Can I add extra Medifast meals on long work days?

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I'm on my second day - WOO HOO!!! I'm feeling okay, a little tired, but hopeful. I can already tell my blood sugar levels have lowered a bit. I'm not on insulin, just pills, which I'm hoping to go off of if I can lose enough weight. My doc, who is also diabetic, is the one who refered me to the plan. He's lost over 30lbs, and his nursing asst has lost over 40! I've also been on a low dose of meds for high blood pressure. I haven't noticed any messages about that, but I would think that weight loss should help that also.

And excercise? Puh-lease!! My work schedule is so freaky. I'm on salary and my work weeks litteraly fluxuate between working M-F only 7 hrs a day to working 10 days in a row and putting in 12-14 hour days. Not only is it hard to schedule regular workouts, but half the time I'm too exhausted. My New Year's Resolution, though, this year is to start taking yoga! What do you guys think I should do on those longer work days (during which I am VERY active), as far as eating? Add extra Medifast meals, or just some kind of calories? Sorry for the rambling and all the questions..I'm just so excited!!..

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Your question was: Can I add extra Medifast meals on long work days?.

Congratulations for taking the first steps. I travel a lot for work so I understand your delima. Here is what I do to compensate. At work, I take the stairs every chance I get. I will even get up from my desk several times a day for no reason and take two or three flights, just because I know I wont be able to work out later. As far as the meals go, I carry packets of shake mix in my purse, and a bottle of water at all times because you never know! Good Luck with the plan. I have been on the plan for 2 months and a few days and I have lost 35lb.s No more meds.........

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I always carry an extra bar in my purse. When I can't be home to make my shakes, I use the bar. If I have a bad time and need a boost, I usually eat a bar or use an extra shake. I believe those calories are better than trying to snack on something else. I have been on the plan five months and lost 50 pounds. I went off Christmas for several days and paid for it by gaining a little weight and having an aching back caused, I think, by the lack of vitamins my system was used to.

Good luck to us all...

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I am starting my second week and excited about getting off these meds if I can lost the weight. I have 46 pounds to go and I know that may not sound like a lot to some of these folks, but it took me 2 years to lose 42 pounds with out medifast. I am hoping this goes a little quicker. My husband and I want to have a baby, but need to get the diabetes under control first. I can't wait to see how the valentines challenge comes out. I am hoping to be at 190 or less by valentines.

My friend gained control over all of these things by dropping the weight through medi fast. I am grateful she introduced me to it...

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Wynnang - sorry I took so long to get back to you - it's been an insanely crazy month with family and the holidays..

I've got that metabolic "Syndrome X" where my blood pressure started to creep up when I was diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago and have been on blood pressure meds since (along with the diabetes and cholosteral (sp??)). About 2 months into MF, I started getting dizzy after exercise which I thought was low blood sugar. During one of the dizzy spells when I checked my BS and found it was 130, I had a "duh!" moment and tested my blood pressure and it was 79/42!!!! No wonder I was dizzy! So, now I check both. My doctor has given me some guidelines on how to manage my meds over the long term..

I have found that heavy exercise and dehydration will cause my blood pressure to tank, so I make sure I sandwich medifast meals around heavy exercise (if not adding one in the middle!) and drink LOTS of water..

Good luck!..

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I have been diagnosed with diabetes over 10 years ago and have tried everything under the sun to lose the weight that has accumulated. Medifast is working and I have reduced two meds so far. This Friday is my first Dr.s appointment since I started and I'm down 34 pounds, so I'm looking forward to his input..

As far as your work schedule goes, I've discovered that the Cowgirl at Heart muffins are great to carry around when you're not sure where you'll be for a meal. They've saved me on program during several out of town trips...

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