Can I eat sugar free ice cream during Nutrisystem?

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Hi I am very new to Nutrisystem and wonder if I am able to eat the sugar free klondike bars? The stats on them are.

Calories 170.

Sat fat 8g.

Carbs 21g.

Dietary fiber 4g.

Sugar alch 6g.

Please help!!! I am trying to kick this sweets craving..

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Your question was: Can I eat sugar free ice cream during Nutrisystem?.

Phillyswirl makes a popsicle treat that's only 16 calories. I have some in my freezer but haven't gotten around to trying them yet.


Comment #1

A good dessert option is Edy's Slow Churned No Sugar Added Neapolitan Ice Cream..

1 cup:.

180 calories.

6g fat.

130mg sodium.

26g carbs.

8g sugar.

8g sugar alcohol.

6g protein..

Comment #2

I couldnt just stop at 1/2 cup if it was in the house but some of their light individual cups are equivilant to Nutrisystem select ice cream treats...

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Hey there shoelover, These would not be a great choice on Nutrisystem as they don't fit anywhere on plan very well The fat is too high and the protein is too low for a Nutrisystem dessert and these have a shockingly high amount of saturated fat. If you're really needing to kick a sugar craving 2tbsp fat free coolwhip is a free food. And freezing the Nutrisystem dessert bars can really do the trick as well...

Comment #4

Thanks a bunch I just couldnt fiq out what I could get that is sweet. The cool whip sounds good!..

Comment #5

It's super yummy but remember to restrain yourself to 2tbsp servings and record it as a free food. Good luck on your program, you can do this!.

P.s. sometimes all you need is a sugar free jello to kick those cravings to the curb...

Comment #6

Skinny cow ice cream is pretty good and it matches some of the stats for the Nutrisystem ice cream...weight watchers ice cream also works but it isn't as good as skinny cow!..

Comment #7

Omg duh. How could I have forgotten? Skinny cow are the absolutely bomb!..

Comment #8

That would be instead of your NutriSystem dessert for that day, shoelover. Also, the Dietitians have suggested that we do this only occasionally..

They are not in addition to your NutriSystem meals and desserts, just as an occasional substitute...

Comment #9

I haven't started my program yet, but I've been on the site several times a day trying to get all my "ducks in a row" before I start. I also wondered about the skinny cow ice cream cuz I love it. lol. I have another question, if a food is free in WW is it free for Nutrisystem? How do you know what is free?..

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A 20calorie serving of anything is a free food. It's been many years since i've done WW, but I believe they have the same rule. It can be anything from pancake syrup (sugar free) to croutons, just as long as you only eat 20cals of it. You get 3 20cal free foods a day, but you shouldn't combine the servings and eat 60cal of something free...

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Phillyswirl makes a popsicle treat that's only 16 calories. I have some in my freezer but haven't gotten around to trying them yet.


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