Can we drink a little wine or alcohol during Medifast?

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Can anyone share their experience with having one glass of wine and how it affects your weight loss. I've been sooo good 100% OP but now that Thanksgiving is here I really want a glass of wine...

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I have a glass of dry wine on occasion a couple times a month. NOt on plan...but my choice to do so. I've not noticed a problem. However...I have noticed that sometimes I don't finish it....just have no desire. Medifast rocks.....I just love this plan. Happy Holidays everyone...

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Wine is not OP, but I have had a glass of wine without any issues...

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Just a question Crayola, but if you've been 100% OP, why would you want to risk kicking yourself out of ketosis and starting over again? POSSIBLY 1 glass of wine might not do this, assuming that a person can stop at just one, and that it doesn't lead to binge eating, as drinking so often can. Still, is it really worth it?..

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It is a personal choice, and one you must make for yourself. Sometimes we just really want a glass of wine. As long as you're confident about your food choices, and only have 1 glass, you may be ok. I;ve done it a few times since I started in July this year (4 times actually) and haven't had a problem. Only had 1 glass. Didn't make me want more, and ate food on plan.

If you feel you're putting too much at risk, regarding temptation, don't do it!.

I have NEVER eaten an off plan food, but I have allowed a glass of wine 4 times. Not a habit, and it didn't knock me out of ketosis. But that's me...

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One glass of wine (depending on the sweetness...dry..less cal/carb....sweet..more cal/carb) has anywhere from 75 - 100 calories in a glass and 1 - 7 grams of carbs. If this is the only thing that you are ingesting of off plan foods...I doubt it makes a big difference and you certainly won't have to START OVER...

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Of course you CAN have anything you like. It's up to you. What you're really asking isn't can you, but should you. Sadly, that's also up to you. You'll find as many opinions on that as there are people..

Personally, I find that alcohol is a ticket to disaster. It reduces my resistance and increases my cravings. Even just one glass makes me even more tempted by the appetizers and other foods. Things I resist daily without problems become irresistable after just one glass. And who has just one glass of wine? I can resist the first, but after the first it gets harder to resist the second. And if you've had two, well, you might as well just blow off the whole day.

YMMV, of course. But think of it like this. You're taking no chances by NOT having the wine...

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I am a total heathen - I have an alcohol budget. Every week. I drink at least 1-3 alcoholic beverages a week..

I have gotten great results despite it (18 lbs. in 8 weeks). I have not had the "drunken munchies." I have not been thrown out of ketosis (I choose my drinks carefully to be low carb).

BUT I also have several years of successful weight loss pre-MF under my belt, and a lot of time spent dealing with my food issues. I think that in the height of my food abuse it would have been a much worse idea. If I am stressed out, the "Just one ____" approach is also never a good idea..

IMHO the nutritional impact of one glass is negligible. It's the mental aspect you need to consider if you're ready for...

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I have been to parties and wanted to participate and so would take half serving of wine and mix in club soda...makes something like a spritzer. I didn't have issues but if I drank the wine, I was VERY careful with food and made sure that I had the calories to catbs and calories to spare...

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Of course, Everyone is different so don't shoot the messenger here, but a friend of mine who is on Medifast and goes to the centers asked her counselor there if she could have wine. She told her an occasional glass of RED wine would be fine, but no more than 2 glasses 3x/week!!!! I was shocked they would tell her this. She says she has 1 glass, 1 or 2x/week and has still had losses on those weeks. I personally had 2 glasses of wine on a Sat. back in Oct. when my brother was visiting.

I also am going to have a glass of wine with the girls when I reach my next mini goal. Oh, I made sure to drink extra water with my wine.

Good Luck!!..

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So glad to read this post! Pre-MF, I liked to drink 1/2 (sometimes 1/4) glass of red wine during my family social gatherings (about 1x/month). I really wanted to do this again during the upcoming holiday months, but wasn't sure if it would blow everything out of the water. I'm happy to read the posts about those who were able to drink a glass successfully and still lose weight! I never want more than 1/2 glass, and this has been for the past decade so it's not a new thing (I just don't like the physical sensation I get with more than 1/2 glass of red wine), and it actually makes me eat less because I feel fuller, so I'm not worried about binging. Thanks to the original poster for this great question!..

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Check this link for wine carbs and calories:.


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It's not just about calories and carbs as far as alcohol is concerned, but rather how your body metabolizes it..

