Bread Pudding recipe for Medifast?

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Ok. So I am so not a good recipe maker-upper, but I did do something totally by mistake that I thought I would share. This happened in my disastrous attempt to make pancakes from oatmeal/pudding mixture. Since that flopped, I didn't want to waste my precious packets, so I decided to try something and holy cow is it good!!! I decided to wait to post until I made is successfully here goes:.

1 packet maple and brown sugar oatmeal.

1 packet vanilla pudding.

1 packet splenda (you might leave it out, I haven't tried yet).

3/4 c water (sorry to those that I omitted this on the first post, thank goodness for the edit function!).

1/4 t baking powder.

1 capful of vanilla extract.

1/4 t of cinnamon.

1/2 cup egg beaters (one of the little containers).

Mix it all together and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. I used my toaster oven and used a glass dish 7 x 5 x 1.5. I imagine you could use a loaf pan also.

This makes two servings. I subtract the eggs from my lean because I have trouble eating as much as I am supposed to at one sitting anyway. I also assume you could use Medifast eggs, but then this would be 3 servings rather than two. I am new to this, so I don't know how all that works yet!.

I added SF chocolate syrup (walden farms) for dessert one night!!! DELISH, my two year old kept stealing it so I think that says a lot from mr. picky!.

Anyway, when I added my "recipe" to my food list, here is what it returned for nutritional content:.

Calories 135.

Calories from Fat 9.

Total Fat 1 g.

Saturated Fat 0 g.

Cholesterol 0 mg.

Sodium 250 mg.

Total Carbohydrate 17 g.

Dietary Fiber 4.5 g.

Sugars 4.5 g.

Protein 17.5 g.

Vitamin A 1450 IU.

Vitamin C 21 mg.

Calcium 320 mg.

Iron 6 mg..

Comments (117)

Your question was: Bread Pudding recipe for Medifast?.

I tried this because I LOVE bread pudding but it was really hard and I only cooked it for 15 min. It was also very thick-is it possibly missing water? It was much thicker than pancakes or cookie dough... I would love to try it again if I could get it to be unlike a hockey puck. I cooked it at 350 for 15 min-not 30 like suggested! Please help-I am so craving bread pudding now!..

Comment #1

I added 1/4 cup SF syrup to it and it made it much moister. I baked it for the full 30 minutes. It probably could use more moisture. Next time I make it I am going to add Z-Trimm and see what that does for it. It was really good though...

Comment #2

I made this too, and I had to add some water because the batter was so thick. I still don't think I added enough though, because mine came out more like french toast...

Comment #3

Guys...yeah I totally left out the water in the recipe. I use 3/4 cup water. I am not sure how I missed that in the recipe I posted. Sorry!!!..

Comment #4

It was probably a typo but I just want to clarify that this makes 2 Medifast meals, not 1.

Sounds great, i'll be trying it as soon as I get me some vanilla pudding...

Comment #5

Yes...this makes two meals. I tend to like it even better on the second one!..

Comment #6

I think I love you!! Bread pudding was my very favorite dessert, and this is a very good substitute. I ate the first one warm, and it was yummy. Thanks!!!!!..

Comment #7

I can't wait to try this with a little sf maple syrup on top... I'm out of oatmeal, so I have to wait until my shipment arrives. Never, never let yourselves run out of oatmeal if you like to bake!..

Comment #8

Mmmm.. that was yummy! It actually got a little bread-like too, which is exciting. I put some sf maple syrup on it and I thoroughly enjoyed my little dessert.

Thanks for your happy accident!..

Comment #9

I'm baking as we speak! I really don't like the banana pudding, but I do like banana I made the recipe with banana pudding instead of vanilla pudding. Everying is so much easier to eat in bread form! LOL..

Comment #10

OK, I made it this morning with the peach oatmeal and my, it was so goooooood!!!!.

Drizzled a tsp of WF caramel syrup on top and I was in heaven!.

Have the other half wrapped up for tomorrow's breakfast too!.

