Can I Sue Medifast For Lost Hair?

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First of all Can I Sue Medifast For Lost Hair? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... Even having done the "search" function, and reading a bunch of threads, I.


Feel I haven't found the answer 100%. I would really like to.


The MATH in how to split my lean. Some people do it in % some do it in factions. Can you please break it down in simple terms to someone who is mathematically challenged? lol.

Basically, if I wanted to have egg beaters in the morning (measured in cups) how would I calculate the rest of my lean for dinner (measured in ounces)?.

Thank you!..

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The answer is Yes, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

What works best for me....I split my LG sometimes....well I take my whole LG that Im going to have that day and basically just split it up.......

Like today I'm having boca burgers and mashed cauliflower....I could eat TWO serving of mashed cauli if I split up my LG but well I'm doing ok...thats how I do it....

Or if I have chicken n salad...I split the chicken and salad works wonders....

Comment #2

Personally, if I am splitting my l&g, I LITERALLY split it, having 1/2 at lunch and the other 1/2 at dinner. I chose Medifast because of it's simplicity. When it comes down to needing algebra to figure out how to count a meal - Forget it!..

Comment #3

If I'm splitting something in two different columns, what I have to do is either make it simple by having half and half (i.e. 2.5 from the 5-ounce column and 3.5 ounces from the 7-ounce column) or... do some crazy calculations that are hard to explain. So, just keep it simple and have half and half...

Comment #4

I use Claire's method. I like variety in a least when it comes to the type of lean. I used 1/4th of my leanest today in my soup and have 3/4ths left for tonight, but I will choose a different lean and not necessarily from the same column. When I am brain tired, I do keep it all in the same column...

Comment #5

I try to keep it in chunks- one of my fav leans is eggbeaters with reduced fat cheese. I use 1.5 cups eggbeaters (3/4 of a lean) and 1 oz of cheese (1/4 lean). Or we get a turkey burger from costco: 1.5 burgers is a lean. 1 is plenty for me so I eat 1 burger (2/3 of a lean) with 1.3 oz of cheese (1/3 lean). The tricky part comes in when adding healthy fats when part of your lean is from one lean category and part from another. I just guesstimate on that and I'm pretty close most of the time...

Comment #6

OK, I feel better knowing I'm not the only one who struggles, lol..

Thank you guys, your responses are very helpful. I think I'm going to stick with going simple: either choosing from the same lean column, or making my lean and dividing it...

Comment #7

Try this chart developed by soopermommy. This will send you to her blog and there is an attachment called Medifast Meat Veg options. Just be aware that there is a miscalculation for the 1/4 of 7 oz. lean category. It should say 1.75 oz. instead of 1/25 oz...

Comment #8

I try to only split within the same column. If I really want to split something in different columns, then I call Medifast about the healthy fat allotment...

Comment #9

Great question and thanks for asking it!!.

Cellis..thank you so much for posting the link to soopermommy's chart! Wonderful and so helpful!..

Comment #10

The above should have said 1.25 oz. not 1/25 oz.....just to clarify...

Comment #11

Cellis...thank you for the correction and the link. This will be VERY helpful!!.

I knew it wouldn't hurt to ask!!..

Comment #12

Just a thought, but when I split me L and G I'm not hungry and can't eat my Medifast 'meal'. I do put a small amount (1/4 cup) of chicken in with any of the chicken soups to make it more filling and tasty. I love it!! Actually, I'm not hungry at all anymore and I am finding it very hard to get in that last Medifast 'meal' before bed.....

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