From NS.

My name is Tammy, one of the Registered Dietitians on the Nutirtion Support Team here at Medifast. Thank you for your posting and welcome to the Medifast Family!!!.

Alcohol is not on the 5&1 meal plan during the weight loss phase of the program. As you may know the stomach absorbs between 15-25% of alcohol when ingested, the remainder is absorbed in the small intestine. Alcohol yields 7.1 calories per gram and is closer to fat in terms of it's caloric value versus carbohydrate and/or protein. Alcohol is metabolized as fat and is thought to promote fatty acid synthesis (making of fat) due to the excess of NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide + hydrogen) formed during the metabolic process.

For best weight loss results, Medifast recommends no alcohol consumption during the weight loss phase of the program.

Hope this helps!.


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Honestly people, this is one day out of the year..

It is close to Christmas, which is one other day out of the year..

As Americans, we overindulge all of the time so holidays make us feel guilty. But that's not the way it was meant to be. (PS: No one on this forum does this any more.).

Holidays are meant for us to enjoy. Yes, we are supposed to eat as part of that celebration, not until we pass out in a puddle of ooze, but until we are happy and full. One day a year I think it is appropriate to rejoice in bountyespecially if that contrasts with the other 364. Nobody is going to lose 6 months of hard work by eating one meal on Thanksgiving day. Nobody is going to go so crazy with one (or 1/4jeez) glass of wine that they are going to eat 40 pounds back on.

So sit back and enjoy the day. Do not make your families uncomfortable with food comments of any variety. Do not kill yourselves with grief if you eat a bite of (oh no) stuffing. You will be on plan tonight and tomorrow. You are a hearty, dedicated bunch. Don't stress. Be happy...

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If we were good at treating ourselves JUST THIS ONE DAY OUT OF THE YEAR, we wouldn't be obese. Normal people indulge just this once. We're gluttonous..

The holidays are NOT about food. You don't need to overindulge - or indulge at all in anything unhealthy - to celebrate bounty, family, another year of blessings, the birth of Christ, or whatever it is that you personally celebrate at the holidays. If you NEED wine, or pie, or whatever crap to celebrate and feel that you've celebrated, you're missing the point..

Unless you're obsessed with food and making a huge deal out of it, nobody is going to notice if you only eat turkey breast, green beans, and salad. It's up to you whether to celebrate what truly matters, or to engage in gluttony. And when you're making that decision, think hard about how you got fat, which for nearly everyone includes JUST THIS ONCE, which started with holidays and then included birthdays, and then the occasional social outing, and then every Friday night appetizers and A drink, and then was too much, all the time..

It's not about the food, folks. It's all about using food to celebrate things that have NOTHING to do with food. If you can't enjoy having your family and friends around you without some special drink or some special calories then you're not celebrating family and friends at all - you're just looking for an excuse to indulge that inner brat...

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Steph - You have a great day. At least you and I know and understand what today is all about. Hopefully someday others will come to understand that life isn't about what you put in your mouth, but rather what you put in your heart.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving...

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Happy Thanksgiving, De. I hope your year has been blessed and that you have as much to celebrate as my family does this year. It's a pleasure to be hosting my son and daughter in law, and my first grandchild, and that we are able to be together in safety and love and plenty when so many others in the world are separated and hungry and doing without!..

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Even religion supports (and at times, commands) the practice of feasting in celebration. (For Jews, the Passover is a commanded part of religious practice. In Christianity, Revelation has much to say about feasting.) I'm not trying to tempt people to fall off the wagon; I'm simply suggesting that there is an appropriate time and place to enjoy food in..

I also don't know that I mentioned anything about "overdoing it", eating "pie or crap" or even anything unhealthy. I don't recall asking anyone to "engage in gluttony" or "indulge the inner brat".

Everyone is on Medifast for slightly different reasons. Personally, I'm looking to the future. I don't want heart disease or diabetes to own my future. I want to get a handle on my weight now before it becomes a big problem. I still want to fit into old clothes and buy an elliptical in 2 months and be more healthy. I haven't lost sight of these goals in one evening of eatinghealthyportions of one meal. Please don't assume that food triggers everyone the same way...

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A "feast" is merely a ceremonial celebration meal. Of course, "celebration" is in the eye of the beholder, but it's a bit ridiculous to suggest that a "feast" couldn't consist perfectly well of a nice chunk of turkey breast and some lovely steamed brocolli. In fact, I'm sure you didn't mean to suggest that, right?.

