Can I drink while on Nutrisystem diet?

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I am under the impression that I should not drink on Nutrisystem. I don't drink anything fruity or sugary, mainly just like scotch on the rocks and dirty vodka martinis. I don't drink M-F, just sometimes on the weekends I like to catch live music at a lounge, nothing crazy. What's the main advice here?..

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Your question was: Can I drink while on Nutrisystem diet?.

There's about 65 calories in each ounce of scotch..

I didn't drink much even before starting Nutrisystem,.

But I used to enjoy a nice glass of whiskey while smoking a cigar. I given up the whiskey while on my weight loss journeystill smoke the cigar but now I enjoy it with a nice bottle of water.

IMO, a couple of scotches on a weekend won't kill your weight loss just make sure you stay away from the beer nuts!..

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Alcohol is empty calories. Nutrisystem suggests that you not indulge while trying to loose weight, but leaves the ultimate decision up to you. Just remember that there is no nutritional value to the alcohol. You can't skip any of the foods in your planner for the calories you are going to consume when you drink the alcohol.

Remember that alcohol use can affect your judgment and this makes it harder to keep way from any trigger foods that might be available. If you drink, be careful to keep the chips/crackers/etc out of your mouth. Also remember that your body is going to burn the alcohol before it burns your fat for energy and this slows the weight loss some. Remember to drink a lot of water if you decide to drink alcohol.

Ultimately you have to make the decision for yourself whether or not the tradeoffs for drinking are worth it to you. If you do decide to drink set yourself a limit before you start and then stick to it...

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Take it from one who knows!!!.

Decide how much you love you and how much you love scotch...

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I see a lot more boozers fail than succeed on NS. There are a few who can balance it in. But a lot more, who end up eating over as well as boozing...

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Enjoying a nice single malt is not the same as doing keg stands, getting wasted, or hanging at the Elk's club for hours watching sports on a stool. I don't think one should have to cut off EVERY indulgence to trim pounds off. I am new here so I can't say I have experience watching Nutrisystem "boozers" fail but I will say there must be a middle ground somewhere. I guess we'll see.....

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The important thing is that you need to learn what your triggers are. Some people can limit themselves to one or two while others can't. Do you tend to snack on nuts, chips and other food while drinking? That is where the calories add up. I indulge in the occasional glass or bottle of wine, but it is more the exception than the rule. I have no issue going out with friends, sitting around for hours drinking water while they are pounding back the alcohol. Same thing with indulging in a meal off plan every now and then some people try to advocate a cheat day once a week while others believe you have to be hard core to the program all the time.

My advice for you is to stick to the program for the first month religiously. The first two weeks your body is going through detox from the fats, sugars, bad carbs, etc. and it is hard. Reintroducing them back into your system so early into the program just makes you fall off the wagon and then you have to start the detox/withdrawal phase all over again. You've made the decision to get healthier, so give in to the program for the first month and see what it can do. After then if you feel like you can have one drink and not have it affect you, then fine.

I can't tell you how many people we've seen whose first post is about alcohol. Usually along the lines of "I haven't gotten my food yet, but how can I fit the daily glass of wine, beer, etc. in." Seems to run contradictory to a weight loss program...

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Just wanted to answer your questions about snacking... I don't eat anything while I drink. In m younger years in my old city there were friends, cookouts, and yes I could be a pig in that situation. In my current situation and since tastes have changed since I got older I don't drink beer anymore, in fact the scotch that I typically purchase is expensive so I don't snack while I drink because I think it will ruin the taste of the drink. I do know what everyone means though, I could see trouble if going out with friends to a bar after work and everyone starts ordering appetizers, which is why I declined to attend "happy hour" with the crew on Friday. I do agree that if I am out and someone throws spinach dip on the table I would have a tough time not eating it, if I am with my fiancee or alone I don't need to worry about food temptation.

Now I am thinking about it and I just realized there is an exception- I do like oysters when I have a martini, I don't recall seeing anything in the meal book about oysters. Would oysters be bad? I have always heard they are one of the best things you can eat, I assume they have very low calories, any info on this?..

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I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly...-Ron Burgundy.

Sorry, that's the first thing I thought of...

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Depends on how quickly you want to get to goal......

Avoid alcohol. Empty calories. In my experience, which is vast on this subject , it really slows down your weight loss. It probably takes 3 days to recover and continue to lose weight. It makes you more hungry for the next day or two. And while you are buzzed, you are way more likely to say "oh what the heck" and indulge in a bad food choice.

Distilled drinks have more sugar. Wine is NOT a fruit serving! Try drinking a water in between any drink. And drink LOTS of water that day and the next. Do NOT subtract food calories to try to make up for your alcohol calories...

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In Meal Planner at end of grocery guide there is a Note: For best weight loss results...not drink alcohol....

That was enough for me...

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