Can I donate blood while on Nutrisystem?

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I keep getting called to give blood from Red Cross. I go there and after they stick me and check my blood, they say sorry, you are too low in iron (I think) and I can not donate. I go to my doctor and does blood work and says I am fine. After several attempts I finally just said forget it and just stopped even trying. I think I was able to give 1 time in the last 9-10 attempts. Well, they called me yesterday and I thought what the heck, I will try again..

Good as gold. HOWEVER, I forgot they make you eat and drink something after you donate. Next time I will bring my own. The lady looked so DISMAYED I ate a bag of pretzels and had a glass of juice. LOL..

I don't know when I can donate again, but when they call me I will go. I will see if this is just a fluke or if Nutrisystem is really playing a part in this...

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Your question was: Can I donate blood while on Nutrisystem?.

They have chicken breast strips and fajita steak strips, super convenient if you have a food scale to measure a protein serving. Best bang for your protein buck. It's in the section where they have the cheeses, cold cuts, refrigerated soups, etc. I'm not sure if different sams have different foods...

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I have cream of wheat every morning, they make a high fiber whole wheat packet type now that is super delish(unsweeted, have to add splenda). I'll have to check the iron on it. I need to avoid iron and vitamin c...

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Cool, I will look for them - wasn't sure if in the freezer or refrigerator section. I generally grill a few chicken breasts up on Sunday for the week but have bought the Purdue short cuts on occasion to keep in the fridge...

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I've got the same problem. I used to donate all the time; I think the local hospital had me on speed dial But was stationed in the UK during their mad cow disease scare and haven't been able to donate since. You would think after 20+ years they would lift that restriction! Can't they test us or something?..

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I was wondering about the 412 questions about the UK. Never knew it was from Mad Cow disease.

I do not think I was very clear in my first post. I actually was turned down several times PRIOR to NS. I think that since I started Nutrisystem I am eating healthier and that is why I could now all of a sudden give blood. I think it is cool.

It was kinda sad though. They opened at 7am and by 11am all they had for donators was 7 people including me, and 2 of those 7 were turned down. I am just A+ blood, which they said 33% of the popluation is, but I supose every bit helps...

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What's really sad is me and my dad have universal donor blood 0 negative and we go for regular phlebotomies and they just throw the blood out. Hemochromotosis is a genetic disease and can't be transmitted thru blood and our iron levels aren't awfully high, not enough to harm anyone. My brother and sister also have this and the blood is discarded. I think in certain parts of the country they will accept the blood, have to work towards changing this everywhere...

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I am also o-neg. It is frustrating that I can't donate anymore just because I spent time in the UK. I hated that I used to organize blood drives at work but couldn't donate myself! I was a 4-5 times a year donor before they cut me off.

And I agree with you DennyRay01. I think eating healthier is a contributor to your increased iron level - so Nutrisystem is a contributor to your improved levels (whether directly or indirectly). I used to have the same anemia...

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First and foremost THANK YOU to all of you who have donated. Giving the gift of life to 3-5 people with each donation is AWESOME!.

When the ARC (or any blood center) rejects you because of a low 'crit' (hematocrit), they are not telling you that you are anemic or below normal. They have standards which must be met, so as to not compromise YOUR health after a blood donation.

Again, thanks for you donations. Without good folks like those of you who donate many life saving surgeries could not be done, many burn victims would not get the plasma that 'leaks' from their burned skin, and many hemophiliacs could not form life saving clots from bruising or cuts. And that's just the 'short list' of what a blood donation does...

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Just tried the fajita strips and they are very good. Made a sandwich with them...

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Summers are especially slow for donations and the need is always there..

All of the people who are prohibited from donating blood for having spent a cumulative of 3 mos or more (it was initially 6 mos) in the UK from 1980 to 1996 had a big impact on the number of eligible donors in the US. Of course it concerns me that they think there could be a serious risk of vCJD, even after all this time. And no, there is no test for it...

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Which ALSO means that 33% of the population NEEDS your type A blood!!!..

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I'm glad you were able to find it! They are delish, I can eat them right out of the bag cold. Maybe next time I'll saute them with mushrooms. Cook the mushroom first, then put them in just to warm them...

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I buy these all the time, both the chicken and the steak ones. What I like to do is throw them in a skillet with some vegetables (mainly onions and bell peppers) then just make a little bowl of it. Sometimes adding a small bit of tomatoe or salsa for added flavor, but only like 2 tbsp to keep calories low...

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