It's also unfair to expect someone with a few pounds to lose to understand the disease of obesity. But given that you DO only have a few pounds to lose, it might be wise and fair to remind you that most people here are clinically obese and suffer with very real health problems and struggles to lose that weight. Or, I might suggest that when you've lost the weight and successfully kept it off for a year that you'd have some qualification to tell others that their view of what's healthy in the long term is accurate or not.

And no, I'm not saying that you shouldn't have an opinion. Of course you should, and you should express it. I just don't feel any need to agree with your opinion, or to keep my own mouth shut about just exactly how damaging it might be for others to take your opinion as advice. I'm sure your approach will work for you - or not - and that in a year or so we'll know how to judge the value of that advice. If you're still around to bless us with it, and aren't losing the same 20 or 30 pounds again..

And since it's unlikely that the early Christians ate pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and we know that the "wine" they drank was little more than barely fermented grape juice, and that they didn't have processed sugar or access to much in the way of deep fat frying, it may not be germaine to compare their idea of "feasting" to our calorie fests. For that matter, when we're defining "feast" it might be useful to consider what human history would have found to be a "feast" in all but oh, the last 50 years or so in the most prosperous countries of the world - after all, never in human history has average humanity had to struggle to keep their calorie intake LOW to maintain health..

In other words, it's an interesting discussion but not terribly meaningful without the context of universal want around the definitions. They were "feasts" because they WERE exceptions, not rules. By any real historical comparison, our average daily breakfast constitutes a "feast"..

It hurts no one to eat sensibly, and lean and green IS sensible, and normal, and healthy. It obviously (look around before you disagree) DOES hurt people to treat themselves "just this once", for a "feast" only on the holidays, because so few people actually do just that..

I know you mean well. I know you think you're being sensible. You might even be right - for you. But you're very simply not right for most of the people you're talking to...

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Could not disagree more. Celebration does not have to be about the food...and people can eat on plan and still celebrate with their family.

Worst advice ever. IMO. Do sit back and enjoy the day...and that doesn't have to mean going off plan. I've enjoyed many holidays when I was on MF...and didn't need to enjoy them by kicking myself out of ketosis and breaking my commitment to MF.

Some people might go off plan and go right back on tomorrow. Many will not. You may know how you may react to going off plan...but to encourage that to the masses...well, it's just bad advice and quite possibly reckless.

I didn't stress. I was happy. I was on plan. Happiness and stress free....had nothing to do with a plate of stuffing or pie to me.

Happy On Plan Thanksgiving All!.


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2 things I just want to say......

1. Congrats to all Medifast people that stay 100% OP because you want to change your life style in eating and want to be healthy..

2. to the Medifast people that are OP tend to cheat once in a while, why be on the plan if your not going to commit 100% and why bother....It's either sh*t or get off the pot...Can't have it both ways.......

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The thread below is the place to look for the answer as to whether or not to treat yourself. These wonderful women stuck to their guns even though it was hard and have learned what it feels like to be in control of food, not the other way around this holiday. You can make all the excuses you want to eat and drink to your heart's content simply because it's a holiday, but these people will learn how to eat for a lifetime and have lessons to pass on to their kids so they don't follow in our footsteps. They came out of the day happy, fulfilled and proud of themselves...

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Back to the original question...........Can we have just one glass of wine for the holidays? Nope, not me. I can't imbibe, no matter what day of the year. I'm an alcoholic, and although one glass of wine never hurt anyone, I don't ever recall having one glass. It's the same with holiday food and other food triggers. Obviously, I can look up calories counts and I know that it takes 3,600 EXTRA calories to gain 1 lb. Just how much weight would I gain from having 1 day of celebration? Well, let's do the math......I could probably easily consume an extra 2,000 calories per day, for let's say...............the next six months, because that is how long I could possibly binge.

If my math is right, that would be a regain of the 100 lbs. I just lost..

So girls, we're apples and oranges here on the boards. The apples are overweight because they have overeaten in the past and they are losing that excess. Kudos to them and I know it is very hard work. BUT, then you have us oranges. We are overweight because we are compulsive eaters. Some of us know our food or emotional triggers, but what we don't know is how long the binge will last or when we will be able to "get back on the wagon"..

