Can I substitute a Medifast snack for oatmeal?

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This is my first day and I am very excited about beginning. I am diabetic type II and very particular about my oatmeal. Usually, I never eat instant oatmean; I prefer the old fashioned kind and always add an extra handful at the end of the cooking process to make it more chewey. The point is, I tried the oatmeal this morning, cooked exactly as directed and YUCK, I could not eat it, too thin and gruel like in texture and it had awful lumps in it that I had to break apart with my spoon. Is there a way to do it differently? Will it cook okay if I add boiling water, from the kettle, just a bit at a time stirring until I like the consistancy? This morning I ate a bar in place of the oatmeal, but I will run out of bars if I substitue them every morning. So, can I substitute one of the healthy snacks instead, like 1/2 of a grapefruit?..

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Thanks Spacegirl, I noticed that there are only a few regular people who post replys. I posted this same question on the board run by the dieticians, or whatever, from Medifast and have yet to hear a thing. So far I have lost 1 lb. and truly hate the food. The beef stew looked and tasted like the dog's dinner. Ugh.

Otherwise I lived on the bars every 3 hours. I will try the shakes today, even if they are bad I can hold my nose and swallow. I had diabetes for nearly 12 years before doctors found out in a trauma center after a serious car wreck, I fell asleep at the wheel when my bs was about 230. So, with medication and this diet I hope I can lose this next 52 lbs. and keep it off.


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You can do this! I too have type II diabetes or maybe the proper term now is HAD! I've lost 100 pounds, reached my goal, and my A1C is now normal at 5.3. My doctor has taken me off all my diabetes medications and I've never felt better in my life..

MF has truly changed me and more importantly, my health!.

If you stick to the plan, you will find your diabetes under better control and your health much improved. You will look and feel terrific!.

If I can do this I know you can do this too! It is SO worth it.

Search the recipe boards for ways to make the food more to your liking cookies or muffins from the oatmeal, truffles from the chocolate puddings, brownies and cakes from the shakes, and chips from the cream of chicken/cream of broccoli soups are some of my favorites and have kept me going when I thought I'd lose my mind..

Good luck on your journey! Feel free to PM me with questions if you want to Medifast rocks and I'm so excited with the new me!.


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So, if this diet plan is so great, how come the dieticians have not answered my question I posted on their board yesterday morning? Not too helpful I fear. Two days, I am hungry, grouchy and nearly out of what I can stomach in the way of Medifast "food". I fear I may lose weight simply because I am not eating. I am glad you all have done well, but if the food is not more palatable and pretty soon I will be at my wits end. I cannot find the yummy forum and cannot imagine that flaming stew being edible under any circumstances, save starvation. Can I have a piece of acceptable fruit, like a healthy snack, in the place of that horrid oatmeal for breakfast? My bs is fine with diet and medication and fruit in the morning is perfectly acceptable, I have all day to use up the less dense carbs in the fruit...

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The recipe board with tips and tricks and yummy recipes can be found the same place you found this forum in the "Medifast Forums". It's called "Mmm... Recipe and Food Tips" (or something very similar). You can then search for specific things within that forum, or just browse through. I've found some truly great recipes thanks to all the creative people on these boards that helped keep me on track and ultimately, successful..

As for why you haven't heard back from the dieticians here is the disclaimer that you'll find at the top of that forum: "Nutrition Support strives to answer all questions as quickly as possible and in the order they are received. Usually, a response is given within 1-2 business days, not including weekends and holidays. However, depending on the quantity of questions and other factors, it may take a little longer." Answers to postings aren't immediate you probably won't get an answer until Tuesday because of the weekend and the Memorial Day holiday. If you need an answer right away, you can CALL Nutrition Support and they can help you out right then though I don't know their hours on weekends, if you'd called yesterday instead of just posting your question, you'd already have your answer. I can't advise you about the fruit, because I never added fruit while I was in the weight loss phase..

You sound like you are looking for an excuse to give up and quit. If that's truly what you want to do nothing I, or anyone else, says or does will change your mind. YOU have to be the one who WANTS to make a change for your life and your health. And you have to be COMMITTED to make it work. That's true with any weight loss plan.

