Borderline Diabetics on Medifast?

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I have been healthy my entire life except for the extra weight I've been carrying around. My entire nuclear family has/had diabetes except for me so I've always know my genetics are weighted against me. In February, for the first time, my blood work came back elevated with my HbgA1c @ 6.8 and my MD diagnosed me as borderline. I totally freaked out and decided that I needed to take evasive action and I'm now on the Medifast complete plan. I'm so hopeful that I can get my BS under control with diet and exercise so I won't have to go on medication. Any other borderlines out there?..

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Your question was: Borderline Diabetics on Medifast?.

Borderline Diabetic is a relatively new term. I have seen your posts and am encouraged b/c my sister and my mother both passed away from complications related to diabestes and I have to ward this off. Thanks for your post...

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I just started Medifast on 4/21. I too have been called "borderline diabetic". Both of my brothers have type 2 diabetes......unfortunately that didn't scare me to change much of my lifestyle, instead I just worried about it all the time. HOWEVER......that has changed. I know I have to do something NOW! My blood sugars have dropped just in past three days. I expected to feel awful the first week, but only had a headache for a day and a half.

I enjoy reading all your input................I know it will keep me motivated..

Start date...4/21/06.

Start weight 264 lbs:..

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My friend's doctor told her that everyone who is overweight is borderline diabetic! Strange, isn't it, that weight loss is more difficult with controlled diabetes? Kinda makes ya go...hmmmm. Wouldn't it be interesting if it ever came to be that it is, in fact, the diabetes that causes overweight, and not vice versa? Some people reduce (like me,) or even eliminate, their need for medication when losing weight. However, others continue to need it even after weight loss. Of course, there are also thin people who have diabetes. Just some things to ponder Have a great week. Mary..

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That diagnosis is what kicked my butt into gear & brought me here. Since I've been on Medifast my blood sugar level have been awesome - My Dr. is very happy. No needles for me TUVM!!! - D..

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I hear ya, I would hate to have to deal with injections. A dear friend of mine died from a diabetic coma a couple years ago. It is all very real and very sobering.

Have a great Medifasting week....... ing all the way!..

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On My Way........

Good for you for taking that so serious. It took me awhile. Today is my 9th day and my fasting blood sugar this morning was 104! Hooray! I feel SOO much better now too...

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Hi friends,.

Just wanted to report how well the weight loss and controlled diet has affected my blood sugar. On Friday, Day 110 of my program without ever having gotten off of it, I had lunch at the office... a foot long hotdog with the bun, and my blood sugar didn't go above 123 and it was back to normal in just two hours. Tonight we had my son's 21st birthday party and trial #2, I ate one thin slice of Smith Island 7 layer chocolate on chocolate cake and waited with fear and trepidation to see what it would do to my sugar. After 1 1/2 hours it was 138 and after two hours it was 132, now back to "normal" (really normal range). So, I am happy to see that the 47 lbs off and eating correctly will afford me the opportunity to occasionally have a "treat" without it affecting my long term health! Keep up the good work friends, I am still so encouraged and I am dedicated to not only my success but yours as well!.

Kay in Maryland.

206 starting weight (January 9th).

160 immediate goal.

159 current weight.

140 final goal..

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Hi out there,.

I guess that I have to admitt that I very well might have a problem. Sevral years ago my doctor told me that it was only a matter of time until I developed diabetes. I since have a new doctor and have put on more weight. I started Medifast two weeks ago because I had just had a physical and I knew ny blood work was not going to be good. And guess what, I was right. He had to draw it again because my liver count is high for thr fourth timeAnd my sugar was elevated to what would be full blown diabetes.

We'll see what hqappens with the new labs., weather or not he puts me on meds. Kim..

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The American Diabetes Association has a great Website that will probably answer any questions you have about Diabetes. Relax, stay on program, and know that you can handle whatever comes your way. I have a little plaque that reads, "Lord, help me remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I can't handle." Take care. Mary..

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Hi All:.

I am new to MF, this is my fifth day. I am an insulin dependant type 2 diabetic. I am happy to report, that my fasting blood glucose level today was "90". When I started MF, Just 5 days ago, I was taking 15 Units of Insulin. On day 3, I had to reduce the insulin to,2 units a day. I don't know anything about being a " Borderline Diabetic".

Who is allergic to all oral medications. Wish me blessing with the medifast program. thanks..

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50+years ago, I got the Dx of Boarderline Diabetic. Sometime in the 1990's, my Doctors started calling it unStable Blood Sugar. Terms seem to change..

Last year, the Nurse called and said I had Diabetes.

I think you are doing the right thing going on Medifast. I wish I had known about the program 50 yrs. ago(If it was around, then)..

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