I, for one, choose not to gamble with the alcohol or the food. I've been sober for 30 years. I've been food abstinent for 8 months. I am finally in control and I'm not giving it up for a bite of anything. Happy Holidays!!!..

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It sounds like some people are looking to argue..

I was not looking to argue..

My intent was to cause people less grief and anxiety over what can be a stressful day..

It may be true that I'm back in a year re-losing 30 pounds. If so, that is my lesson to learn.

As for long-term goals and first-hand knowledge: I have not lost them. It is true that I do not know first-hand all of the medical conditions that relate to obesity. However, I have stared diabetes in the face for 30 years. I have hand-fed my father when his blood sugar was low enough to kill him. I have watched him take endless vials of insulin and test his blood until his fingertips were all callouses. I have spent holidays waiting for an ambulance after my brother made 911 calls.

No, I don't take it lightly at all. For a long time I worried that that might be me. I joined Medifast in part to avoid that disease before things got out of control..

Psychologically, however, I think that there is another disease in our country: a disease where woman are paralyzed and terrified by food. There are women who punish themselves endlessly for the wrong bite of something. I have known many (otherwise healthy) women like this. For women where that is the case, I wish them peace.

If I have offended you, I aplogize. That was never my intent. Please don't take it that way...

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I'm by no means an expert, because I'm so new at this! But, I have enjoyed a glass of wine here & there on the plan. I have also had great success so far...20 lbs. in 22 days. I know it's not on plan. But, I have chosen to have some on occasion. I have quite a bit of weight to lose & for me, I want to increase my odds of hanging on for the long haul..

I like to drink. I like to eat too. Giving up everything, all at once, was a daunting prospect for me. So, if having a glass here or there means I will feel like I'm having a treat, or getting to indulge, then I do it..

I've never went over my calories for the day, or my carbs. I limit it strictly & so far have saved it for an occasional indulgence..

Now, having said that, if you don't think you are the type of person who can have just one...or that you tend to have cravings for food after drinking, I wouldn't recommend it. Also, with the low calorie intake on this plan, you have to be careful, because it will hit you harder..

I had a glass tonight at our family Thanksgiving dinner. I knew I would want one & planned it into my day.

Anyway, I have noticed that this is a very sensitive topic on these threads. But, I'm just sharing my personal experience...I am not promoting it...

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Good grief!.'re an adult. If you want a glass of wine, have a glass of wine. Then you will know how it effects YOU...

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Ltlelephant- I got you from your first post. points well taken, I agree!.

Kboch- soooo well said, all of it. I'm in the same boat as you and will have an occasional glass of wine in my long journey.

Guitarbrarian- excellent point!.

Food is my trigger, I can't have "just one bite" of anything that tempts me, it will set cravings off. Wine, on the other hand, I can have a small amount and it satisfies me. Thankfully, I'm not an alcoholic, or I wouldn't be able to do that. I am, however, a foodaholic and know my parameters/limits..

Peace out everyone!..

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I'm not offended, and hope I haven't offended you. I just disagree that a celebration should be centered around food...

Comment #27

And at least one man... Sorry to intrude on the girls club.


Comment #28

I have MUCH less anxiety going into food centered situations when I decide NOT to eat any of it. I can really kick back and enjoy myself this way. The worst part is battling "should I or shouldn't I?" all night rather than the pretty looking food itself. Prevention works better than a cure. I think it is equally as unnecessary to advise going off plan as it is to beat ourselves up after a few bites of stuffing. If making the choice to eat off plan foods is overwhelming, firmly decide not to.

If you can eat off plan and hop right back on, you're truly amazing but how the heck did you ever get fat in the first place?.

Foods shouldn't really be looked upon as good or bad and our self esteem determined by which category we eat from. However, I think eating off plan foods during the 5&1 stage is rushing the recovery process. I can't run a marathon if I've barely learned to crawl, it's just not fair to put that kind of pressure on myself. Treating myself to holiday foods without getting upset doesn't show me that I cherish my body as much as staying OP does. I need to get this weight off, it's not just for vanity reasons so I can't play around with "possibly" getting to goal. Once I hit t&m I can continue to redefine how I feel about eating some richer foods. Only then will I truly be able to take my time and savor those foods...

