Can someone tell me how Medifast works (10POINTS)!!?

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My question is Can someone tell me how Medifast works (10POINTS)!!? Looking forward for any response. Another question... Does anyone have any advice for getting all your water in? I just seem to forget about it and have not been drinking all that I should. Any tips or tricks you might have would be appreciated. Thanks in advance...

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Yep, but you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

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I make sure I have 16 oz. with mt first meal of the day (that's when I take my meds) and 16 oz. with mt L&G. Then I have at least 8oz. with my other Medifast meals. Making it part of my mealtime gets the 64 oz. in easily...

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I have a 64oz insulated mug I got from WW years ago that I use. The mug is transparent so I can see at a glance how much is left. I try and drink 12-16oz with my first meals and drink the rest in between meals. When I'm not at home I carry four 16oz bottles of water in the car. It's easiest to drink the water with your meals...

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Water bottles with straws have helped me get my water in. I have a 20 oz Aladdin water cup that I LOVE. It is so easy for me to get my water in because it's less hassle to drink from the straw than it is to mess with lids on normal water bottles. I know it's not that much effort but I'm lazy by nature.

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I drink a huge glass of very cold water first thing in the morning before breakfast...just chug it.... and then sip all day from two 32 oz. Solstic bottles with a built in straw and a inner core thing that can be frozen that I got at BedBathandBeyond...

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I use the calorie burn infusers. This helps me get at least 60 oz. in because I mix them with a 20 oz glass of water. I don't like the taste of plain water so I have to enhance it, but I limit it to 3 a day...

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I have a 24oz. bottle I fill up 3 times/day=9 glasses. I use a Crystal Light that has 0 carbs in one of the 3 bottles and that helps me get it all in. Also have tried Mio...a new flavor infuser you can get at Walmart or Target next to Crystal Light...squeeze it into your cal. or carbs. Good luck!..

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I haven't actually had a problem getting all my water in (which surprised me because I have in the past on other diet plans) but I did download an app for my phone that sends me little reminders to drink water.

The alert is the sound of water being poured, hee. It's a great little tracking device. I've also found that I can drink spring water until the cows come home but tap water or purified water? Eh. I don't care for it as much. I just think the spring water has a softer feel to it, if that makes any sense...

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I think that sound would have me running for the bathroom..

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I found that drinking out of a straw is the key for me. I can gulp 16 oz. of water so fast and easy. I get up around 5:00am and have 16 oz. of water even before my coffee. We are dehydrated anyways from sleeping all night.

Before I leave for work. 2 -3 more 16 oz. glasses of water while at work. I just started putting in a 1/2 packet of sugar free/ carb free flavoring just for something different for the afternoons. I try not to drink too much after I get home from work, except my nightly Medifast shake.

Sometimes, I even drink 8 oz. more of water and go back to bed. Depends on if I feel thirsty or not...

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I used to be a caffeine free diet soda fiend but in order to get all my water in I don't allow myself a caffeine free diet coke until after I've drunk all my water. Because of this I'm only drinking one a day as opposed to a 6 pack pre-MF...

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A few tips:.

-If you work at a desk, make sure you have a bottle or glass in front of you at all times. I sip on it over the course of the day, and I don't even have to think about my water intake any more. I'm probably sitting around 100 oz that I've had so far today, and I've not even left my office..

-Get a largish (24-32 oz) container that you like, and keep it around. It makes it easier, and much less intimidating, to think of water intake in terms of 2-3 bottles than 8 8 oz glasses of water a day..

-If you find that you're behind pace for the day, don't chill it, don't think of it as a beverage, and just treat is as medicine as you chug enough to get yourself back up to pace. You're already radically changing your diet, so just think of this as another important part of the plan and do it. Much harder to knock it back when it's ice cold, though...

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Eat more pretzels - they're so dry you absolutely have to drink a lot of water to get them down, lol!..

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I find that if I drink water at room temperature I can get more down. I have a gallon jug that I fill in the morning at the water cooler at work and keep refilling a 20 oz. cup from that. gives me a view on how I'm doing all day and helps me to remember - and it gets warmer so I can drink it faster if I'm behind. Some people hate room temp. water though...

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I will chime in w/ Toasty and say I keep a big bottle - (called a Blender Bottle) around me.. I keep it on the counter or you can keep it on your desk...

It's about 24 oz. and it's great cause you can slam 3 or four of those and have your water for the day. I will walk by it, chug half.. and it's easier (as others said) not to have too much ice, so you can chug it quickly. sometimes I'll throw in 2 ice cubes and a little lemon. (so it's not so boring.).

This bottle's the perfect size, has a good flip top that closes tight and won't leak if gets knocked down. easy to drink from. I love it..

Also, I drink bottled water b/c tap tends to be kind of gross and has tons of chlorine in it, generally. (and a bunch of other stuff, depending on where you live..).


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Lol, I LOVE the idea of an app!! Even in maintenance I forget to drink water and find that if I start going up in weight, it's usually because I'm slacking off on the water! Sigh. Back to 70 oz a day for me!..

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1) Get you a "pretty" or "special" cup. I have a green 20oz insulated cup with a lid and straw from walmart ($5ish)- For some reason I am always aware of my water now that I have this cup. Idk why, maybe I'm just weird like that. But I heard it suggested on another thread and it totally works! Also, with a straw you dont even think about it, you just drink it.. Which is great for me because I was NOT a water drinker preMF!!.

2) I drink the whole 20lbs in between every Medifast meal. You'll average more than 64oz a day but your body will thank you for it later..

3) I dont allow myself anything else to drink until i've drank at least 4 of my cups (80oz), and then I still only drink tea, ect., in moderation. Im from Texas so SWEET tea is a guilty pleasure here!.

Hope some of this helps! Best of luck to you!!..

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Now, further down the road, I keep a bigger glass at my desk. But at the beginning, I kept an 8 oz glass. I would quickly chug an 8 oz glass every time I went past the kitchen. 8 oz is nothing and super fast to get down. I didn't get the water logged feeling...

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Love this - i'm the same way - straw all the way. sometimes I just force myself to drink it SUPER FAST if i'm really craving something..


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