Medifast recipe for Butter Pecan Ice Cream!?

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I used dbbthreads ice cream recipe AGAIN tonight and instead of almond extract this time, I added 1 tsp. Butter Buds, 1/2 tsp of McCormick Vanilla, Buttter & Nut Extract and 5 drops of Capella Pralines and Cream flavor..

Tasted just like Butter Pecan Ice Cream........what a treat!!..

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Can you share the rest of the ice cream recipe? Thanks!!!!..

Comment #1

I make a different flavor every day using the capella drops. I just leave out the almond extract every time...

Comment #2

I make different flavors all the time using Da Vinci Sugar Free syrups. Just got finished with vanilla pudding with toasted marshmallow syrup. Sunday I had vanilla with pineapple, almost like a sherbet. I use chocolate with peppermint patty, cherry, chocolate, peanut butter, they are all good. I just worship dbbthreads for this recipe! I have it at least once a day, and like today, I'm having it twice!..

Comment #3

Hi Everyone, I have a question about the ice cream recipe. I tried it last night and while it had a good flavor, it was kind of ice didn't all crush either so I scooped out the big pieces...should I be putting the "ice cream" in the freezer? Thanks for your help, I really want to make it again...I used chocolate pudding, that wouldn't make a difference would it?..

Comment #4

Oh! I tried something like this last night, no capella drops, used WF caramel dip instead and it does taste like Butter Pecan Ice Cream!!!! YUMMY!!!.

Like you, I replaced the almond with the butter extract, some vanilla, nut and butter and then added a touch of the caramel dip.


Like the others, I add the other extracts, too..

The possibilities are endless with this recipe!.

Hands down, best recipe on this forum!..

Comment #5

Kathy, make sure you have smaller cubes or the ones with a hole in the middle, that's what I use. Plus, I start off with a 1/3 c of water and add a little at a time, stop the bullet, shake it up and keep on pulsing it until creamy..

Also, FYI, some packets of choc pudding have been "short changed", you might have gotten one of those!.

Try this again! Worst thing is that you'll have a shake, but I have this recipe twice a day, splitting the cream cheese into two portions, 1/2 oz. each...

Comment #6

Does it affect the ice cream at all to have only 1/2 ounce of cream cheese? I might cut it down because my calories have been a little high lately...

Comment #7

Tastes the same to me, Jessica!.

That way, I can have it twice in a day!..

Comment #8

Excellent! I'm having it with 1/2 an ounce when I get home from work then...

Comment #9

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