Can I drink Crystal Light during Phase 1 of the Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is Can I drink Crystal Light during Phase 1 of the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... Ok so I did great the first 2 weeks n now the weight is stuck????? Frustratioooooonn..

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Ye, although you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

I think most of us here on the plan can say they had a problem with the 3rd week! I was one of them, stick with it!..

Comment #2

Ms. Foxy, I'm so sorry. That must be incredibly frustrating. Hang in there! Give the evil number generator time to catch up with you...

Comment #3

Yep it's likely to happen...but believe me by next week you will lose I'm guessing 3 pounds..

Comment #4

It is so frustrating when you try so hard and the scale fights you!!! Stay with it. Just keep doing what you have been and the scale WILL move!!!.

It will! It will! It will!!..

Comment #5

Your body has to "catch up" so to speak with the loss it has already done so it can prepare for more. Some people do a steady loss... others do steady weight, WHOOSH... steady weight...WHOOSH. You will figure out which one you are...

Comment #6

Keep in mind you may have lost inches. So as long as you keep staying OP and you feel good, you're doing good!..

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Don't let it get you down!! Think how great you've been doing....

You'll see those numbers go down again super soon!..

Comment #8

I think I'm a two step forward, one step back kind of loser. lol I seemed to go from 206 to 193 really quickly, then that was my week three stall. I stayed there and then dropped to 190/191 for a day or so, then back up to 193....and just went back down to 191 yesterday. It's frustrating but as long as I do keep going down a bit eventually it will all work out. At least that's what I'm telling myself...

Comment #9

When you aren't losing pounds you ARE losing inches! Get out that tape measure or those jeans that were too tight a week ago. Bet they fit...

Comment #10

16 lbs in 2 weeks is fabulous. That's more than I've lost in a month. Hang in there!..

Comment #11

The tape measure has ALWAYS been a better friend to me than the scale. My first week on Medifast I lost 4 inches and 1 lb. It will be interesting to see what next weeks results will be. I'm definitely feeling good about the 4 inches..

Comment #12

My third week I was UP .6. I was devastated. It's all a distant memory for me now, and it will be for you too!..

Comment #13

I'm in the 3rd week and stalled, also. To make matters worse, I was put on prednisone yesterday which is known for weight gain. I'll be happy if I hold steady for the next 2 weeks! Keep it up, you are doing great!..

Comment #14

I only lost 1lb in the third week, it's common. Just keep up the good work...

Comment #15

YUP third week, is tough, not sure why, but if you really dig your heels in and stick to the plan 100% it will all be a blur in another week or 2.....keep strong..

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