Comment #29

This is me, for sure. I think that's why, to use a recent example, Thanksgiving was actually not stressful or hard in regards to staying on plan. I made up my mind that I was going to do it and that was it. If I had actually considered it, I would have been debating it all day, probably given in, and then be regretting it now - when I found out that food's not really as great as it gets hyped up to be in my brain...

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Medifast works for me because it so clearly defines what you can have for the weight to continue falling off. Of course you can have a glass of wine. Of course you can have that bite of stuffing. But you do so at the risk of the plan no longer working it's "magic". As someone that has had tremendous food issues my entire life, Medifast works for me because it is very clear. I choose not to eat or drink anything that will hinder my progress, but that's my choice.

Life is full of choices, just as life is full of consequences. Embrace them bothgood and bad..

Have great days, everyone!..

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I think this quote, posted on another thread today, sums up exactly what you are talking about and this concept is what has kept me true to program since July 1..

"The absence of alternative, clears the mind marvelously."..

Comment #32

I'm sorry Bob. I didn't see a post from you on that thread at the time I posted!..

Comment #33

For fun I Googled the first Thanksgiving. I'm a Google nut. They were almost op!.

First Thanksgiving Food on Wikipedia.

The first Thanksgiving feast lasted three whole days providing enough food for 53 pilgrims and 90 Indians. The traditional Thanksgiving menu consists of turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and so on. We may eat these foods on modern day Thanksgiving, but the first feast did not consist of these items. On the first feast turkey was any type of fowl that the pilgrims hunted. Pumpkin pie wasn't on the menu because there were no ovens for baking, but they did have boiled pumpkin. Cranberries weren't introduced at this time..

Due to the diminishing supply of flour there was no bread of any kind. The foods included in the first feast included duck, geese, venison, fish, lobster, clams, swan, berries, dried fruit, pumpkin, squash, and many more vegetables...

Comment #34

Why does everyone get so bent out of shape if some ppl aren't 110% OP? Take care of yourself and wish the best for everyone else, OP or not! Some MFr's are not OP all the time and still loose...more power to them. For the ones that are OP, good for you too.

I just hate seeing so much frustrated emotion go into someone else's deal.

BTW, I have had a glass or two of wine on Medifast and am doing GREAT. Works FOR ME...

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Here Here........Had a glass of champagne mixed with diet sunkist on Thanksgiving day......lost 3.4 lbs. Medifast is trying to teach us all a new lifestyle......we need to learn to take care of ourselves and enjoy life all at the same time. Support and be kind to each other and yourself.....not just for the Holidays but always. Happy Holidays and the best to everyone!..

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This is not intended in a negative manner, but more curious. To those of you who drank and reported losses the next day, I would be very interested in hearing what your next weigh in shows - consistent losses or a slight or complete stall.

One thing I have seen is that when people eat/drink off plan, they may not notice any consequences for a few days. I have noticed similar things while in t&m. It could take potentially up to a week for my scale to show a gain if I added in a grain or ate something I wasn't used to. It takes some time for your body to process foods/alcohol. If nothing changes, then good for you. You are part of the lucky few!.

Again, this is posted out of curiosity rather than negativity...

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The trouble, of course, is that "success" isn't measured by what happens this week, or next. What matters is losing the weight and keeping it off, period. Given how many recommitters we see here every day, there are far more bad strategies than good ones out there. For that matter, very few of us are here because we know how to lose weight and keep it off. In general, most folks aren't reduced to living on 300 bucks a month worth of space food because they're successfully managing their weight without it.

What we know is that getting on plan and staying on plan works. There may be other strategies that work, but we won't know that for sure for a year, or more..

Everyone's entitled to an opinion and to express their opinion. Taking advice is also at the discretion of the listener, of course - but a wise person told me when I started this program that EVERYONE has an opinion but the only ones that mean anything come from people who've actually reached goal and not gained it back. They have a successful program - everyone else just has an opinion..

Actually, there's another proven strategy - taking advice from people who have actually succeeded. Worked for me, worked for you, worked for Chris, worked for Just Praisin', worked for I can't begin to count how many others. Listen to the folks who've been there, done that, won the big prize. You CAN do whatever you want. You SHOULD do what works. You can experiment and hope for the best - because that's worked so well for you before! - or you can do what evidence has proven will work..

Someone above in the thread talked about how surprised she is at how bent out of shape people get about something or other - I think it was people who suggest that other people will do better to stay on plan. Personally, I'm always blown away by people who've managed to make themselves morbidly obese using their own failed approaches but INSIST on continuing to do it their way - and insist that everyone else must agree with them..

