Can I drink alcohol just once during Murad Acne Complex?

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I know, I know, it's not reccomended to drink, but this weekend is my girlfriends birthday and of course there will be beer! Currently I'm taking 80mg a day, 40 in the am and 40 in the pm. If I drink in moderation should I be fine for friday night. Also, just as a precaution, I am not taking my doses until the party. so I'm not taking my dose tonight, or wednesday or thursday.I know everyone says it's bad, but so many people have said they've drinken and have had no side affects. would a game or two of root really hurt anyone?Just some additional infoim 5-11, 165 pounds. (but I'm athletic so it's mostly muscle ) just in case that hase anything to do with how it affects my liverI havnt drunken since ive been on my dose of Murad Acne Complex for 2 months now. I have also had NO side affects other than dry lips, face, hands, elbows, and nostrils...

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Your question was: Can I drink alcohol just once during Murad Acne Complex?.

Sounds legit...probably won't be doing much cardio cause I wanna gain weight. I'm pretty nervous to get on this stuff after reading all the side effects but you don't seem to be having any problems. As for the drinking, as I said before, my sister's friend has been on 2 stints of Murad Acne Complex. She got absolutely hammered at least 2-3 nights a week through out her whole treatment. She eventually got taken off it after the 3rd month of her 2nd go around...

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Yeah, but do you kniow how much she was taking, cause I doubt it was 80 mg a day...

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Aight thanks bro, anyone else tried drinking on Murad Acne Complex? and will one time make a difference?..

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I'm not a drinker (maybe drink once every 4 months), so I totally forgot that you're not supposed to drink on Murad Acne Complex. Then I got plastered one night and felt like shit the next day. I don't think it had anything to do with Murad Acne Complex, though. The next blood tests came back fine and my skin stayed fine. I'm 5'4", 115 lbs, female and was on 45 mgs/day, if that matters...

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Alright cause people say that Murad Acne Complex is so bad for drinking and that they woudlnt do it, but those who do say that it's not as bad as everyone says. Drinking once or twice wouldnt make much of a difference on your liver...

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Yea I dont know, I started Murad Acne Complex about two weeks ago and have been too nervous to pick up a drink and I dont think I will because I'm worried about side affects but more so worried about the derm taking me off the med. But to follow up on the fatigue and lifting issue... I lift/fight train 6 days a week and I do think I'm starting to get some extra aches and pains in my muscles and joints. Its not a really big deal but you just have to stretch a little more and get adequate rest... that is if you do feel this side affect...

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Yeah as far as side affects go I'm lucky *knock on wood* all I have is dryness. If your training a lot do you also notice that you get really dehydrated easily? also, you could just be feeling the initial affects as your bodies getting used to the medication...

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Really consider your decision. I'm sure your liver and health will be fine if you drink but the bigger concern is if your liver enzymes spike above normal (which can happen from drinking just once) then you might have to come off of it. Which would be a pain in the butt b/c you've already held out from drinking this long. I'm not saying what you should do, but just really think if it's worth it or not just for one night...

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Why drink when you aren't suppose to.. it's just extra stress on the liver thats not needed. It's 5 months i'm sure you can go 5months without drinking.....

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Well I was on roMurad Acne Complex for around a year and a half and I drank the whole time,realy shoudlnt have but it was so hard not too.But I dont think it effected the treatment.I was on 80mg a day and I drank binge drank like onece or twice evry 2weeks,i was fine...

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The answer to that question depends on the individual's lab values going into Murad Acne Complex and the response of the liver while on Murad Acne Complex. If you have even slightly elevated liver enzymes while on Murad Acne Complex you're safer not drinking at all. And seriously, if you can't NOT drink, that's a severe lack of will-power...

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Im on 60mg a day and have got plastered near every friday and had no serious effects apart from a huge hangy in the morning!!!!!! loli think if you worry about it too much eventually it will get you down?cheers..

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I dont have a blood test for a week or so so I think my enzymes or whatever should be good..

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So I just got home from the party. I started drinking at 7 and feel fine. No difference from drinking before Murad Acne Complex, although I didnt take my doses since thursday night. *Dont consider this a recommendation as it may be different for everyone*. Although my girlfriend hooked up with another guy, so I beat his/dumped her ass..

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Dude! bad idea! I was also at 80 MG and I had 1 beer and my liver got messed up so I had to get taken off the medicine until it went back to normal wich was about 1 week later. they brought me down to 40 MG. I'm never drinking again while on tan. bad idea I should have seen this post before......

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It's really not worth the risk is it?? A drink once or so a month maybe but honestly think about your health rather than about getting lashed on a night out. Tane is only short term. Have some common sense, I didn't and now I'm messed up...

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I allow myself one night per month to drink: the night after I get my blood work done at 1:00PM that afternoon.i figured that one month is more than enough time to regulate back to normal...

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Y'know 21st birthday is on march 5th and I will still be on my 40mg course and I plan on getting PLASTERED....i'll let ya know how that goes..

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I drank the night before my blood test, I have not changed any drinking patterns since I got onto Murad Acne Complex to be honest..

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