Can someone share Medifast pudding recipes?

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I find the puddings and soft serve really gross. Any suggestions. I would rather them just be a beverage that I can down quickly..

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You can make the soft serve into a shake. There is a recipe someplace to make the pudding and Medifast scrambled eggs into muffins..

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I make the pudding into a shake with lots of ice and water. Love it!..

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I'm not a big pudding fan either, but I'm cheap so I will certainly use it up. I've whirred it up in the blender with 1/2 cup of water and a bunch of ice - not too bad. Also mixed it with water per the package directions and frozen it for a pudding pop. Usually though, I just mix it with 8oz of water and chug it down like a shake. Down to about four packets of the stuff from my first variety pack order and VIP free weeks...

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I make banana cream pie (or any flavor) and Boston Cream Pie with the pudding and either an oatmeal or shake. Boston Cream Pie is my fav...almost every day!! I make a shake cake, split it in half, fill w/ pudding, and top w/ WF choco dip or syrup. It tastes completely decadent...

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I make shakes out of both the pudding and the soft serve. The pudding makes a thick shake and is very filling!..

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Last night I added some extra water to my chocolate pudding and stuck it in the microwave. It came out like hot cocoa, but MUCH better then the Medifast hot cocoa!..

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I mix the soft serve with 1/2 tsp of baking powder, 2 T egg beaters, a splash of vanilla and 3-4 T of water. Spray a cookie sheet with Pam, spoon out the dough into 6 or 7 cookies and bake for about 10 minutes at 350. SO much better that way, especially the Mango SS...

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Thanks for that idea for the Mango SS. I have some in my "today's baggie" of food, and though I love the SS, it makes me too cold!..

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Try mixing the puddings, like banana and chocolate, and then cut the whole bowl in half (since you're using two meals) and eat each half as a meal. It will make it seem to disappear quicker since you're using two packets at once and, personally, I think they taste better mixed together. Always eat the pudding as cold as you can. Good luck!!..

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I've been mixing the chocolate mint soft serve with hot coffee & it's SO GOOD!! I do it in the blender & it froths up quite a bit, which makes it more like drinking a cappuccino. It's also great for people like me who don't like to drink their coffee black..

I've tried it in a mug, just mixing with a small whisk. That method works well too, it's just not as thick..

I loved the soft serve as is too! But, lately I've been using them all up with coffee The key with the soft serve, I think, is mixing it perfectly. You really need a blender that will make "snow" in order for it to come out like soft serve ice cream..

The puddings I make into shakes with water & ice, in the blender...

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I like the choc. pudding in the blender with crushed ice, and diet creme soda. Taste like a Wendy's frosty.......I also like to do a choc. and vanilla pudding shake (weight half of the powers so it's only for one meal), add SF caramel syrup, SF marsh. did, pb2 and/or almond flavoring...

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I did the coffee with the chocolate mint soft serve and it was amazing!! I have a new fave.. Nummy!!..

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I gotta agree with Kboch's adding the chocolate mint soft serve to hot coffee and blending it. It is so good, I feel like I am cheating!! I'm completely hooked on it..

I've recently started eating the puddings warm. I add less water than it calls for, mix it well, and nuke it for about 35 seconds. I had the banana pudding like that yesterday and it reminded me so much of the warm banana pudding dish my mom makes...

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Another vote for mixing the choc mint soft serve with coffeealthough I prefer to do it with cold coffee and ice. So so good. And a great way to start the day for those of us on thyroid meds and aren't supposed to have soy in our first meal...

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