Can high cholesterol get you kicked off Murad Acne Complex?

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Hey guys I've been stalking this forum for answers before going on and after starting Murad Acne Complex, but I have a question I need answered, and I just don't know what to do cause no one else seems to have an answer for me xPOkay so a little background, my name is Steph, I'm 17, my Murad Acne Complex dosage has been as follows:September 2008: 40 mgOctober: 60 mgNovember (now): 60 mgDecember dosage (if I get it) will also be 60.I have to get bloodwork every month or I don't get the perscription renewed, and I go in for bloodwork this Firday morning. That means from now till then I have about 30-32 hours, and they are especially monitoring my cholesterol, since it's extremely high (7.54) and I get kicked off Murad Acne Complex if it hits 8, I may even be kicked off if it just goes up more. o__oSo I'm really scared, because I have been watching what I eat, cutting back on saturated/trans fats, trying to exercise more, and cutting back on smoking in order to lower my cholesterol. I'm not even close to being overweight, and it doesnt run in the fam, so I am guessing it is from poor diet + Murad Acne Complex raising lipid levels. Every month it just keeps getting higher and higher, and now I'm so scared that it will go up and I'll get kicked off and go back to having the world's shittiest skin =[So here's some of my questions. I've been good in terms of doing healthy stuff this month as I said, but today I really screwed up, cause I binged alot and ending up eating takeout Chinese food dripping in grease, plus I had a smoke when I've been holding off till after the bloodwork, since smoking apparantly decreases HDL levels.

So I was wondering if longer fasting has any effect.3) If I do, in the worst case scenario get kicked off Murad Acne Complex for having too high a cholesterol level (knock on wood), does one's doctor usually put a person on a hiatus (i.e take you off Murad Acne Complex for a month until your cholesterol is lower, then put you back on) or is it usually permanent, like once you're out, you're out kind of thing?Cause my skin is just starting to get betterAnd I'm so freaking scaredI don't know what I'll do if I get taken offThank you thank you Please help =(..

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Your question was: Can high cholesterol get you kicked off Murad Acne Complex?.

Thank you~I don't think skipping tane for one day will work in my case since I got less than 2 days =[but I'll try to take it tomorrow morning as opposed to at night, maybe this will helpOh man I'm scared =[..

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Don't be scared!!! Just take it as you would normally-get the blood work done. If it's high no problem. Just take a lower dose. It's not the dose that matters-I didn't know that-it's the accumulated dose so if they lower your dose all you have to do is take it longer, with the lower dose the side effects are much less. That's the whole point of the blood test in the first place. Do it the right way, I wish had done the lower dose in the first place, but if your tests are normal continue on with the course. PS Eat lots of turkey no fat!!..

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But my doctor said she'd take me off if it went any higher, cause I'm at the threshold level where if I go higher I'll develop pancreatitis or have a stroke or something. I don't really care about that, as long as I have nice skin, I'm good with living fast and dying young xDSo, do you think my doc won't actually take me off completely, but rather move me back to 40 mg or 20 mg? Cause she said she'd "stop treatment". I assumed this meant she'd kick me off completely...

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I'm into the living fast and dying young thing too-that's why I became an Air Force pilot with this shit on my face. Worst case this derm takes you off it-go to another one and take it at a reduced dose or convince this one to keep you on it at a 10mg dose-stay on the 10mg dose. I read that a German derm discovered that if a patient takes 10mg a day for 3 years-it works just as well as a high dose, but much fewer side effects. Missing a few days dosage means nothing..

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Ohh Air Force that's awesome ^^kay, does this mean if I do get kicked off I have to find a completely different dermatologist? o__oI live in Canada, I think it's kinda different here like it's harder to do that...? But I'm not sure =SAlso, is it possible to go off the meds for a month and resume taking them after? Or would I have to start all over again if I went on hiatus?..

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I sent you an email of what I would do..

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