Can I use coffee creamer while on Medifast?

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I'm very new to this I have never done Medifast before. I will be getting my first shipment tomorrow (according to UPS tracking) I drink coffee with flavored coffee creamer. I have read through the start guide and the other items available for download and I did not see anything. Can someone please help TIA...

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Hi and Welcome! Have you looked at the condiments list? It doesn't say anything about flavored creamer but it does have creamer on there..


Good luck!..

Comment #1

How much of it do you use in one up of coffee?..

Comment #2

I mix my shakes with about a half cup of water and pour the whole thing into my travel cup that holds almost 2 cups of coffee... I'd suggest just mixing the shake and pouring in the amount that tastes right for you and drink the rest.....

Comment #3

Thank you for your help. I started using the flavored creamer (no measuring :-(!!!) to eliminate adding sweetner to my coffee. I think that I will try the suggestion of mixing my shake with it and see how that works out. So thank you again! Also, everyone on here seems to be very successful with excellent weight loss I am praying that this works...

Comment #4

Unfortunately, there are more carbs and calories in the flavored creamer than in a packet or 2 of sweetener. Try the shake in your coffee. Should work well..


Comment #5

I use a teeeny amount of SF vanilla creamer...I've been able to ween myself down to just a bit...I used to just pour it in, now I measure it out and just include it as a condiment....

Best of luck as you begin!!..

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I use the SF french vanilla creamer and count it as 1 condiment. 1 tbsp has 1 carb and 15 calories. For me that is enough for 2 small cups of coffee. I do make sure to log it as I added the nutrition stats under private food in My Plan...

Comment #7

Every morning I mix my Medifast french vanilla shake as directed, I add 1/4 tsp splenda and 1/4 shake to a cup of coffee. I get 4 cups of coffee this way (MF recommends only 3 but it has worked for me). this gives me my coffee, my first Medifast meal and I count 1 condiment...

Comment #8

I read several places where people were using their van shakes as cream in their coffee. Boy, was I excited. I haven't had coffee since I started because I take mine *very* light with REAL cream. Got a coffee this morning, dumped in some shake and ugh. So disappointed. I think I'm going to have to get coffee my favorite way as just a special treat every now and then.

So, if you're a real cream or 1/2 and 1/2 lover, this might not work for you..


Comment #9

Sugar Free flavored syrups are found in Target (Archer Farms) and the grocery stores (DaVinci and Torani). I don't miss the cream at all !..

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Hi breeze, when I do this, we make the vanilla shake as normal and then add it like creamer into the coffee and stir. I don't add the powder ( I do that too sometimes, though) This makes the morning shake last longer and it's creamer in my coffee. You can then add a little extra sweetener if you like (splenda, etc). Just remember to count any extra sweetener as a condiment to your 3 condiment count...

Comment #11

Thanks MT. Unfortunately, that's exactly what I did. It's probably not a bad thing. I was drinking WAY too much coffee anyway and now I've only had two cups (plus the couple of sips with the shake) in a month. I don't really miss it and I'm saving money. I'm sure that Dunkin' Donuts is thinking of sending out a search party for me.

Eeek! :-).


Comment #12

LOL!!! I'm a coffee-holic too but also caffeine intolerant. I'm on pure decaf and only 1 cup a day, even the trace caff in there can sometimes set me off. Weird, the human body! LOL Well even if you're digging into DD's profit, you're profiting by it and that's win all the way around!..

Comment #13

Hot Cocoa or Dutch Chocolate are lovely additions to coffee! I pour just a little hot coffee in the cup...pour in the entire packet of whatever and makes a pastey/creamy substance, then I slowly add more coffee, stirring the entire time, filling up a 16oz cup. It is like a mocha...and MUCH better than the Vanilla shake...though my tastebuds have changed and in a pinch I can now use it!..

Comment #14

If you "blend" the shakes into the coffee (by using a blender or Ninja or whatever) it does not get icky. You might have to reheat in the microwave. and be careful of putting anything hot into a sealed up blender..

I do this nearly every morning..


Comment #15

Try this:.

Hot water.

One Starbuck's Via packet (new instant coffee from Starbuck's).

One Splenda packet.

1/3 - 1/2 Vanilla Shake.

I think that the Via instant coffee is really good...

Comment #16

One morning when I first started, I was half asleep and in a hurry to get out the door and "accidently' poured my Medifast shake in my coffee and it has been my substitute creamer ever since..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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