It doesn't upset me when people decide to go off plan. Up to them. It annoys the heck out of me, though, when people who are still fat insist that their advice is good advice and mine must be bad and I must be mean for suggesting that losing weight is more important than a glass of wine. Really? No kidding? Let me know NEXT Thanksgiving how that worked out for you. Until then, what I can tell you for sure is that it did me absolutely no harm not to drink while on 5&1. I lived through it, still celebrated every single holiday, my son's wedding, etc etc etc and today I don't remember one single meal I ate during those celebrations.

I remember the family time. I remember the joy. The food was just... food. It did me no harm at all to eat L&G, and THIS year, I'm still below goal.

Anyone who's not at goal and still at goal =might= be right. It's your buck and your butt and you get to decide whether to take the sure thing or the wishful thinking of people who have nothing but a lot of failed diets and their own butts to back them up..

And yes, I know how that sounds. I don't care - it's true, no matter how much it ****** people off. When folks show up still at goal and talk about their programs, they have some credibility, whether their opinions agree with mine or not. When fat people say it won't hurt a thing to cheat, well, consider the source...

Comment #38


I would most definitely look for answers from people who have not only succeeded on this plan, but also managed to stay at goal. You obviously know that this program works, if you work it & you are proof of that..

Can I ask if you were a "drinker" before you started the Medifast program? By "drinker", I mean, drinking on a daily, or near daily basis?.

I am curious how many people who have had success abstaining from alcohol on this plan were actually people who drank on a regular basis before? I would love to hear some advice/feedback from some of you.....

Comment #39

I would say I was a moderate drinker before 5&1. Wine with dinner 2-3 times a week, beer while watching football, cocktails occasionally.

I enjoy drinking now, but much less often because of the calories. We'll have a bottle of wine with dinner a couple of times a month, or a gin and diet tonic. I try to keep my calories from alcohol under 200 calories a week in maintenance - most weeks none at all, some weeks more, but the average stays right around there..

Doing without completely on 5&1 taught me to enjoy really good wine, instead of drinking average stuff frequently. Now, when we have a bottle of wine, it'll be a 20-40 dollar bottle once or twice a month, instead of a ten dollar bottle twice a week. If I'm going to drink alcohol, it's a splurge and I buy the good stuff and enjoy it, instead of bar liquor. I enjoy it a whole lot more, and I know it's not necessary for enjoying a good meal.

It's no different than the way I eat these days, really. I have a calorie budget and I spend it on food I really want and enjoy, instead of wasting calories on things I know I can live without. If I'm going to use up a big chunk of my calorie budget on any particular thing, I want it to be the best because it's a truly occasional thing..

5&1 was like boot camp, for me. Training. What do I NEED versus what do I WANT, and how much do I REALLY want certain stuff. Putting extravagences like liquor out of my diet taught me both to live without it and to value it appropriately when I choose to include it in my maintenance plan. I learned that I COULD control my intake. I COULD discipline myself.

I guess it's all perspective, really. I never had any perspective around food, or any self control or self discipline. I felt deprived if I couldn't have anything I wanted any time I wanted it. 5&1 helped me learn that everything you put in your mouth has consequences. Every calorie counts - every one. You can't make deals with the scale, like oh, I'll diet all week and eat anything I want on the weekend.

A healthy person has a calorie budget just like they have a money budget, and cheating on that budget has serious long term consequences. I save up to buy a new car - I save up to enjoy a glass of wine. I save up to buy a TV - I save up to enjoy a dessert. I don't use credit cards, I don't borrow money, and I don't borrow calories in advance on my budget, because I don't want to pay the interest..

For me, by accepting that it's a simple budget problem and I CAN have anything I want as long as I'm willing to pay for it allows me to make reasonable choices about what things are worth to me, and I make those choices in advance rather than paying for them after the fact - which of course doesn't ever happen, which is how I got fat. It's not deprivation. I'm not doing without. I'm just living within my means.

So 5&1 was the boot camp that taught me that I'm in control of what I eat. I choose, and I CAN choose, and the world doesn't end if I have a steak and broccoli for dinner out, and no wine. It was training. Then transition taught me how to eat healthy, across all the things my body NEEDS - protein, dairy, green - and what my body NEEDS to stay at a healthy weight. With those basics, now I can make good choices for myself...

