Can I have desserts after 8 PM on Nutrisystem?

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Hello all,.

This is only my 4th day on NS. The scale says that I have lost 7 lbs but I almost don't believe it! I'm not starving and often find that I haven't eaten all my add-ins for the day.

Anyway, I am a real night owl. Usually going to bed around midnight. Late night eating was my WORST problem. I could do well all day- then 10-11PM and I would be starving and binge.

What I have done is actually have my Nutrisystem desert (and only my Nutrisystem desert) around 9PM. I just had my coconut bar at 9 tonight and I feel stuffed right now- I haven't gone to bed starving at all..

I read so much about not eating after dinner/after 7PM etc. Any thoughts about having deserts or add-ins after 8?.

210 hoping for 145!! Thanks group!!..

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Your question was: Can I have desserts after 8 PM on Nutrisystem?.

Thank you Pam!!.

I have been doing a lot of reading on the boards and have seen just how folks struggle sometimes to eat everything- (isn't that a funny problem to have when your trying to lose weight). I do like veggies and fruits- but probably like most people get busy. I'm getting more and more ideas of how to dress up my meals and "sneak" in more veggies.

Hoping if I eat my last small snack or desert around 8:30/9- that should be about 2 hours before bed and a great solution to my night owl ways...

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I always eat my last meal/snack about an hour or so before bed, so that I don't wake up hungry in the night, which is when I used to really overeat pre-NS. I traded my dessert with my afternoon snack to I get in fruit and yogurt before bed, instead of the more "snacky" dessert bar or cake. And I've been doing this the entire few weeks that I've been on Nutrisystem and I've lost 17 pounds so far, so I agree that this is a myth. I think that late night eating is only a problem if you go overboard and binge...

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Midnight gave me a suggestion about using your free food for this problem. I have it too. she suggested jello and cool whip treat and it worked. I use redi whip because I forgot what she said lol. I eat it slow and sexy..

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Good ideas... thanks. That really was one of my biggest downfalls and you hear so much about not eating after a certain hour. 4paladdin- I have the jello- not the whip cream though- sounds good and it does hit the spot when all I want to do is go to bed without a rumbling stomach!..

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7lbs in 4 days! Amazing.... I want your scale! What are you eating with your Nutrisystem meals?..

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First of all congrats on the 7 lbs. We usually eat dinner about 6:00 and about 7:00 I have my dessert. Then I take my shower and brush my teeth and then I don't want to eat anything after that. Once I brush my teeth I'm done for the night, no snacking for me...

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Hey everyone. It seems that I have a slightly different issue. I eat about every two hours because having Hypoglycemia I got use to doing that anyways. My issue isn't forgetting my food or wanting more food it's running out of "food" free or otherwise and still being up. Though now that I think about it I didn't know about the 3 free foods thing. I think I might have solved my own issue thanks so much..

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