Medifast recipe for Brownies?

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Can anyone tell me how long the brownies stay fresh after you make them? Can you freeze them and if you can how do they taste after frozen? Thanks for your help.....

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I found they can be frozen. They stay fresh for about 3-4 days on the counter if you put them in a container with papertowels layered between them. If in the fridge probably a week...

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BrowniesWhat Brownies? Did you say Brownies? If you don't mind, would you please reply with the recipe. I'm on the site several times a day and have never noticed anything about brownies...

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BROWNIES!!! Bubba, when they tell you, make sure you pass it on to me! I'd kill for a brownie!..

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Here is the recipe I use,.

In a medium bowl mix 4 packets of oatmeal (I like the maple best but any will work) 3 packets choc. Shake, 1 packet choc pudding, tsp salt, tsp baking powder, 1 tbsp of cinnamon, 4 packages of Splenda, 3 tbsp of canola oil, and then add water until it looks like a brownie mix. In a cake pan, spray lightly with Pam then pour your mix in and spread evenly. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes or so. After they cool cut into 8 servings (about 3 oz. each).

About 14 carbs.

If you dont have choc pudding use another choc shake. I have also substituted 4 tbsp of Walden Farms SF 0 carb chocolate syrup for the splenda, not quite as sweet but also none of the bitterness you can get with the splenda. Maybe I will up the syrup to 6 tbsp next time.

Remember to include the syrup in your 4 tbsp allotted everyday.

They don't taste to bad, but they are handy to take when you can't do a shake....

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I swear I think I wrote that recipe I just wanted to mention I do them as mini muffins too. This recipe makes 24 mini muffins, so 3 muffins per Medifast meal. Easier to store that way!..

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Hoping to find some positive reaction to the brownie recipe. Any feedback is appreciated. I tried to make a muffin recipe ( poppyseed lemony something)AnywayI was very disappointed. Had to throw the whole batch out. So before I try the Brownies let me know what you think. Be honest! Thanks..

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Droool.. Brownies.. You guys have just made my year!!..

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You might have wrote the reciepe, I found it doing a search for brownies..

As for the taste, like I said they are not to bad, not the rich googy brownie, smoothered in chocolate frosting I really love, but a brownie, Last night I put it in a dish with a tablespoon of ff coolwhip on top and that was really good....

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Couple of comments, well three actually...

The brownies do stay quite fresh, I've found. You can always put them into plastic bags and refrigerate.

Also, if they are not quite sweet enough (for those who do not object to the taste of Splenda), mix a couple of tablespoons of Splenda in a small bowl and add just a dab of non-fat milk. Makes a lovely drizzle-y sort of frosting to use on top. I'm sorry I can't remember who came up with this idea..

And the recipe shown here is not the one I use. Do a search under brownies, and you should find others. Not saying this one isn't good. I've just had better luck with another recipe. And, what the heck, I've even tweaked the one I do use...

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**So, I made this recipe today. I didn't have any choc pudding but instead decided to add a packet of Cappucino cuz I used to always add coffee to my homemade brownies. Also I made it in mini muffin pans, and in my size pan it made 40- so I got 5 per meal. They definitely aren't like a "real" brownie, thick and chewy. But I liked em!..

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Just wanted to say I had a great brownie today. I made these as mini muffins, so 3 made a Medifast meal. I smeared a little reduced fat peanut butter, about 1 tsp, on the top and microwaved them for like 10 yummy! The one tsp of PB is part of your one allowed snack!..

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