Medifast recipe for Butterscotch?

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I know I saw something on the product idea board (before they shut it down) about butterscotch. Someone suggested a new flavor. Well, I just got back from grocery shopping and I made me the most DELICIOUS SHAKE ever!!!!!! I had been hearing about the sugar free syrups, and to my surprise, my store carried them. I bought vanilla and caramel. I was starving when I got home so before I put the groceries away I got out a vanilla shake pkg. and put one and a half times the amount of water, 6 ice cubes, and a tbs.

I just have to say this is heaven in a glass!!!! It kinda taste like butterscotch, so if you like butterscotch you should definitely try this!..

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I just tried the chocolate shake with peanut butter syrup and it was awesome!..

Comment #1

I've been doing caramel sf syrup with 1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice. Nice for Fall!..

Comment #2

You know I've always heard people raving about the syrups but I've never tried them, but OOOOH that really sounds good! I think I'm actually going to go out and buy some today! THANKS..

Comment #3

Remember if you want to get the sugar-free syrups in the BIG bottle - TJ Maxx. I got 4 big bottles for less than $20. ($4.99 each)..

Comment #4

What brand is yours and where did you get it? I have seen people talk about DiVinci brand before at walmart but I could not find it when I looked.. I like all the shakes but it would be nice to mix it up a little every once in a while...

Comment #5

I would not be able to make it through all the shakes and drinks without the Davinci Syrups. They are the best. I think I have 12 flavors already. They have a Butterscotch flavor and I made the best shake with it. The Eggnog is great too with a little pumpkin pie spice. I bought mine all off of

Ebay also has them. I felt silly because I bought all of them and paid the shipping and then found a low carb store that has every flavor just a few miles from me...

Comment #6

I am using the Davinci syrup and yes I bought mine at Wal-Mart. And believe me if it was at my Wal-Mart, chances are you have them at yours. I live in the middle of no-where-ville and it was a miracle they carried them. They only had vanilla and caramel, but they had them. Where are you looking in the store? Try looking on the top shelf right above the coffee, that's where my store keeps them. Good Luck!!!..

Comment #7

Where I live, Cost Plus has a pretty big selection of the SF syrups near the bagged teas...

Comment #8

Out here on the west coast if you can find a Food 4 Less or a Smart and Final, they carry the larger sizes of Torani Syrups. Several different varieties of the SF kind too...

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