Blood sugar rise at beginning of Medifast?

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I'm ending day 3 and have had a raise in my blood sugars. I didn't exercise the first 2 days since Medifast recommends not exercising until solidly on the program. I did walk some on my treadmill today and did housework and my BS is going down.

Has anyone noticed this?..

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Your question was: Blood sugar rise at beginning of Medifast?.

Hmmm - thought I posted a reply earlier but it didn't show up..

My blood sugar went up 100 pts in am. It did go down tho not quite to normal by night. It's typcially high in the morning (family thing) and then goes down during the day. I did eat carbs before, but I ate mostly fresh fruit and veges. I don't much like bread or pasto (a good thing!) and conditioned myself away from potatoes years ago. Tho I do like potato chips - in fact, anything crispy, fatty and salty!! - a fatal combo for me!.

I think it's because the carbs in the Medifast foods are pretty refined. I'm used to eating whole foods that take a while to digest. I'm going to add some fiber, stick to the low-carb shakes and soups, keep exercising as usual, and do my L&G late in the day. Won't add back any oatmeal, bars or chili until my sugars have stabalized and then add slowly.

BTW - I lived in Tulsa for a year in the mid-90s. Lived close to 71st and Yale...

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I suspect that most people think their blood sugar is supposed to be lower in the mornings, when they wake up, but that's not always the case..

An elevated blood glucose is sometimes called a "dawn phenomenon," and it can have several causes..

One thing that can cause erratic blood sugar readings for diabetics is gastroparesis,which is another fancy medical term that refers to slow empying of the stomach, often caused by the diabetes messing up the nerves that control the digestive system..

It might be that your previous exercise was shaking things up, and moving the food along. If you've cut back on exercise, that could account for the change..

However, a 100-point jump is a lot. Ask your health care provider whether you should do some exercises (tummy-shakin' stuff) or make some changes in meal times and contents, perhaps fewer carbs at night..


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I think many doctors do also.

I had my baseline colonoscopy last year and my blood sugar just kept rising all day, even tho I hadn't eaten in 24 hours. The nurse said she sees that frequently; the liver keeps putting out sugar in some response to fasting. And, everyone in my family does the same thing (mom, sister, uncle, aunt and great aunt - EVERYONE on my mothers side of the family gets type II). I think it might be genetic..

I am very regular and, according to my doctor, metabalize things fast (including meds). I've always exercised (except when sick/surgery). I'm tweaking times and using the lowest carb items for now and I'm starting to go down. I think that this was SUCH a change that my body rebelled. I don't feel bad, in fact after 4 days I lost 5.5 pounds. I tried nutrisystem and it took me 2 months to lose that (didn't stay on that diet obviously).

Thanks for the support. I've been pleasantly surprised by the Medifast community...

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It is important as a diabetic to contact your physician prior and throughout the weight loss process. There are times the doctor will recommend starting out at a higher calorie level than the 5 and 1 plan. Too much of a drop in your caloric intake can effect your blood sugars. Make sure to monitoring throughout the day. Make sure to discuss with your doctor calorie levels, blood sugar monitoring, and medication monitoring...

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Hope that all is better for you now. I always havw higher BG in the AM until I take my meds and EAT something, then I will drop agood 30 to 40 points. Yeah, I know crazy! But then you cannot believe everything you read or hear about diabetes. Everyone is different and you have to learn your own body. I have learned to eat the oatmeal as one of my meals later in the day after I have been more active. I CANNOT eat it in the morning.

I keep hoping Medifast comes out with a crunchy cereal that is unsweetened. I was having so many fluctuations that I had to add fruit once a day. This is basically the next level of Medifast and things will go a little slower but I feel better keeping myself leveled off. As all diabetics know, big fluctuations in BG make you feel really crappy. I am happier if I keep my BG pretty even at around 90 - 100, than have it drop to 63.

That is a pain, but it really tunes you in to what is happening and once you know how each meal affects you, you will know exactly what to do to personalize your program. Good Luck!..

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Monello, you're exactly right when you said:.

"Everyone is different and you have to learn your own body.".

... and when you said:.

"...for a few weeks, I tested before and after each Medifast meal and kept a log of BG levels, times, meal, etc. That is a pain, but it really tunes you in to what is happening and once you know how each meal affects you, you will know exactly what to do to personalize your program.".

We diabetics tend to have lots of unusual things going on with our bodies, and we have to be careful not to assume that we're all the same. However, for us, it is very important to keep careful food logs and blood glucose records, since our blood glucose levels can fluctuate dramatically, with very serious consequences..

And our health care professionals can do their jobs a lot better when we do our part by having those records for them...

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Thanks Monello and Jim. If you met my family you'd see how different diabetics can be even tho we're all in the same maternal line! We all have that higher blood sugar in the morning, but that's about the only thing that's the same. I stay relatively level - I think as a result of 30+ years of consistant weight training and exercise I have a high muscle mass that keeps my metabolism churning. My Mom however, fluctuates all over the place and everyone in the family has learned the signs that she needs to eat something NOW. My sister is somewhere between the 2 of us. We are all on different meds, ones that work for me don't work for my mom/sister and vice versa.


I have always read that oatmeal and beans were good for diabetics, but I haven't found that to be true at all - both have always caused my blood sugar to go up. I like oatmeal and was hoping that I could eat the Medifast version, but maybe later! And, I'll remember the suggestion of later in the day...

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Good news - My blood sugar is leveling off and I'm hoping that in a week or 2 I'll be able to add an occasional bar and/or oatmeal into the mix. I've just been eating the shakes and the cream of broccoli and chicken soups, so kinda boring, but....... my blood sugar is the most level it's been in a couple years and it's slowly going down. I do eat my L&G last and no later 8p. Eatling my L&G last seems to keep me full thru the rest of the evening.

If my blood sugar keeps going like this, maybe I'll be eating this way the rest of my life!?!?!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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