Can I choose my free Nutrisystem meals?

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I just received my second box of Nutrisystem food. I was sent my promotional "7 free meals." I was sent meals I don't care for. Do I have any say in what they send as my "free meals"?..

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Your question was: Can I choose my free Nutrisystem meals?.

We do not have any say in what we get for our "free" weeks of food. You can always post what you were sent here on the boards for sale or exchange with another member...

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You can call and exchange them, but try some of them first, even if you don't think it would be good some of them will actually surprise you! I'm glad I got some of the stuff I would never have ordered myself or I would have never got to try the hamburger or fajita! Love them!..

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My understanding is that you can contact customer service and let them know what you want to switch out. I believe you have 30 days. You have to pay to ship the stuff back - but they will send the replacements at no additional cost...

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I have in fact sent back in free foods to exchange for other items. So if you really hate it they'll let you do it (can I say broccoli soup?)...

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Kim- I am in complete agreement with you. I too got my second box and was sad to see the same disgusting things that I DID send back from my first month (where in they sent me things that I did NOT ask for in my "custom" order for 35 days.) I was surprised to be only allowed to customize 28 days for the second month and I couldn't find any info on what was included for the "free" week. I got the Chicken Tortilla soup, I actually tried it the first month. Way too spicy for me. I knew I wouldn't like the coconut almond dessert as I hate coconut so I sent it back. Why would it be included in my second shipment? So very frustrated that I am being told to pay to return something that I never requested for the SECOND month in a row.

(21 items were sent back last time, that doesn't include the items I decided to try just in case so you can't tell me that I accidentally customized that much wrong.) This time I quadruple checked the custom order so that is right this time but why send me items I didn't choose in the first place. For the free week why not double up on items already chosen? Why give me the option for the first month but take it away the second? Sigh. I may choke the food down instead of paying to return it. Hated Tortilla soup and all. What was the point of buying this "customizable" program if I don't get what I'll eat...

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I did call to return some items and they told me not to bother shipping the stuff I didn't like back. They said it cost too much to ship back from Canada to the States. I was pretty shocked that they didn't want the stuff back in return but I guess they throw it all out anyway. So they sent me all my replacements for free!!..

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