Can we drink protein shakes during Nutrisystem?

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Can one include this with the program? Is it of any benefit?..

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Your question was: Can we drink protein shakes during Nutrisystem?.

That is good to know Rose, I have some protein powder here, it's a 100% Whey Protein and for 1 scoop it's 26 grams so if I do about a 1/3 full scoop it should be about 8 grams and since I bought almond milk and rice milk for a change this week then I should be able to count that as a protein serving,although not a dairy serving, but this week I couldn't afford both milk and almond milk so until I go shopping this coming weekend so almond milk or rice milk with protein powder will have to do...

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Don't cut it to lower the protein. More protein is better. Your serving should be 8g protein OR MORE. Your dairy/protein serving should be about 100 cals. Check the cals in it...

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Yes. It should be at LEAST 8 grams protein. She's talking about adding milk to the shake, which I do not do. Rose..

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Oh ok well the calories around about 110 for a full scoop of protein powder and the almond milk I was told cannot be considered a dairy choice as it isn't high enough in protein, it is 80 calories a glass and 1 g protein so to make a shake it would be 190 total and be abotu 27 g of protein. I am not on the Nutrisystem food plan yet, but looking to be by the end of the year. (Budget thing) anyhow I am going to get milk when I go shopping this week I just bought this almond beverage to try something different...

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I use the WonderSlim protein shake/pudding from Die You add it to 8 ounces of water. It has 100 calories. Nutritional info: protein, 15g; Total Fat, 1.5g; Total Carb, 7g; Sodium 280mg. This has been approved by Nutrisystem as I called them. It is very, very filling.

I have made it as a shake most often, but sometimes, I will make a pudding out of it...

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The protein shake powder I have can be mixed with water and I've tried that it's just not very appetizing, because it's unflavoured. I do have a strawberry banana flavour too but I can't drink that all the time. I saw the WonderSlim product on line on that website you mention but I can get similar products here in Canada rather than shopping online, charges to ship to Canada, just like Nutrisystem US does. I'm only ordering from here because the US menus are bigger and offer more choices..

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Don't know which brand of Almond Milk you like, but I buy the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze UNSWEETENED vanilla. It'sonly 40 calories for 8 oz (still really low in protein, but it might help). Maybe you could use it with 1/2 a scoop of the protein powder for a total of 95 cals and that same 26 or 27 g of protein. Just an idea..

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If you are really hitting weights hard, those extra calories may actually benefit your weight loss, as they are "good" calories (loaded with protein and omega-3 fats from the almonds) and your calorie burn is a little higher. Your muscle mass will increase faster, your body won't enter a starvation/survival mode, and the new muscle will have a higher resting metabolic rate..

Just make sure to burn those extra calories in your workout!..

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I just bought a brand here in the dairy fridge called Earth's Own and I've seen the Blue Diamond brand on the shelf in the tetra pak. I will look for it when I go shopping this weekend. I also am planning on starting harder exercise as of tomorrow. I've just been buying what food I can afford right now when I have actual cash and not using my Visa as am paying that down before I start the actual Nutrisystem food because I am Canada I think I can only pay via Visa, as I am not in the US I cannot qualify for Bill Me Later, then I can use the Visa if I need extra food in between paydays and new clothes when I need to. I'm just trying to eat as healthy as I can for now with what I can get...

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1 scoop is 110 calories for a whole scoop and 55 calories for a half scoop for 26 g of protein so half a scoop would only make it about 14 g total with the almond milk, as it would only be 13 g of protein for a half scoop might work but as someone else here said don't half scoop the protein powder...

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Protein powder is allowed Lin. It's on the grocery add ons. It only says 2 TBSPs not how many calories it says 8.5-11g by weight is what I presume, unless they mean for 2 TBSP it should have 8 to 11 g of protein. If that's the case then I should cut mine in half per scoop though 1 scoop is about 1.5 TBSP so I guess I'm ok...

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Ok, yeah, that makes sense. I read through the thread again, and I think you probably could get by with that full scoop if you up your workouts I applaud you for doing this on your own while getting your finances/visa under control Great determination and planning will take you far in life (and on this program!)...

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