Buying Nutrisystem compatible foods

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I had to buy some bread rools whole grain and could not find them at the store , I whent to 3 different onesthis was on my 1/2 hour lunch time , since I didn't see this need the day before , and mess me up , because I ended getting an other kind of roll and not the one requested other thing is the tortillas ..what kind of tortilla , all I got me was a 6" diameter low fat , I am not sure if this is the one we are upose to get.

I don't know if I wil run in to somenthing else I may needbut I hope I don't have to buy somenthing just to get one bite out of it and then have to throu away the rest ...

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Your question was: Buying Nutrisystem compatible foods.

Probably you will get answers here, might go to dieticians page and ask too..

Many of us get Orowheat Sandwich Thins (100 cal), and now Thomas has a bagel that is 110 cals. Sandwich thins come round or rectangle and are really good. They are small and thin but still bread! Find them at most stores unless they are out. I use wheat- not sure if white is ok- just like the wheat better...

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I don't eat a lot of items that require me to supply my own roll or tortilla. So, to keep an entire package fresh and so as not to waste any, I freeze the rolls and tortillas in individual packaging so I can just take one out the day before I need it and it's thawed and ready to go by the time I'm ready to use it. Being single, I learned a long time ago what products freeze and thaw well. I hate wasting food, and the freezer is my best friend in keeping things fresh that would otherwise go bad by the time I got around to eating it. In my opinion, bread does well in the freezer when allowed to thaw in the cabinet, but doesn't do well if stored and eaten directly from the refrigerator...

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I'm single, and I keep all of my breads in the fridge. I usually toast or nuke the items to warm them before eating. They keep well this way for about a month.

I buy Azteca Buena Vida Whole Wheat tortillas. They are "low carb" with a good amount of protein and fiber per 70 calorie tortilla, and they wrap well, they don't break apart easily like some whole wheat tortillas that I've tried. My grocery store sells these in the cooler section (along with other tortillas), not in the bread or Mexican sections.


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You are so helpfull always giving me some tipsand I do apreciate that ...

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I want to thank you so much for your tips and I really think is a very good ideaI am going to useI don't like to waste food either ...

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I like to thank you so much for your suport and tipsI will use it ..

I am new around here , and in reality this is my first week on the programI lost one pound alreadyhope to keep it off..

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I want to.

Thank you for stoping by and suport ...

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Just wanted to welcome you, and say way to go on losing a pound already! Hope you enjoy the meals with the bread and tortillas!..

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Well .. thank you ..Katie for stoping by and wellcome me ...

In reference to eating betwen meals .. I 'll said what I have reading in lots of articules , booksmagazines and what the expert have to said about it ..

When eating in betwen meals and I mean about 2 hours in betwen , you are increasing your metabolism and this cause you to loose weight , also you will not feel hungry untill is time to eat your regular meal againgI tell you I have doing it like nutrisystem request doing it and so far it works..

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