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My boyfriend was talking to me about Medifast (he wants to lose 50-60 lbs), but he was concerned about whether he'd be able to do it with his job. He's a fireman and spends a lot of time on wildland fires this time of year. Just curious to hear from anyone who has a physically intense job and how Medifast has worked for you (i.e. did you have to do a 4-and-2 most days, tired more often, etc).

I know I've felt great on Medifast and always have energy to workout, but there is a big difference between 45 minutes at the gym and five day stretches on a fire, so I just don't know how that would work out. Thanks for any input!..

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I would ask the dietician. They have something called "4 and 2" where you only use 4 Medifast meals a day, and have two lean and green meals (instead of just one.) This might be better for someone more physically active...

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So, from personal experience (I'm a paramedic and have done the wildland thing myself) I've found that most shifts I'm pretty good with the 5 and 1. Occasionally on tough days I'll add another supplement as needed (your body WILL tell you what you need and when you need it). As for wildland, as long as he's making good decisions during chow (not the easiest thing to do) he should be OK adding some extra protein, but advise him to STAY AWAY from the MRE's. Good luck!..

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Thanks valweaver! I didn't even think about what he'd eat for his lean and green *doh* But definitely no MREs! Worst case, he'll be back to his regular schedule in a couple months and they can go for days without a real call, so he could just do the 5 and 1 then...

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Hi there, Beverly here.....I too have the same concerns as you and hubby have regarding the 5:1 program. I am a firefighter/paramedic and wildland season is coming up.....yikes! But I have decided to just go for it, and do what I can. If I am caught up on a long call, and have to adhere to "what is being served" I will just make the best choice. That and carry the bars in my pack? Hmmmm. So did your hubby ever do the program? And how may I ask did it go? Hope all is well in your world. Bevie..

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I am in the EMS field, I'm a paramedic from upstate NY. It is tough with the 5:1 program with the calls but so far so good. I keep a Medifast packet with me always in my pants pocket in case I am out when I'm supposed to eat. I either use an ER break rooms microwave or kitchenette to mix things. It has worked so far...

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Rabump199: I was a medic in NY, among other states, but made the decision to come west not long after "that fateful day.".

I am not only a working medic in rural Montana, but I am also an EMS instructor. My days can be long! I need portable, fast, and filling! Especially on those never ending days that sometimes turn into two or three. I have had no problems (after that first couple if day 3 isn't already the worst as your body kicks into ketosis, I was unprepared and had a MCI. Went almost 10 hours without my Medifast food....I learned my lesson.) with 5 & 1. I have adapted my "dust from a foil pouch" into portable, satisfying meals, and managed to stay OP!.

I've fallen in love with my sandwich maker. A shake becomes two "scones." (really just a muffin in the sandwich maker triangle shape, but scone just sounds nicer. ) Soup-breads, omelette triangles, "frenchie"-toast. (one of my current Medifast pancacke mix, 1 Medifast maple brown sugar oatmeal mix, 1/4 tsp baking powder...enough water to make a thick batter and the sandwich maker again. 4 muffins=meals.

I need the portability as well as the instant, on- hand meal that can be put down and picked back up when I get back to it. I also eat the pretzels and bars, but the "bread" texture is so nice. I'll make a couple baggies of muffins in the morning, 3 or 4 meals in the time the coffee takes to brew, and can carry them with me..

Best of Luck to you and the HUBBY!..

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Another option is for him to use the Medifast 70 shakes. They have more protein and something like 10 more calories and are often suggested for men. Other than that, I don't have anything to offer than hasn't already been suggested...

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My side job is as a fitness instructor and trainer. On heavier work out days (such as teaching back to back classes), I eat a maintenance bar. I will eat a higher calorie snack such as almonds and I also have occasionally added a bit of protein...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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