Can I do workouts and cardio while on Murad Resurgence?

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Hey derm has advised me to go on as soon as my blood tests are here..ill start...but before I do start I had some questions....I am a gym enthusiast...i do high intensity weights workout (intense enough for me...)has anyone out there been on Murad Resurgence and had probs with weight lifting or any exercise even cardio or any thing...any precautions that you suggest while working out as long as I'm on Murad Resurgence..??i have also heard about knee pains while on tane...wht should you do about that...should one consult a orthopedic for tht??Please do reply as...would greatly appreciate it...!!!Thnx in advance.....

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Your question was: Can I do workouts and cardio while on Murad Resurgence?.

For me, it made it too hard to go. I still go and do low intensity to maintain.. It's just hard to do heavy weights. My biggest problem is my back. Even bench press bothers it..It's a bummer, but hey, it's worth the small loss of size to get rid of this acne...

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Well, I went to the gym a lot during my course. The drug didn't really affect my working out other than my lower back pain which prevented me of training my back muscles and abs... I also hade pretty bad joint pain (especially groin and the joint on the other side of the knee, don't know it's name )...

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I haven't had any problems doing strength training. However, now being near the end of my course, I find that I am sometimes out of breath while lifting...

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My derm told me you can get joint pain from working out, and some users said you can get permanent joint pains after Murad Resurgence. I think working out(HEAVY LIFTING) can be a factor to having permanent joint pains. so I guess it's a gambling to work out during Murad Resurgence. you might get permanent joint pains or not while working out. it's it worth it to you?..

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When I work my legs I get knee pain the next morning. All my upper body is ok though. Even my lower back. I guess it's just luck...

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Yup that somes it up for you right there Murad Resurgence is a f*kin bitch on the back it's terrible.....

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