Can I stop logging my Nutrisystem meals?

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So I'm on the plan, doing well, I more or less have it memorized what I need to eat and when. Is it bad that I stopped writing it down in the book? It started to become a chore and I didn't feel like it was necessary past the second week, slowly I started forgetting to write things down and now I just don't bother. I don't stray off plan, I still eat very lean selections for my additional portions, just feeling like I should ask before I abandon the log entirely.....

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Your question was: Can I stop logging my Nutrisystem meals?.

Have been tracking and heading into my third delivery. Also have been on Nutrisystem before and did not do well with the tracking. This time around, I am trying to read everything and do what the Nutrisystem experts recommend..

Senior members, have you kept your plans just to look back at your success or do you dump when the new booklet comes in? B..

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I use the on-line tracker daily to log food, exercise, and water. I use the book to help me plan my meals on those days when I will not be at home and will need to take food with me. Doing this keeps me at 100% every day; my memory isn't always the best - especially when I am busy...

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I have kept every one of my Meal Planner booklets. I stopped logging everything in them after I met goal two years ago, and am now using them again as of the first of this month. Time to get back on track and back with the program!..

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I haven't been planning my meals, I just grab an appropriate "entree" then look at my book to see what add-ins are needed. I'll fine tune it later. Then I write it down in my book which I always leave on the counter least I forget..

I'm eating so much more than before and since I don't plan, it's easy to forget what I've had. I always jot everything down, tho usually in different places. Some in the book, some online, and some on my iphone. As long as it's all logged in at the end of the day online and I've eaten everything I'm supposed to, I'm happy.

I really do recommend -always- writing it's just way too easy to forget to. Especially if you decide to save something for a later meal. Bottom line is you don't want to gyp yourself out of what your body needs...

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I write it down and log it online......just makes me feel better that way...

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