Thanks for the great recipe!!!!.

Also, I did add a TBSP of groud flaxseed, so I upped the water a touch..

Very, very filling!..

Comment #11

I hadn't even thought of putting the banana pudding in it!! I added flaxseed to it as some other people had it and it got very bread like!! Thanks for that suggestion!..

Comment #12

Thanks! The bread pudding was delish! I will make it often in the future. :-)..

Comment #13

I just made it and used Medifast egg this is three meals. I added extra water for the eggs. I made in jumbo muffin pan filling three of the openings for portion control. I forgot to add the splenda but it is great. I am eating one hot now it is great. I imagine the texture will be even better when it cools for a bit but I couldn't wait! I made one for my friend on Medifast and one for my hubby. Think I am going to hide them and eat all myself!..

Comment #14

I posted to "my plan" by adding all three Medifast meals then going back and changing the amount from 1 to 0.33 for two of them and 0.34 for one. This came out correctly on my graph...

Comment #15

Bumping this up because my oatmeal's here and I want to make it for breakfast!..

Comment #16

I am hooked on this! I've eaten one hot from the oven since Sunday am.! The other one makes a nice evening meal. Hot or cold this recipe is a treasure!!! Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!..

Comment #17

This is definitely my favorite Medifast meal now! I just got some Egg Nog sf syrup, and have been putting 1/4 cup of that in, in place of some of the water. And I sprinkle nutmeg on top. Seriously - this is wonderful stuff, warm or cold!..

Comment #18

Bumping up!.

Making this tonight for tomorrow's breakfast!..

Comment #19

WOW!!! THis was super good!!!!!! I had it cold this morning, because I made it last night and then for my mid-morning meal, I poured one of those little non-dairy creamer cups over it when it was warm.... that was very yummy.

My mother is on this with me and she thought this sounded like agood recipe. My Birthday is coming up and I think I am going to try this with the chocolate pudding...

Comment #20

I made this today in a muffin pan... I love it because two muffins=1 meal! I feel like a cheater! Major comfort food.....

Comment #21

I was reading through here this morning...saw this recipe..thought...I am going to try I mixed it up and threw it in the oven along side a pan of cinnamon rolls.......

I have to say...good job on the recipe. I like the fact that it is two servings, and now I have something made already for another meal or tomorrow breakfast. I am not really picky on the foods......I like the oatmeal ok.....liked making pancakes out of it yesterday, and now I like this bread pudding thanks for is really good..

I want to get some sugar free syrup if I can find just have little somethign with these pancakes and bread pudding..............try this is good..


Comment #22

Barb, the SF pancake syrup and even the WF caramal dip was awesome on mine this morning!.

I made it with apple oatmeal, banana pudding and used the "Grandma's Apple Pie" cappella drops !!!.

So, so good!.

Between this and now dbbthreads Ice Cream, and I want to try the swedish crepes, I have a "new Medifast menu"!.

Great idea about the muffins, gatita!.

I also love your muffin recipe, too!.

Made a double batch of those last night too!..

Comment #23

This is great...I really appreciate all the people who post recipies to share!!..

Comment #24

I made this for the first time this morning to bring to the office with me, where I knew everyone else would be having fresh baked cinnamon rolls....I did NOT FEEL DEPRIVED AT ALL. This is a wonderful recipe and I will definitely be making this often. Thank you so much for making this recipe "by accident"!!!!.


Comment #25

I'm just bumping this up for the new people. Try it - it's wonderful! Tonight I added a package of Chai to it (because I'm trying to get rid of my Chai!) making three meals instead of two, and added some EggNog DaVinci syrup - fabulous!..

Comment #26

This is soooooooooo yummy! We need to bump this up for the newbies!..

Comment #27

Add some lemon sauce made w/ true lemon, splenda and water and it really tastes like the real thing! (Okay, I really like whiskey sauce on my bread pudding but lemon sauce in a reasonable, southern substitute!)..

