Myths About Fat

Many people fail with diets because you simply cannot lose weight by avoiding all fats and sugars.

But the fact is, you absolutely must eat foods with enough fat + sugars if you wish to lose weight successfully. This might go against everything you have been taught up until now, but this is absolutely true.

You see, when you stop consuming fatty acids and sugars, your body system will eventually respond in a negative manner. You are essentially telling it that there is no food, and that your body must start conserving energy, body fat, and this leads to sugar and food cravings.

But think about this: If you consume enough fat and sugars, your body will not do this. It will not try to save up extra body fat, and as result you will not gain weight. Your body will return to its normal weight.

How can I burn off body fat?

You don't need to try to do so with unnatural diet pills, or unhealthy faddish diets at all. Why? Because your body automatically burns off any extra body fat it doesn't need. It's a natural, organic process. Fatty acids are needed to energize your bowels, and other major organs. It is needed for many bodily processes. You can't just stop consuming fatty acids and expect your body to thrive. So, stop wasting your time with diets that don't work.

Do I burn off fat when I work out?

You, you can burn fat if you exercise regularly, but not as much as you think. Your muscles use a lot of glucose when it does strenuous physical activity such as jogging, and working out. It does not use a lot of fatty acids, so little fat is burned off. This doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise at all though.. I'm not done yet.

Furthermore, if you work out a lot, you have to eat more carbs to replace those lost sugars. This is natural - you can't stop this from happening. Ever notice how you feel hungry after jogging or swimming? This is a natural reaction, and we must feed ourselves if we wish to not drive our bodies insane.

Which leads to this fact: The more you work out, the more you have to consume to replace the sugars. More carbs than fats are needed to be consumed. Again, you can't force your body to suppress its appetite - that would be useless, So, if you use more energy, less fat is used. So as a result, you gain weight easier.

Lean muscles are not hard to attain. But it requires focusing on less intensive activities. Do not do strenuous stuff such as lifting weights, or sprinting. Instead take a walk around the park, or do yoga. Sleep early, and get up early.

A Note about Sleep

Beauty Sleep is not just an idiom. We need sleep to replace our damaged cells, and replenish our body. As you may have read from my previous articles, eating too much protein is bad for us, and it can only be decomposed by a substance known as cortisol. Well, cortisol is produced very early in the morning. If we don't have a good sleep, we won't get rid of this dirty protein (which will eventually lead to other illnesses in the future)

Secondly, sleep is necessary if you want to maintain a healthy body weight. In the middle of the night, a hormone is secreted while transforms body fat into energy that is needed to reconstruct certain portions of your body. If you are still awake at this time, this can seriously damage this part of your body's process.

How To Tell Whether you are eating the correct % of Carbs/Fats

To lose weight, you need to have a balance of blood sugar and fatty acids. This balance will help prevent cravings

Here are some principles and examplse:

1. Eating an avocado, some Brazilian nuts, and sashimi will result in the consumption of enough fatty acids. All of the aforementioned foods contain enough healthy fats, which will lower cravings, stabilize your blood sugar, and prevent constipation. Do not fear fatty foods.. if it's good fat, it will help you lose weight.

2. Don't view fat as bad, and something to avoid. Protein is something you need to watch, not fat. Protein, if it is dirty such as dairy products contain bad, addicting substances that lead to cravings and increased appetite. If you eat too much protein, you will want to eat more and more, which will lead to weight gain.

3. If you feel you do n't have enough sugar, feel free to eat some fruit - it is tough to overeat on fruits. If you don't have the cravings for fruit, it means you have enough blood sugar.

4. Feel free to eat as much fruit as you want. Once your body has enough energy to work with, you will no longer want to eat fruit.


Most diet pills and diet programs simply do not work, and are full of horrible side effects. In addition, there are no studies that show they really work. For me, I was able to lose weight with MediFast, a diet program. They basically deliver your meals to your front door, so you don't need to cook, or count calories. Unlike diet pills, it's natural, and there are clinical studies by John Hopkins University that show it works.

Over 1,000,000 people have lost weight with Medifast






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