BP on Murad Resurgence?

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So lately, the more and more I break out while on Murad Resurgence (sotret) i've been using my old proactiv face wash on areas that are broken out, then I apply the proactiv repairing lotion, and ontop of that I use an oxy bp spot treatment.yeah I know it sounds like a lot, it's dried a few of the pimples out very well though. I was just curious if anyone else spot treats while on Murad Resurgence? I know your not supposed to use anything cus it will just dry your skin out, which it's doing, but I need to do something to get the active pimples down!..

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Your question was: BP on Murad Resurgence?.

Thanx, yeah i'm on 2.5 months 80 mg one day, then 120 mg the next. so I know the dry skin is going to really hit me soon...

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I spot treat with bp at night pretty much everyday. I'm only 20 days into my course and on 40mg a day so the side effects aren't to bad. I just moisturize anytime I use bp and havn't had any problems so far and it seems my acne responds better to bp while on Murad Resurgence...

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My derm said I can use differin while on tane, she gave it to me too...

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Good to know i'm not the only one mom just went to pick me up some cerave mosturizing cream so I can put it on the real dry flaky parts of my face...

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Yeah I use my old proactive repairing lotion to spot treat too. I even use retin a everynite still because I'm afraid if I stop using it I'm gonna have a crazy break out. what should I do???..

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I wouldnt be worried about the bp, but your still using retin a while on Murad Resurgence? isnt that killer for your skin? I tried that for a few days before Murad Resurgence and my face burned off pracitcally ;x..

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I wouldn't use spot treatment everyday.. around the 3 month mark the dry and sensitive skin really kicks in. Maybe just use it twice a week on the bigger pimples? you wouldnt want to chemical burn your skin. it will look way worse than a pimple or 2...

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I tried spot treating with tee tree oil and it fucked up my skin and it dried out and turned orange..

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A low strength BP like Dan's 2.5% will be fine as a spot treatment. I continued with the BP regimen for about 2 weeks into my Murad Resurgence course.I'll say it again, I found Savlon skin healing cream good for killing actives and helping with red marks and chapped lips!..

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Try calamine lotion - same stuff you use when you have chicken pox. It works really well on spots - drys them out & has an antibacterial ingredient too plus it's not irritating/aggravating to skin as it is used to calm irritated skin. You can also get a cream instead of the lotion which is less drying but that might not dry the spot out so quickly but if your skin is already really dry the cream based calamine might be better...

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