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The problem with wanting soooo badly to have wine or cookies, or whatever it is in your particular case, isn't the calories, it's that you want it soooo badly. If you want something that badly and can't stop yourself from having it for the months it takes to finish the diet, then you'll not be able to stop yourself once the diet restrictions are done.

The idea is to get to the place where wanting something sooo badly doesnt' really impact your choices. You have to have lots of practice in this new relationship with food. The number of calories or the carbs just is infinitely small in comparision to the behavior change you must go through to have lasting success. You have to practice turning away from these foods over and over and over and over until eventually it doesn't feel like torture or deprivation. Then it's easy and the beast has no power...

Comment #41

Exactly, Ann - it's all about declawing the beast...

Comment #42

Very helpful feedback ladies! Thanks..

Corbie, It's good to hear that you have been able to re-introduce occasional wine/drinks into your life, yet do it in a way that hasn't sabotaged your success...

Comment #43

FYI, I have been enjoying a cocktail about once every week or two since I started this plan. I usually do it on weigh in day. I am a firm believer that our bodies and our health will directly reflect how we live MOST of the time. So far it hasn't made me lose my will power or slow my weight loss. I feel 110% ok it, I wish everyone could.

I bet there are a lot of MFrs that do what I do and more but are afraid to admit it because of the backlash. I guess I am done hiding what I do just because I am afraid of all of your disapproval.

I think a lot about T&M. I feel I have the weight loss thing down pretty good. Maintaining might take a lot more diligence...check in with me then...

Comment #44

Corbie, you said it all and you said it well!!!! Say on sista....................

Comment #45


You should be honest. Only you know what works for you. You have found a way to incorporate alcohol in moderation and still have success on this plan. You are also learning how to make this a long term lifestyle change...for you. To each their own is how I feel about this issue. Thanks for sharing your experience..

Comment #46

I agree with your statement, but I get really concerned when people like Roxy post their experiences, because to very many on these boards, it's like permission to drink. I know it's not intended to be, but there are so many people on these boards desperately looking for someone to tell them that the program works just as well if they do have that glass of wine or piece of cake, that they often take posts like that as the permission they are looking for and think that if it works for her, then it will work for me too. Unfortunately, the people that can tweak the program successfully are few and far between and does not work for the majority..

My biggest concern comes when people simply can't live without a glass of wine or some comfort food for the time it takes your body to lose the weight. While Medifast is, as a whole, a lifestyle change, the 5&1 is, without question, a weight loss plan. Nothing else. It's the first tool you get to the lifestyle changes that come during the transition and maintenance stages..

It's a personal choice and each individual has to make their own decisions. All we can do is try to inform them that if they want the program to work at it's best, then it's best to work the program as written...

Comment #47


I completely agree that, in general, it shouldn't be something advertised here. But, when the OP's question above asks for people's experiences, I don't think there is anything wrong with being honest & people shouldn't feel scared to share those me, that seems crazy!.

If I took every mention of off plan food mentioned here on these boards as license to partake, or imbibe, I'd be a real mess..

Just my feelings on it..

Comment #48

Oh, I know. It's not about mentioning OP foods. Its about others saying "Hey it worked great for me!".

Even worse, and thankfully not on this thread is "Hey it worked for me and it will work for you too!".

On the other hand, and this is just my opinion here, (hate it if you like, doesn't matter to me) is that when people post asking for others experience in eating/drinking OP, they are basically looking for those people who say Yep it worked great, because they are looking for excuses and some form of permission to do it themselves. They don't want to hear that while it may have little or no effect (lucky ones), it COULD well have serious impact on their progress with the 5&1. Many, many people have fallen and fallen hard because they thought they could have "just one drink" at a party. That drink led to munching on available snacks (why not, they're technically OP anyway), which led to another drink, etc. etc. I've been around a while and have read way too many posts like this.

Again, everyone has the right to choose for themselves. But they also deserve to hear both sides so they can make a completely informed decision...

Comment #49


I completely see your point & I am thankful that people like you & Corbie are here to show us how it's done well & how to keep it off!.

I also can completely see how drinking on this plan can lead to a big slip up for some people.

Corbie's post,...which I appreciate her putting the time into writing...about the 5&1 being a boot camp, training for the real deal, really hit home for me. I've been giving it a lot of thought & think there are numerous things I need to "re-learn" how to do. For example, learning how to be in social situations & knowing that it is possible to completely abstain from all OP foods, including booze..

