Blood glucose up during first week of Medifast?

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I'm on day 6 and so glad to be here. My blood sugar numbers, faster and after meals are all up. Is this normal at first?.

Oh, let me introduce myself too I have Type II diabetes (diagnoses 5 years ago), hypothyroid, PCOS, high cholesterol, triclycerides and blood pressure. I have some mobility issues at the moment due to a 30% tear in my achilles tendon, and bone spurs. I think I'm going to be a slow loser, but that's OK. I weigh in tomorrow, but I got on the scale today and I've lost 6 lbs. I'm happy about it, but I see people losing 10 or 12 the first week. However, I'm just glad it's heading in the right direction.

Anyway, I am curious if anyone else had crazy numbers when they first started? I take Glumetza, Actos, Lantus, and short acting as needed.

I'm so glad to be here..


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Yes, I'm on the diabetic plan, so I'm using the diabetic shakes. My biggest problem seems to be the middle of the night sugar dump. I'm going to bed with my bg at around 115 - 118, and waking up with 189'ish. Once I controll my fasting number in the AM, the rest of the day goes fine. Yes, I'll see my endo next week. I think my body is resisting.

She did it through the hospital. Anyway, she said for the first 3 weeks her bg and bp was really high, then it started coming down. I just wondered if any of the other Type II's had this experience. I'll try having a shake before bed and see if that helps...

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I recently read where one member was not able to tolerate the diabetic bar at nighttime because there morning blood sugars were too high...

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I used to continue with higher numbers when I first started Medifast even though I was using the diabetic bars and shakes. It slowly started to consistantly go down. At first I couldn't have the diabetic bars as a last meal. Now, I use both diabetic products and the regular Medifast ones. As the weight comes off and you excercise more you will find your numbers being more in line with what you need them to be.

Congratulations on choosing Medifast as your healthy choice for weight loss..


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Although I am new to Medifast the first thing I did when making up my daily meal plan was to move the diabetic bar to mid afternoon (more calories, more carbs) and the drink to the evening positon - sure mades a difference. Also I check my blood sugar at least 6 times a day (doc wants 8) before and two hours after. That helps me to see what the various products are doing to me. I use a long acting insulin in the AM and short acting (with a 2 hour peek) as needed depending on the number of carbs I eat and my meter reading. So far I have been able to maintain and keep my numbers between 70 - 120 all day. Controling diabetes is a personal thing and each and every one of us are different...

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I am an adult onset type 2 diabetic who was reclassified to type 1 2 years ago. Having been a diabetic since 1986 without careful monitoring and control, my pancreas ceased producing any insulin. My previous meal plan would consist of 1 - 2 meals per day with a caloric intake of 2500 or so. Sugar readings were good in the morning but would spike to upper 200's after meals..

I started the program last week Sunday and have found my glucose levels stabilizing, my range is now between 80 and 120 and I have reduced my Lantus 50% while cutting back on Novolog. The first three days I also would rise a little after breakfast but that has now stopped. I found the best time for the diabetic bar is mid afternoon as then I am more active and my body can handle the extra calories. I presently check 8 times per day and while my finger tips are a mess the extra monitoring enables me to adjust my insulin to stay at the norm..

Test often, consult with your diabetic doctor and stay with the program, your sugars will come down...

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Type 2 adult onset (diagnosed about 6 months ago) here. I have been using my meds, just metaformin 550mg 2x/day as an excuse to not eat right. I started Medifast a week ago. Usually fasting was in the 150 range and I would get as high a 250 during the day. My morning reading this morning was 98, yep 98 and it didn't go above 140 all day. I didn't take my second dose of meds until I got home from a baseball game tonight at 11:30 and my reading before it was 128.

As far as the original OP goes. Everybody is different. Stick with it, saty in touch with your doctor. I assume you talked with him/her before you started. Together you can get your body moving in the right direction.

I think that's the single biggest reason for my dramtic change in blood sugar..


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Excellent news for you! This is one reason I started the program this past week and am anxiously looking forward to my #s dropping too...

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The day I started Medifast I saw the doc for labs, etc. My sugars were not much better since I had seen him last and after a new med! So he said, I may be one of the ones that do not react favorably to overmedicating! So we eliminated one and cut the dose in half on another. A month later, my labs are great. I am still at the same level with the meds still. At that point I had lost just 20# and it was not enough yet for me. I had not heard that one before so maybe it is a thought for you, too..

Get the labs to be monitored properly and I bet you will see improvement the next time with more losses!.

The nightime increase in the BS can be that the body has used all it's fuel and spikes the BS to keep up until the next meal. Aren't our diabetic bodies great! Protein is suppose to help with that. Sometimes I will have a reduced fat snack cheese just before bed, count it as a lean portion. It has helped me. I always have a higher am BS except now I am running close to normal as I have more losses on this plan. I don't have a handy article for your reference but I have read that in the Diabetic newsletter or something. Try a search for 'Somogyi effect or Dawn Phenomenon'...

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Here's a page that discusses that. Good luck to you......stick with the plan and it WILL work..


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I'm glad someone asked this questions b/c today was Day 2 for me and my blood sugars have been very elevated.

Thanks for the link, Mike. According to this article when the body releases glycogen, this send signals to the liver to release stored glucose. I read that during the first 3-5 days on Medifast that we release all the glycogen stored in our livers. So, putting 2 and 2 together, it sounds like the sugars go UP as we go into the ketosis "fat burning" state. I would venture to say that it's a temporary thing and will level off after day 5 or so. At least that's what I'm hoping for b/c I sure don't want to increase my Diabetes meds...

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Sometimes the glucose can be a bit erratic the first couple of weeks until your body adjusts. Then it gets regulated and some folks are able to reduce or eliminate their meds over time. Hang in there...

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I am on day 8 and my sugars are not down I have lost 20 pounds in the 8 days on MF. so I am wondering what is in the future days of course my energy is down but I expected that. I was on Medifast 20 years ago when it first came out and there was only shakes to choose from so I am glad to try again.


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Yes, it's fairly normal to lose a lot of fluid in that first week or so. Eight days is not long enough to see a drop in sugars. It will be a very gradual thing. I lost 80 lbs in 12 weeks recently and was able to get rid of one of my meds and for the first time in my life, my HAIc was at a NON-Diabetic levelMy doctor told me that the longer I keep my sugars at that level, the more my cells will regain their sensitiivity to insulin. My pancreas has always produced plenty of insulin - the problem is my cells became insensitive to the insulin. So, I'm looking forward to becoming a Non-Diabetic...

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I am diabetic and just ended my second week on MF. I am amazed at how great my glucose readings on. This morning when I woke up 84! (Have never been below 167) And after my meals now around 110! Amazing what the body can do when you treat it right. Hope to get completely off meds by end of year. I am dedicated to stay OP because I feel great now...I feel ALIVE!!!.



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I know the feeling MJ! That is so great I am so glad for you. It is amazing how this program can fix things that we have been struggling with for sometime. Don't it feel great to feel alive!! Great job on staying OP and seeing results like this.

Cool Runnings - Bill..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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