Breakfast Parfait..


Try this yummy recipe with the NutriSystem Pancake Mix:.

This was copied from The-Jazzman's Recipe Board:.

Paul's Apple Bundt Cake.

From the NS newsletter- used with permission.

Counts as 1 Breakfast Entre + 1 Fruit Serving + 1 Dairy/Protein Serving + Free Foods.


* 1 package of NutriSystem Pancake Mix.

* 1 egg.

* cup of unsweetened applesauce.

* tsp. vanilla.

* tsp. cinnamon.

* 3 packages Splenda (or sweetener equal to 1 Tbsp. of sugar).

* 12 squirts I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray.

* 2 Tbsp. any calorie-free maple-flavored syrup.


1. Place pancake mix, cinnamon and sweetener in a large microwave safe bowl and mix; add egg, applesauce, and vanilla and stir thoroughly until all ingredients are well mixed.

2. Leave in bowl and place in microwave. Cook in microwave on high for 3 minutes (longer if necessary). Finished product should resemble a small individual bundt cake (depending on dimensions of bowl used) and be moist with the texture of a sponge cake.

3. Turn upside down onto serving plate and spray with 12 squirts of ICBINB spray, and drizzle with syrup.


And, remember, as you detox from fats, sugars, grease (or, in my case, from french fries), your tastes change. Those foods you "cannot like" today may become your favorites before long....

Be well...

Comment #2

Thank you everyone for the good advice. You are all very nice. Before ns I did not eat breakfast very often. I don't like breakfast foods. I can eat plain oatmeal but not the maple, brown sugar types. I like bacon but I don't think that is on the plan.

Thanks again for helping....

Comment #3

By the way I really do know how to speak but when my son was about 2 yrs. old he would always say " I can't like that" and we all picked it up. LOL Some of my close friends say it too...

Comment #4

Just remember: Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day. It is called "break fast" for a are breaking the fast that your body has encountered overnight. This is what gets your metabolism revved up to help you burn calories for the rest of the day. One of the reasons we fatties get fat is "Before ns I did not eat breakfast very often"...and yes, I'm speaking about ME, too. Learn to love is your friend.....

Comment #5

It's important to eat breakfast though because your metabolism doesn't start working until after you've eaten breakfast. You want to get your metabolism rate up as soon as you can so you can start burning calories right away..

I NEVER ate breakfast before NS. Sometimes I just drink coffee and wouldn't eat until 1-2:00.

Now that I've gotten into the routine, I'm starving when I wake up. I don't like many breakfast foods. I really don't like milk that much so I never eat cereal. I'm OK on occasion with eggbeaters and Jennie-O extra lean bacon..

I usually stick to pancakes which you can make in advance and freeze or muffins. If you don't like the muffins you can make great muffins out of the pancakes mix.

How about the bars? You can even switch your meals around and have soup for breakfast or a lunch. Even a dessert bar. And for dessert have pancakes with FF chocolate sauce and cool whip or fruit. Make a crepe out of them...

Comment #6

Hi - I never used to be much of a breakfast eater but when I was on a low carb diet a few years ago I really got into the breakfast habit. I wouldn't be without it now. I have never been and never will be a cereal eater, though - not even oatmeal. But I remember kind of resenting the whole idea, at first, that I had to add this extra meal to my day that I just didn't want and didn't think I needed.

Personally I am a big fan of the eggs - you can make nice scrambled eggs or an omelet with a little chopped onion or green pepper or a few mushrooms. They can be changed up so they aren't the same every day. My second choice are the breakfast bars. I am surprised to find that they are filling. And for your protein serving, you can have, as Swede suggested, Jennie-O turkey bacon (I hear Oscar Meyer turkey bacon is great too), or even Jones' Canadian bacon (three slices are 60 calories and otherwise fit the dairy/protein definition - a little high in sodium for some people but that's a personal choice).

And I agree that the pancakes are a great base from which to work. I like them too. There really are a lot of ways to find breakfasts you will like - and come to find you can't do without (because you really shouldn't!!!!)...

Comment #7

I'm not a big sweet eater either, but I like the breakfast bars. They don't taste overly sweet, even the chocolate-chip one. They are easy to eat on a stomach that isn't used to eating breakfast and they are quite filling. A bar + a tall, non-fat latte (dairy serving) lasts me about three hours, which is when I have my fruit from breakfast to get me until lunch time.

Good luck!..

Comment #8

I usually ate breakfast but it was not the right kind. Left over cake, a cookie,

I am loving the pancakes and making all kinds of things out of them.

Maybe try a fruit and protein and then eat the entree later...

Comment #9

You don't have to eat breakfast food for breakfast if the nutritional stuff matches. Why not ff cheese and chicken or some Morningstar bacon or sausage with a pancake. I don't like sweets either..


Comment #10

WAY better than Jenny-O. If my grocery store is out of the Oscar Meyer/Louis Rich turkey bacon, I'll buy the store brand before I buy the Jenny-O...

Comment #11

I actually started this journey around Memorial Day with one simple goal - force myself to eat breakfast until it becomes a habit. It sort of morphed into losing weight and then into getting back into NS - LOL!.

I'm still not sure breakfast is a habit but I'm getting better at it. I, too, eat mostly cereal during the week and eggs or pancakes on the weekend or a day I work from home. I love the nutriflakes with bananas and splenda. I also love oatmeal with raisins (but you only get the teensy size box).

I don't much like the ns granola bars. I perfer chewy granola. So I buy South Beach bars for days when I am on the run at breakfast time. One of those and 1/2 a banana is portable.

I still can't say 1/2 a banana without giggling, btw. The first thing I'm going to do on maintenance is eat the whole banana!..

Comment #12

I have a friend who's been trying to lose weight. She refused to eat breakfast in an attempt to lose weight. I kept telling her that if she waits more than 3 hours after she gets up to eat, her body goes into starvation mode. She didn't want to listen to me, and instead would complain about how she wasn't losing any weight. She finally started eating oatmeal in the morning, and low and behold, the weight started falling off. Eating SOMETHING for breakfast is extemely important. You can't just skip it...

Comment #13

I don't like sweetened cereals either, oatmeal is best when plain - with milk and raisins. I have found that the granola and the nutriflakes are not too sweet. For my protein I have a hardboiled egg (or scrambled) or a piece of canadian bacon. The pancakes are good too, I don't use the fake syrups - not a huge fan of syrup on my pancakes..

The NS oatmeal is way too sweet for me, so I stick with the granola and the nutriflakes...

Comment #14

What did you have for breakfast before NS? I used to have a bowl of cereal almost every weekday morning, and eggs or pancakes on the weekend. Now I have NS cereal during the week, and NS eggs or NS pancakes on the weekend...

Comment #15

Try this site for doing NS on your own. It has some good breakfast recipes..


Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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