Comment #50

I stopped drinking wine "temporarily" quite a few years ago and never started again, so I've haven't been tempted to have any while on MF..

The one thing I find odd is that those choosing to have wine insist it has had no effect on their weight loss. Well.yes, of course it has had. It would be like me saying I have a few pieces of chocolate cake every so often, but it hasn't affected my weight loss.

Any time we have something that adds calories/carbs/fat, etc., it HAS to affect how much we lose. Even if it's only a hundred calories here and there, they add up..

Yup, it's a personal choice, but we must realize these off-plan choices do indeed affect our losses. If we're will to face that and still choose to indulge, it's our decision.

I also hope people don't see some of the "I do it" posts and think that is a license for them to do it as well. Personally, I want to get to my goal as soon as possible and don't want to slow myself down with something that is a fleeting moment of gratification..

Just my two cents..


Comment #51

Agree with ltleelephant and Roxy..

Everyone should be entitled to their opinions, whether it agrees with others or not. If someone is asking for others' opinions, they are not asking for a censored bunch of opinions- but for all of them..

Yes, I had a 1/4 glass of red wine on TG. No- I wasn't completely gluttinous and ate everything in sight. I ate mostly turkey and greens (and did without the carb-laden dishes) and ate a little less calories for the rest of the day to compensate for the 1/4 glass red wine. It's been 4 days, and I have not noticed that my willpower, etc., has changed at all due to that one 1/4 glass of red wine. So- it worked fine for me and I will do again at Christmas..

For those who know that this is their trigger- then, please ignore my post. But for others who are interested- at least you have this honest post to read and add to your data...

Comment #52

The thing with telling people "absolutely not" is that it goes against logic. I know very well that people successfully lose weight on other plans and different rules. When confronted with a logical break like that, it makes it hard to trust the rest of the information, which is too bad because there is good information. Cautioning that some people find it is a trigger that causes them to fall off plan is easier to hear than a message that says it's impossible, you'll screw it up, you don't know how to do this because you stupidly got fat and are still fat but I'm not, so you should do what I say. As a recovered binge eater, I've put a lot of work into the reasons why I got fat and learning to trust that I will take care of myself before I started on Medifast, which is a convenient tool to get the weight off. Choices will forever be a challenge to me, to everyone really, because once the plan of Medifast is gone, people still need the skills to determine what to put in their bodies when they do have the opportunity.

If people are willing to accept slower weight loss because of it, then that's their determination to make. Figuring these things out takes time, and the diet and transition is the time for people to learn how to weigh those options, rather than living by absolutes. Unless they decide for themselves they need absolutes...

Comment #53

It wouldn't surprise me if Crayola is sorry she asked.....

Comment #54

Thanks for all your opinions and views and YES I can certainly stop at one glass I only ever drink one glass, so that is not the issue or problem.

I miss wine and I thought I would really treat myself to one glass. As it turns out I totally stayed OP and never had the one drink. Maybe just knowing I could have it is all the info I needed..

I love Medifast and being OP but I also know I need to have a plan that fits my life style. I am not a drinker by ANY means. I only have maybe 6 glasses of wine a year!!! hahhaa But I would enjoy a glass of wine when going out with my friends.

FYI when I started Medifast I had 3 days of feeling really sick and that has been an incentive to stay 100% OP..

Started 10/25/10 lost 12 lbs to date!!.

Thanks again I love these discussion rooms.....

Comment #55

Yikes I just read all the responses and yppueroo I didn't expect some of them. To the one who assumed I was "asking for permission to drink" ...oh my.... I am a grown woman and that was not my intent. I don't believe anyone here is asking for permission to drink. I value most all the responses. I asked for "your personal experience" and thank you for those who answered me..

Also I have total control over what I would drink and I have not lost that ability for hummm maybe 35 years ago hahhaha I'm dating myself....

It's interesting to see the responses because it reflects (to me anyway) people's ages and their life experience probably much younger than me or have a very different outlook than I do..

I think this message board is awesome and when people ask a simple question it should be taken for what it is. I came here as a new perosn asking for advice..

I love reading your opinions.

HUGS to you all this is an awesome group I love MF... Happy Holidays..

Comment #56

You're very welcome of luck to you also!..

Comment #57

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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