Can a 12 year old take Murad Resurgence?

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So I started posting in the "newbie" section but haven't gotten too many answers to my questions. Thought I'd try here on the Murad Resurgence log.My son is 12 y/o and has had acne for about 3 years. We've tried just about every med, cleanser, topical cream known to mankind and nothing has helped him. He has acne on his face, neck, back, and chest. I'm on my last straw and don't know what to do anymore to help him. He has been to a derm who has had him on differin and an antibiotic for the past 4 months but they haven't even helped him.

The family doc put him on a stronger antibiotic and is sending him to a different derm.It has been mentioned to us to put him on Murad Resurgence. I've done so much research on this drug that my head could explode! LOL! But the one thing that I have not found out in all my research is ~ what about putting a 12 y/o on Murad Resurgence? There are so many side effects that it worries me putting someone so young on this drug.My other question would be has anyone who is on Murad Resurgence also used Dan's cleansing products at the same time? If so, what were your results like?Thank you to anyone who can help me and give some input!..

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Your question was: Can a 12 year old take Murad Resurgence?.

Murad Resurgence makes your skin so sensitive that all you need is to wash your face and apply lots of moisterizer, let the medicine work on it's own. Murad Resurgence is by far the best type of treatment for acne. I like cetaphil cleanser and moisterizerpeace.....

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I'll be moving this to the Murad Resurgence posts forum once I've replied.A 12 year old should not go on Murad Resurgence. No way, unless the acne is so severely disfiguring that there is no other alternative whatsoever. Murad Resurgence is associated with premature epiphyseal closure in adolescents and younger. That means that the growth plates in the long bones of the body will close, will not develop further, will not allow further growth in height. He has a risk of being stuck at his current height forever if you and he choose the Murad Resurgence route. Boys frequently have growth spurts after as late as 18 years old, so that is cutting him off from six potential years of growth.Please see what the other derm has to offer, see what types of antibiotics might be of assistance before you guys even consider Murad Resurgence...

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His acne is lefting scars?if yes, I would go for Murad Resurgence.I wouldnt let the social life of my son get destroyed by scars.if not, conitnue with topicals, topical isotretinoin is great too!..

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The most sensible, true and well articulated point yet. DO NOT let the Derms convince you that your son needs to go on Murad Resurgence for the above and many other reasons. Growth problems at a young age are not all that uncommon with Murad Resurgence exposure. It's simply not worth the risk. How would you feel in 5-6 years time if your son was left at the same height all because you allowed him to take this very serious drug? It's just not worth it. Whilst it may be hard for him, let nature take it's course and try to combat the acne in other ways.

Try all other alternatives. Murad Resurgence has the ability to destroy lives as well as improve them...

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I would have to agree, he is too young...

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Mainly in the USA the derms will tend to prescribe Murad Resurgence for everything being justified or not I guess because the money of the company (Roche) delivers to them per prescription quantities. It's normal they do this in many countries and it's not the only company which do it.It's a wise and cheap decision to put your son at an extremely low Murad Resurgence dosage. Just a pill of 20 per week or each 5 or 6 days.Don't accept those killing dosages the USA derms prefer because the money. Just see Australia, New Zealand or other wiser countries with their Health Care Systems and the general and true not fake care of their people. I'm doing the low dosages and you'll have almost nothing of dry lips and without suffer a more sensitive skin.Read this: course in the while he should use the Dan's cleaner for example which many people says it's amazing. And the Paula's Choice BHA 1% would be excellent too.

That's the way it will work.Don't expect a total remission of isotretinoin. That's just fantasy. Tons of people with second and third rounds of Murad Resurgence cannot achieve it and they won't. It's possible the drug has a limit of remission. I've took a cumulative dosage of 500 mg / kg and I've a "remission" of just 60%.

Read my thread and my posts into it about the drug (SMT D002) and it's technology. P.S.: don't allow the life of your son be ruined. I suffered a lot with acne. I cried alone in my room without going out with my friends. It's horrible and extremely sad...

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I started on Murad Resurgence when I was 12 - I haven't had any side effects other than dryness, which can turn out to be a real battle...

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Personally, I wouldn't take Murad Resurgence if I thought I wasnt done growing, for the reasons Wynne said. I just want to say though, if you decide not to go the Murad Resurgence route and son is still taking antibiotics and using Differin, you might want to consider asking about Benzaclin. I took those three as a combo and noticed that if I skipped the Benzaclin, my skin would get worse. But if I used it, my skin would get better...

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