Comment #28

My grandma always made bread pudding. I have missed it! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!!!! I'm going to try it tonight!..

Comment #29

I can't wait to eat this. I just put it all together and can hardly wait for it to finish cooking. I am so excited. Thank you. I just got back on Medifast after a six month lapse. I say lapse because that's how it feels.

I just had the new soup and it is yummy...

Comment #30

I just tried this with the banana pudding (because I cannot stand the banana pudding) and it is fantastic. I actually tastes like real bread pudding! amazing!..

Comment #31

I'm bumping this one because I just had it for breakfast and it's a GREAT change from plain old oatmeal.... Thanks!!!..

Comment #32

OMG! Thanks for bumping this recipe! Gonna try it tonight! So excited..

Comment #33

Can you use vanilla shake instead of pudding? I'm all out of pudding..

Comment #34

Thank you thank you thank you for this recipe! I saw it and thought oh, sounds good, maybe I will try it...well......I just finished my first attempt and I actually stopped, put my fork down and stared at it thinking oh wow ....I want this to last...... a longgggggggggggg time!!!....Yes, it is THAT delicious and easy to make anyone waiting to try this ...wait no longer...try won't be sorry!!!!.

So many thanks..

Comment #35

Wow this receipe sounds amazing and I LOVE bread pudding so this will be fun to try...

Comment #36

This was seriously good. I omitted the splenda because I can't stand spenda and it was plenty sweet without it. I did mine in a muffin tin (four muffins = 2 servings) and I did notice that they puffed up really nice while they were cooking, but then flattened out after I removed them from the oven. After they cooled and I was eating one, I noticed what seemed like an air bubble between the top layer and the middle of the muffin. Anyone else experience this?..

Comment #37

Thanks for all the bumping of this recipe. Sounds very good. I'm gonna make it tomorrow. Also, thanks with all the added suggestions. I use Ground Flax Seed in anything I bake and adding the flavored syrups instead of water sounds good. I have this sylicone muffin floppy holder from KitchenAid that works great when making bread or muffins.

That recipe calls for 6 pks and the muffin sylicone has 6 muffin holes. So how ever many meals it calls for I just fill up that amount of muffin holes...

Comment #38

I have all my ingredients i'm making tonight so I will let you know how they turn out, I can't hardly wait!..

Comment #39

I made this today and I also add ground flax to all my breads! I used banana pudding that I opened accidentally.... I cooked it in a 9x9 pan then cut it in half then half again and I made a layer cake with small amount of cool whip in between! I will have the other half for breakfast tomorrow.. it was really good!..

Comment #40

So my first round turned out wonderful and so filling too!.

This weekend I bought WF chocolate syrup and so I am going to make them again for tomorrow and drizzle just a little bit of the WF on them...

Comment #41

Can we have this if we are on the losing phase?..

Comment #42

Yeah, it's made with the Medifast meals, there are condiements in it as well, I omit quite a few things because during the day I have my coffee with splenda, so you have to watch how much and what you choose to use. But everything is on plan...

Comment #43

Thank you for this recipe, I made it with peach oatmeal and it was delicious. To me, it tasted like a cross between bread pudding and egg custard...both of which I love. It's so nice to have OP desserts, definitely worth making even post-MF...

Comment #44


Made these again tonight. might save one serving for tomorrow at work but maybe not..

Comment #45

Tried this last night and used the Medifast eggs. Really good. Thanks for sharing the recipe...

Comment #46

Pomtini, did you just sub the Medifast eggs mixed with 4oz water for all the water, or did you add another 2oz?..

Comment #47

GoddessLynne, I actually reversed the water and the eggs. I used 1/2 cup of water in the eggs (per the standard packet directions), which made it about 3/4 cup of liquid when mixed. So then, I just added 1/2 cup of water to the other ingredients, instead of the 3/4 cup. I'm guessing it might be a little better with the egg beaters, but I'm not good at converting (ie, subtracting that from my lean) so I just took my chances with the Medifast eggs. 1/3 of the bread pudding counts as I meal, so I have 2 more desert meals for this week..