And, just as with any weight loss plan the first few days are the hardest. Trust me when you get past the first three or four days, you will hit ketosis, and get a burst of energy like you won't believe. You'll feel better, you won't be (so) hungry, and this will seem much more do-able..

Is the food ever going to match gourmet quality? Not a chance. But your taste buds change you'll find some things you like and you'll make it IF YOU WANT IT BADLY ENOUGH. You will STILL have to have 5 Medifast meals a day, plus your L&G to get all the nutrition but those 5 Medifast meals can be the same ones every time! (except for the bars you can only have 1 of those a day). But if you like only the shakes you can have 5 shakes a day! If you like only the pudding, you can have 5 puddings a day. You can mix and match with the things you DO like. You NEVER have to eat the oatmeal again! (I don't like it either, as oatmeal but I make a waffle out of it every morning and it's delish! and sometimes I make oatmeal cookies, and they're very good too you'll find the recipes in the recipe forum)..

If you truly want to quit it's up to you. But if you truly want to lose weight and improve your health and get your diabetes under control, I am living proof that Medifast works!.

I wish you luck in deciding whatever is right for you..


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How safe is it for a diabetic to be in ketosis? I am not looking for an excuse to quit, I am looking for something that will work for me. You sound like some kind of Medifast employee, are you? I checked my post on the dieticians board and though I had no answer, there were posts after mine that were addressed. I am thinking about having a pitcher of margaritas, that just sounds so much better than any of the slop that came in the Medifast box...

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I am sorry you are suspicious of my motives for my post to you..

I am NOT an Medifast employee just someone who's had great success on this plan, and hoping that by sharing my experiences, I'll be able to help others just as those who shared their successes and experiences and ideas helped me when I was struggling..


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I quit, I am going back to Metabolic Research. I dropped 50 pounds in 2 months and kept it off until the car wreck. Having to be pumped full of steroids and be in a coma for a bit put some of it back on, then depression did the rest. The buddy I lost the weight with has maintained the same weight loss, 130 pounds, for the past 5 years. Plus it is loads cheaper and I get to eat real food. Lots of luck, but I am not into eating dog chow...

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Does anyone on this plan have IBS and have your symptoms improved since starting? Thanks so much!!..

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Does anyone have IBS and have your symptoms improved since starting? Thanks so much!..

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I had severe IBS for 25 years and I havent been sick one single day since I began this program.. )..

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I posted a diabetic question to the nutritionist and it was 3 days before they replied. They have lots of questions to research and answer which they explained to me in their reply. I almost gave up, but was patient and got the repsonse I needed.

I too am Type II diabetic. I have been on Medifast for 2 weeks and have lost 8 pounds. I had blood sugar of over 300 average for over 2 1/2 years. My A1c was 11. Very poor control. I am glad to say that after only a few days (3) on the Medifast program, my BS is now normal.

So I look forward to my next doctor visit next week so I can show off my weight loss and controlled BS and hopefully reduce or eliminate my pills altogether..

You are limited to one bar per day on plan..

About the oatmeal...I personally make pancakes out of mine..

Any flavor oatmeal:.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

Mix in bullet until flour consistency.

Add 2 tbsp egg beaters (subtract from lean and green).

Water to pancake batter consistency.

Makes about 3-4 pancakes.

Top with sugar free syrup (according to condiment list).

Mmmmmmmmmm, very yummy!.

Good luck. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Trust me, Medifast will help your get your blood sugar under control!.


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Hey Marcella.

My sister had IBS problems - for the longest time she was resistant to starting Medifast she kept saying - oh, no way, I don't handle soy wel - blah, blah, blah....well, after she started Medifast (after my bugging her) her IBS symptoms went away! The bottom line is, it was some of the other things that she was eating, that when eliminated, really helped her IBS symptoms. She has recognized that very clearly now whenever she eats something off plan! So I certainly think that Medifast can be VERY helpful with IBS......

Good luck!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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