Breakfast recipe for phase 1 Medifast Diet besides eggs?

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My question is Breakfast recipe for phase 1 Medifast Diet besides eggs? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question... I got my new Marie Claire and read this article. It's kind of sad to me, because I think it doesn't really portray OA in the best light - and there are lots of people on these boards who have been helped by it. But I saw some parallels in the article and what alot of us experience on Medifast. After I read it, I reflected long and hard on my own Medifast journey and how I'll handle life in transition and maintenance and it actually forced me to consider some of the hard questions that I've been avoiding while I've been on mf..


And some quotes from it:.

"It kicks the legs out from under your emotional eating. You just can't do it..

It also shines high wattage on your flawed coping skills. On those evenings when I still wanted to crawl through the garbage for a cupcake, it became painfully clear that I was reacting to something else, perhaps a boyfriend crisis or a stack of work. On my happy days, I had to set an alarm to remember lunch.

I realized that I'd never actually eaten well-rounded, sizable meals before, and I found them rather satisfying. I suddenly understood French waistlines..

Yet many of my epiphanies had little to do with the OA structures and everything to do with the longtime members, who had an eerily encyclopedic knowledge of exactly how to manage me: One day an alcoholic overeater commented that her periodic kicks of dieting were the equivalent of being a dry drunk, white-knuckling along without addressing the underlying emotional eating. Me too. A struggling obese woman mentioned her work to get off of diet soda, my first awareness that perhaps my all-consuming seltzer habit was a little extreme. A 60-year-old doctor commented that stress and little sleep always result in a spinout, so she now knows that the battle is always fought the night before..

And a bulimic 20-something announced that her root problem isn't eating but lying to herself, the "It's OK to do this because I'm having a rough day.".

All very true.".

I think half of the weight loss battle deals with the emotional parts of eating, and this really helped me put a lot of things in perspective. Maybe it will help someone else too...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

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Thanks for posting...I really enjoyed the article! Dealing with why we eat emotionally is key to this journey, at least for me. Once I figured out my triggers for emotional eating and dealt with them, it made staying OP and losing the weight so much easier! I can only imagine how this will help once I reach T&M..

I'll pass on the TL bashing for now. Don't want to derail a good's been done already this week...

Comment #2

It's definitely varied for me over time..

I saw a quote somewhere - can't remember where? - along the lines of "if you're waiting to get off this diet so you can eat what you want, you'll find yourself back here again".

I was pretty hardcore when I started - then I got laidback. TOO laidback..

I can't speak for anyone but me, but I did better when I was hardcore. I think that's why this article really spoke to me, when the author was talking about not wanting to say "I'll never eat this again" but then realizing - yeah, it might really be like that..

I never wanted to admit that I was that person - I've always thought about everything being in moderation. But the longer I'm here, and the more I realize this is more than a simple weight loss thing, the more I realize I might just have to set those kinds of restrictions for myself for life, or I'm going to be 243 pounds again..

I think what I really took away from it too is that you have to be open minded throughout the process. What you think is best for you at 243 pounds when you start Medifast may not correspond with how you feel about maintenance 70 pounds later...

Comment #3

I think I just never wanted to admit that I was an emotional eater, but I guess I can't hide it any longer. And the longer I do that, the longer I keep lying to myself - the longer I'll stay from goal..

And Re: Bashing... definitely not my intention when starting this thread! Just wanted to talk about the article. =)..

Comment #4

Me, too, Sarah!.

I really enjoyed the article and it hit home. Been thinking a lot about emotional eating throughout this process, as I'm clear on the fact that I got to 180 (obese for a shortie like me!) by doing just that..

My four children have special needs (many of which manifest behaviorally) and at times over the last few years, the stress has been horrific. Add the additional scrutiny that adoptive families such as my own get and it nearly sent me over the edge!! Granted, things are improving now and it is easier to stay the Medifast course. However, I am clear on the fact that I ate to deal with the stress and it only made the stress that much more powerful. Took my peace away AND my body! Through my Medifast experience, I'm taking the time to carefully examine that process for myself and learn how to handle stressors in a more healthy manner. Medifast is like a fast for me...take away the crutch of emotional eating completely and learn better ways to deal (for me, leaning on God and learning relaxation techniques makes a huge difference!)..

Again, thanks for posting...

Comment #5

Certainly not a bashing thread, and I'm sorry if it came across as such. What I was trying to say, clearly not so well LOL, was that we bring alot of emotions to the table when we start this WL journey. Alot of us are able to misdirect these emotions instead of understanding them and dealing with them. I know I certainly have in the past! And that if you don't understand and deal with these emotions, they will either pop right back in the food arena when we are off the MF/TM train or in other areas. Which is kind of what I read in the article, that the 12 Step Approach of Abstinance really doesn't work for most people in the long run because the underlying emotions aren't dealt with other than in the form of abstinence, as opposed to recogniizing them and dealing with them in an effective manner in the long term. And that when we define things in postive and negative terms, it may not be helpful in the long run because food and food issues are really different from, as the article says, alcohol and alcohol issues..

Sorry to have offended anyone...

Comment #6

I thought it was interesting that she can't quite figure out what she thinks about OA, even after all this time. On the one hand, she seemed surprised that a meeting held in a church would place a lot of emphasis on God, and on the other hand she says that while she doesn't really like the OA plan, she got all sorts of help from the other women's stories and ideas. Well, isn't that sort of the point? Seems she got so hung up on thinking about God that she forgot that she could just concentrate on the community aspect..

It's also too bad that she completely ignores the concept of anonymity. It's an important part of the twelve step process and one you should respect if you're going to get involved...

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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