Can anybody tell me if the Medifast Diet actually works?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Can anybody tell me if the Medifast Diet actually works? Looking forward for any answer. Another question... One thing that bugs me are the posts, "Help! I had a cracker!".

I've said to myself, "I'm not going to obsess over every morsel of food that crosses my lips. I mean, wow! It's not *that* big of a deal.".

Now I'm here and I finally get it..

I've been doing great and I'm really proud of myself. Then my daughter came over this morning with a couple of gyros and put them in my fridge. One was for her, one for her guy. I told her not to do that to me. That Medifast was too new and that I couldn't deal with that temptation yet. I told her to get them out of my house.

They needed to be in the refrigerator..

I had an hour until my first meal and I already had the munchies and had been talking myself through it before she even walked through the door..

SO, instead of having my shake a little early, I decided to try to tough it out. (When will I LEARN??).

I got really hungry and decided to have my L&G early. (What happened to that first, wonderful shake??).

I knew I was wrong. I have a system that's working and I should've stuck with it, but I didn't. The L&G didn't sit well (it never does, that early) and I didn't finish it..

Did I finally have my shake? Nope! I decided to wait until my next meal time. I can do this! (NO! I can't!).

She ate her sandwich, but left some scraps of toasted garlic bread in the bottom of the box. And then left the box sitting on the coffee table..

I popped bubble wrap until I thought she was going to ring my neck. I drank water. I drank coffee. I played with the cat. I popped more bubble wrap..

I ate four bites of bread..

I told her that she couldn't do that to me again. That she *knew* that I was in a fragile state. That I'd already told her not to bring that crap into my house. She got mad at me and we had an argument. She told me to "have some self control". I told her that if I had self control I wouldn't be a fat @$$..

Finally, it boiled down to the fact that I owned this house and it didn't matter if I was being unreasonable or not, it was my house and I had the right to draw the line where *I* was comfortable. If I were an alcoholic trying to dry out, she wouldn't bring over a 6 pack and drink it in front of me..

And I know me. This is the beginning of the end. Four freakin' bites of bread. That's all it will take. If I allow it, that will mean "just one" beer with my husband tonight. Just one extra piece of chicken.

I'll "just one" myself right back into my old habits and it'll only take one day to completely loose it..

It takes so little to throw me off track. After that, it'll take a reversal of everything that I'm doing to wake me up and get me straightened out. I've been down this road too many times!.

This knowledge of my own weakness is the only thing that's helping me to hold it together for this long. It's so easy to slip and so hard to get restarted. Every time I am tempted I remember how easy it is to throw the whole program in the garbage and I use one of my "tools" to get me through. This time, my brain just went "...?" and I didn't think my way through it..

I know. I KNOW! I know that I'm going to have to deal with food and social situations. I know that this is a part of life..

BUT I CAN'T DO THIS RIGHT NOW!! I need a freakin' break!.

I'm mad at myself for eating the bread. I'm mad at myself for trying to tough it out and for not having my shake at the first sign of trouble. I'm mad because all it took was four stupid bites of bread to get me thinking about where else I could cheat. I mad because I didn't enforce my boundaries right at the beginning when I saw that I was in trouble..

I'm not mad at her at all. It's not her fault that I'm in the position that I'm in. I know that she's not deliberately trying to sabotage me. I know that she wasn't thinking. I understand that she doesn't want to tip-toe around me, but I'm not going to *her* house and demanding that she puts food away or telling her that she can't go out to eat. I'm just saying, don't *seek me out* and rub it in my face right now.

And I'm furious that I'm so weak! I'm furious that I have to work my life around avoiding food because I'm too d@mn weak to resist it!.

WHY AM I SO FREAKIN' WEAK?? I mean, this is ridiculous! It's just four stupid bites of cold bread and, no matter how hard I try, I can't just choose to leave it alone? What the H-E-double toothpicks is wrong with me?? Am I a human woman or an animal?!?.

Will I ever get past this crap?? Will I ever be able to move beyond this and be able to just make a CHOICE or will my Inner Brat always be fighting me? My husband is leaving for Afghanistan in two days and we can't even go out for a goodbye dinner because I know that I'm too weak to make an intelligent order..

I'm probably just having a bad moment. Please, please, am I the only one who goes through these waves??..

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The answer is Yes, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

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I know exactly how you feel! My chiropractor told me that if I feel like that again to just have an additional Medifast meal because at least they are balance properly and you will still stay in the fat burning zone. Don't be too hard on yourself. Just find out what you can causatively do to help yourself out. One thing that has helped me is the dieter's blend from Teavana. It helps to control the appetite. I have one cup in the morning and the re-steep the tea to have with lunch. Good luck!..