I also used a larger square pan than the original recipe called for, and I know it would have been better had I used the smaller pan. Next time, I'm going to try a loaf pan..

It was a little dry and more like bread (probably because of the size of the pan I used), but still really good..

Good luck and let us know how it comes out!..

Comment #48

This is a great recipe, I have tried it with multiple pudding and oatmeal combos and I am addicted. My favorite is mixing chocolate pudding with apple cinnamon oatmeal and subbing cold coffee for the water. I used to make a chocolate kahlua bread pudding before Medifast and this is a great copycat!..

Comment #49

Tried the original recipe for breakfast this morning and it was tasty. The one Suzanne has posted sounds delicious and I will try that one soon!..

Comment #50

Just made it this morning. I ate 1/2 for breakfast, then 1/2 for my morning snack. Very good!..

Comment #51

I am bumping this up because I just had it and LOVED it..

It was warm, mushy, sweet, filling and just what a cool rainy fall day needs ... I ate it directly from the pan (divided in two) ... with a small spoon, curled up on my couch, with a plate warmer under it because it was so hot ..... YUMMY..

Comment #52

I miss bread pudding.....What size pan does everyone use to make the bread pudding??.

The original was 7 x 5 x 1.5... or 9 x 9 or 8 x 8 or regular muffin pan??.

When making muffins, does it make 4 muffins (2 muffins = 1 meal)..

Comment #53

Eating this right now. I was skeptical, because I honestly do not like the oatmeal..

Made it with peach oatmeal and vanilla pudding..

It is freakin delicious!!..

Comment #54


This is a perfect meal/dessert for tomorrow's Thanksgiving. This is my third week on Medifast and so far I'm very happy and making lots of recipes from the discussion boards. I find that taking time cooking for myself = caring about myself. I haven't felt this good in many years. I forgot that I am important to me..

Big thanks to all the contributors on these boards. You all are helping me on my journey..


Comment #55

Oh yeah! I'll try this when my next order comes. I thought the oatmeal baked in a pan might pass for bread pudding, but this sounds much better. Thanks!..

Comment #56

I tried this because I LOVE bread pudding but it was really hard and I only cooked it for 15 min. It was also very thick-is it possibly missing water? It was much thicker than pancakes or cookie dough... I would love to try it again if I could get it to be unlike a hockey puck. I cooked it at 350 for 15 min-not 30 like suggested! Please help-I am so craving bread pudding now!..

Comment #57


I made this for the first time tonight and it was to DIE FOR!!!.

I can't believe I waited this long to try the recipe. It is on my meal plan for tomorrow already!!.

THANKS AGAIN Tyrade!!!..

Comment #58

This is a super-yummy recipe!!.

I used banana pudding, and added a splash of maple extract and a sprinkle of flax seed on top. Just ate the first half warm, drizzled with sf syrup - very filling! - and I'm saving the other half for tomorrow.

Mine was like a French toast/bread pudding hybrid. Loved it - thanks for the recipe!!.


Comment #59

Oh my gosh...reading throgh this thread is enough to make me order pudding next month. The ideas......chocoloate pudding and maple brown cinn oatmeal....oatmeal and vanilla pudding....sf flavored syrups...oh yeah.

Thanks for bumping this one!.


Comment #60

I have pudding but no oatmeal! Cant wait to order, but I had ordered so much, I have to wait. Had three months worth of Medifast food I have to get thru first!.

I was determined to have no excuse for not staying commited! LOL.

Cant wait to try this!..

Comment #61

Great idea... I am new to Medifast and hated the pudding and the oatmeal... now I will give this a try to at least use up the rest of the packets... thanks!..

Comment #62

I made this last night and it's TERRIFIC! And best of all, I have the other 1/2 for today's breakfast...yum! Genius recipe. Tonight I'm going to make it again but with chocolate pudding. And I'm going to make the fake apple crumble that I discovered on this board guys are SO creative!!!.


Comment #63

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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