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No, you are not the only one who struggles in this way. Everyone in my house knows that if I say, "get that away from me, please!," I mean business!.

Carbs can be an addiction and especially difficult to deal with in the early Medifast days. I can promise you if you stick to the program, things WILL get easier...take it from an Italian carboholic!.

Pick yourself up, shake yourself off and get back OP. Do not allow this slip to define you. You are here for a reason and you can make it. Remind yourself of the reasons you chose MF, have some water (or a diet soda...the bubbles seem to help me feel full when I am weak!). Next time the cravings hit, remember this experience and take control: have that shake early if you need it. If you really can't handle things, go to bed.

If it gets really, really bad...reach for a portion of your lean a bit early. On bad days, I pull out three egg whites in the morning and either subtract that from my LG or call them my optional snack (I personally cannot do any form of carbs as an optional snack or it makes things worse)..

You came here for support, which is another good choice you can pull from your bag of tricks if it happens again. Instead of waiting until after the craving gets the best of you, come here first and say "help! talk me down!" It works, it really does! With your DH leaving for Afghanistan, you could probably use this support. I can only imagine the stress and why it would make carb cravings more difficult..

You can do this. Hugs!..

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I just started Medifast today so I can't say much as far as will power is concerned but I can guarantee you that you are not and will not be the only person that goes through moments like this. I can bet I will have a few of these moments myself. Especially with my being in deep depression right now. Food is my therapist..

So trust me when I tell you if the road to weight loss was so easy then this program or any other for that matter would not exist. All I can tell you is to be easier on yourself and know that this too shall pass and you will get better at your self control. This is a process and not an easy one at that so a slip up here and there is to be expected - even more so since you are still in the beginning stages.


It is not the end of the world and.


Get right back on the Medifast wagon and head on towards your goal..

Also, the fact that your husband is going to Afghanistan will make it even harder for you to stay on track but just remember to use the tools you have here on MyMF as well as your personal support system. Although, I am new to this (today being my first day) I am here if you need to talk to someone...

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May I strongly suggest "Dr A's Habits of Health" to help you understand the underlying causes why we do this to ourselves. The book (and also the companion workbook: "Living a Longer Healthier Life") was written by Dr Wayne Scott Anderson who is/was the Medical Director of Medifast. The book is Medifast oriented and has helped me considerably to understand my eating habits (or obsessions! LOL).

Also I learned this from teflonpaladin: "ALWAYS have a plan. FOCUS on your reasons "WHY" you're doing this, and why you want to lose weight and regain health. Make a conscious DECISION to stick to the plan.".

And also this which I have posted on my desk: "You can stick 100 percent on plan if you keep your focus, folks - if you can avoid a craving for 10 minutes you can beat it - believe in yourself, and you can move mountains!".

All the best to you as we continue our Medifast journey to GOAL!.

HUGS - Margaret..

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Your chiropractor gave you bad advice. An extra Medifast meal can easily put you over 100 carbs and throw you out of ketosis, which will make you hungrier...

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I talked to my mom and she laughed at me (not in a bad way). She told me that she'd heard this tone in my voice before and knows it well. "You're just hormonal, honey!" She reminded me that I've been dealing with a lot and that it's all just catching up with me. "Rest! Take it easy on yourself! This will pass in a day or two and you'll be rarin' to go again before the weekend.".

Thank you all for letting me know that I'm not alone. I went back and reread all of my own blog posts. I just have to get through two days and I'll be back on track. I reminded myself of how proud I'll be once I get through this tough time without falling "off the wagon"..

And just when I was really ready to give up for the day, my dh brought in the mail. In there was a bracelet that I bought myself for reaching my first goal last week..

Things still suck at the moment, but I know that I just need to ride out this storm..

Again, thank you for letting me vent before I hit the fridge. I needed that distraction...

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I completely understand your frustration with your daughter. If my daughter told me to have some self-control... I'd probably tell her to get her own place, pay for her own phone, and all that! Totally uncalled for..

I second the idea to read Habits of Health.... hope you find your answers! And I'm glad your mom gave you some emotional support. Yay for mom!..

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To finally BE different, you must DO different. Just because "one bite" has completely derailed you in the past doesn't mean it has to this time. THIS time is different. YOU can feel it, I know you can. So gather every ounce of strength left in you and just MAKE YOUR NEXT MEAL A MEDIFAST MEAL..

Keep telling yourself you are bound to fail, however, and fail you will..

Wishing you the best success...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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